Nonku Williams Sued for R15 Million by Melany and Peet Viljoen Mzansi Reacts: “She Doesn’t Have It”

Nonku Williams Sued for R15 Million by Melany and Peet Viljoen Mzansi Reacts: “She Doesn’t Have It”

  • Nonku Williams is facing a R15 million defamation lawsuit after the allegations she made against Melany Viljoen and Peet Viljoen
  • The celebrity couple is accusing the reality TV star and businesswoman of defaming them after the comments she made on TV
  • Netizens cracked jokes about this, with some saying the Durban housewife does not have that much money

Nonku Williams' remarks on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip—South Africa got her in trouble with the Viljoens, who responded to her allegations.

Nonku Williams has been sued by Melany and Peet Viljoen.
Nonku Williams faces a R15 Million lawsuit by Melany and Peet Viljoen. Image: @peetviljoen_ttn, @nonku_williams
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Why Nonku Williams is sued for millions

Outspoken Durban businesswoman Nonku Williams made some controversial statements about celebrity couple Melany Viljoen and Peet Viljoen. While on their trip to Jamaica, a curious Noku Williams questioned the couple about their dispute over Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa.

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The Viljoens did not take Nonku's statements about them lightly, so they involved their lawyers.

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Entertainment blogger Musa Khawula shared on Twitter:

"Melany Viljoen and her husband Piet Viljoen file a R15 million lawsuit stating 'defamation of character' against Nonku Williams. On previous episodes of The Ultimate Girls Trip: Jamaica, Nonku Williams questioned Melany Viljoen about their business, Tammy Tailor Nails, and the longstanding accusations that Melany and Piet Viljoen [allegedly] scammed individuals of thousands of rands and never owned Tammy Tailor Nails"

Mzansi reacts to Nonku William's lawsuit

Reacting to the news, social media users cracked jokes about this. Some questioned Melany and Peet's move, while others claimed that the Durban housewife simply does not have it.

@I_am_Bucie said:

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"Suing Nonku for R15M is funny, honestly, because she doesn’t have it."


"Manje, where will Nonku get that 15m when they themselves can’t repay the people who were allegedly scammed by the Tammy Taylor franchise."

@slushjam claimed:

"They are looking for money these ones cause Mel goes with a recording device which records people's conversations, so tell me which normal person does that."

@wendysburnbook alleged:

"I'm actually starting to believe these two make their money from scamming and not the salons. Allegedly."

@bee_officiall asked:

"R15 million for what? His wife must kiss her reality TV show career. No production will call her after this."

@Bright_Afrika stated:

"Their marriage is weird anyway. There's something wrong with them. Mel can't even have a proper conversation with the other ladies, and her arguments are weak. Her Temmy Tailor explanation was trash."

Nonku sued by her ex-lover

In a previous report from Briefly News, Nonku Williams got sued by her ex-boyfriend, Rough Diamond. This was after she allegedly lied about their relationship.

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Rough Diamond accused Nonku of defamation of character. He demanded a public apology and retraction of false statements. Williams is accused of falsely claiming that Rough Diamond stole R300k worth of material from her company.

Source: Briefly News

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