Muvhango June 2022 Teasers: Azwindini Is Reborn, James Motsamai Must Answer a Supernatural Calling

Muvhango June 2022 Teasers: Azwindini Is Reborn, James Motsamai Must Answer a Supernatural Calling

Muvhango was alight with drama in the previous month. How will the royal family deal with the loss of an important family member? How will James Motsamai deal with his family drama? Will Vusthilo be able to move on with his love life? Keep reading Muvhango teasers to find out.

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'Muvhango' characters will be dealing with a lot this June from the supernatural to new love interests. Azwindini is off to a rocky start. Image:/Instagram/@muvhangosa
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The loss of Vho-Mukondeleli is sure to have the royal family reeling. Azwindini will go through his own share of drama this month, will Susan stay by his side? Imani and James went through their trials and tribulations and continue to try and work things out.

Muvhango teasers for June 2022

The royal family deals with Vho-Mukondeleli's death with interesting demands. Susan tried to focus on herself. Tendamudzimu lies to everyone and he makes sinister plans. Azwindini goes through a severe transformation. Here are the teasers for Muvhango's upcoming episodes in June.

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1 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4089

Vho-Mukondeleli’s family protects her from Vho-Masindi's control after her passing. Tendamudzimu spins tales about his health. Susan looks forward to her SABC 2 interview but is made to wear some hesitance.

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'Muvhango', Tendamudzimu, family, Mpho, marang, heart problems Tendamudzimu, June 2022 teaser, James and Tenda, SABC 2 Show, local soapie
Tendamudzimu is not being completely honest about his health this month on 'Muvhango' as he gets up to no good. Image: Giphy/modified by author
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2 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 4090

The royal family continues to make demands about Vho-Mukondeleli with Azwindini making a grand gesture using the throne. James and Lesedi have to face the music after their dishonesty. Susan tries a new look, but it backfires.

3 June 2022, Friday: Episode 4091

Vho-Mukondeleli's body is moved from the royal house. Lesedi gets advised to forgive and forget by her friend Itseng. Tenda's search for the culprit behind a threatening package finally bears fruit

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6 June 2022, Monday: Episode 4092

Azwindini is prepared to take legal action against Mukondeleli's family and their decision to bury Vho-Mukondeleli. Tenda orders the seizing of his enemy while Marang is unimpressed with James and Tenda.

7 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 4093

Azwindini is ordered to see Zwifhoni. James tells the Principal partial truths. Susan encounters Zama.

8 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4094

Tenda's trickery comes to light. James gets an offer that is hard to refuse. Susan gets a bit of downtime.

9 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 4095

Azwindini's cattle go missing he gets furious but there is a higher power at play after he refused to visit Zwifhoni. Imani asks Moipone for help with finding Lesedi's grandfather.

10 June 2022, Friday: Episode 4096

Azwindini's to travel with Vhangani to see Zwifhoni riddled with supernatural occurrences, the women of Thathe turn to Susan for help. James is Furious with Imani for helping Lesedi find out about his father.

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13 June 2022, Monday: Episode 4097

Azwindini put his own life in danger to try to save Vhangani. James makes a hard revelation to Imani about how he was conceived. Susan's political campaign is flourishing after a big donation. Hangwani messes up her new menus.

14 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 4098

Was Azwindini successful in trying to save Vhangani? The ancestors appear to have decided Azwindini’s fate.

15 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4099

Azwindini regains consciousness at Zwifhoni. James proves that Birds of a Feather flock together when he does something that Tenda did before. Vhutshilo gets invited out by Zama.

16 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 4100

The unexpected happens to us Azwindini. James and Imani's Disneyland plan for LesediFalls to nothing. Vusthilo is too nervous to go on his date with Zama.

17 June 2022, Friday: Episode 4101

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Azwindini goes through a metamorphosis. James gets concerned that he is not good for his child. Vhutshilo embarrasses himself.

20 June 2022, Monday: Episode 4102

Gizara threatens Susan's career by giving specific instructions. James is torn up about his son in the hospital. Vhutshilo does not get what he expected from Zama.

21 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 4103

The Raveles drop a can of worms on the Vhakwevho. Lesedi is mysteriously healed. Will Vhutshilo be able to charm his crush?

22 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4104

James is not behaving normally at work or with his family. Ndemedzo aims for council. Vhutshilo has to compete for Zama's affections again Reggie.

23 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 4105

Susan's actions come back to haunt her as she is summoned to answer for drugging Azwindini. James is unsettled when he sees leopard skin in Itseng’s bag. Vhutshilo he's worried that his competition Reggie has won.

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24 June 2022, Friday: Episode 4106

The happenings continue to present themselves around James and Imani is concerned. Susan's plan to come back in style backfires. Gizara shows No Mercy when going against Azwindini. Reggie and Vhutshilo have a face-off.

27 June 2022, Monday: Episode 4107

Imani cannot believe James is a new jewellery choice. Vho-Masindi and Vho-Makhadzi fused to admit any wrongdoing if Gizara election treachery is found out. Vhutshilo sulks after a bitter loss.

Muvhango, actor, actress, TV show, TV soapies, SABC 2, June 2022, teaser, James Motsamai, Imani, James gets a calling, James and Tenda, Muvhango relationship, Lesedi
James Motsamai will face an interesting challenge where he has to confront where he comes from, will Imani be supportive? Image: Giphy/modified by author
Source: UGC

28 June 2022, Tuesday: Episode 4108

Gizara is backed into a corner about his recent actions. James gets too used to the idea of traditional healing.

29 June 2022, Wednesday: Episode 4109

Vhutshilo refuses to give up his Crush.

30 June 2022, Thursday: Episode 4110

Susan is fed up with Azwindini, leading her to make a drastic decision. James sees a presence in his home. Vhutshilo finally scores some brownie points

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What will happen with Muvhango cast members?

Muvhango promises to bring more urban-rural drama. Here is a summary of what will happen to some of the characters in the upcoming June episodes of Muvhango on SABC 2.


This month, the Iconic character will be taking an inner journey. Shifting focus from his wives, Azwindini will be interacting with the supernatural more. The ancestors seem to be invested in calling Azwindini to order.

Will Azwindini pass his supernatural tests or will he fall in love with another woman? Will Vhangani be able to rely on his long time employer?

'Muvhango', Azwindini, actor, SABC 2 soapie, TV show, June teaser: Azwindini is reborn, Mukhwevho, Mukondeleli, Masindi, Susan passing, royal family 'Muvhango'
Azwindini will face many challenges this month on 'Month', the man has much to face with his ancestors. Image: Instagram/@muvhangosa
Source: Instagram


After a shaky relationship with Imani, James must confront his origins this month. When unexplained changes begin to happen in his life, will James be brave enough to confront the supernatural turn? Does James have a new skill? Is it a gift or a curse? Will Imani stand by him as he goes through his journey?

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Be sure to catch up on Muvhango every weekday at 21:00 on SABC 2 or catch up on previous episodes online.

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