Uzalo July Teasers 2022: Nkunzi Faces Magwaza Family, Gabisile in Danger at K Mash FM

Uzalo July Teasers 2022: Nkunzi Faces Magwaza Family, Gabisile in Danger at K Mash FM

Uzalo brings more intrigue in July 2022. Gabisile lands herself in hot water when she tries to help. K-Mash FM puts Gabisile in a tough position after something traumatic happens during Gabisile's work hours. MaDongwe has something brewing with General. Mamba and the Magwaza family reach a point of no return. Can the Magwaza family withstand making a valuable sacrifice? Keep reading Uzalo teasers to find out.

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'Uzalo', SABC 1 soapie, Mzansi TV, TV shows, Magwaza Family, Gabisile, Nkunzi
'Uzalo' July 2022 will bring scandal and drama as the Magwaza family goes through chaos while Gabisile goes through some trauma. Image: Facebook/OfficialUzaloSABC1
Source: Facebook

Kwanda keeps everyone on their toes as he faces certain pressure. Gabisile make strides with her radio work while Nkunzi does something which angers her. The Magwaza family faces trouble and bombshells at every turn. Mamba is desperate to escape the Magwaza family. Can he succeed? General and MaDongwe go through some ups and downs when her kids get bold. How will MaDongwe manage her kids' interference?

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Uzalo July 2022 teasers

Previously on Uzalo, viewers were surprised by Nonka and Hleziphi's storylines. In July 2022, Uzalo brings just as much excitement with the Magwaza family's drama. Nkunzi gets entwined in some Magwaza drama while Gabisile tries to do some good. Will the truth about Mamba come out? Here are Uzalo July teasers previewing all the drama.

1 July 2022, Friday: Episode 85

A choice Njinji makes puts the family in serious peril. Things appear to have changed for the better for Gabisile. Lilly goes up against MaDongwe and Nonka over what she owes.

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4 July 2022, Monday: Episode 86

Njeza figures out that there’s a new boss in town. Gabisile’s radio show helps a male abuse victim. Lilly is stunned when her spending habits are brought up within the family. Sbu realises that being a businessman isn't as simple as he expected.

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5 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 87

Vika and Njinji do not include Nomaswazi in their new venture. Gabisile has a close call after trying to be the saviour. Lilly loses out on a crucial work task thanks to General. Njeza argues Sbu’s case to Hlelo.

6 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 88

An abused man is forced to make up his mind when Gabisile shows up. The Magwazas have no choice but to sacrifice one of their greatest resources to save themselves. Hlelo gets a taste of the life Sbu has been offering her.

'Uzalo', Magwaza, Vika, Nomaswazi, Njinji, Vika and Njinji venture, Magwaza family sacrifice
The Magwaza family tries to stay afloat on 'Uzalo' in July 2022. Can they keep it together amid a crisis? Image: Facebook/OfficialUzaloSABC1
Source: UGC

7 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 89

Gabisile’s attempts to help backfire when she is threatened while in the studio. Kwanda stuns Nonka with a random proposition that will take things further. Hlelo is looking attractive as she causes double-takes with her fresh look.

8 July 2022, Friday: Episode 90

The K-Mash FM hostage situation takes a terrifying turn for Gabisile. MaDongwe tries her best to persuade General that moving in with her would be good. Sbu and Nkunzi get into a horrendous argument.

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11 July 2022, Monday: Episode 91

When Nkunzi finds out that Gabisile’s life is being threatened, he tries to protect her - but will he succeed?

12 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 92

Gabisile faces the fury of a woman scorned. Njinji chooses to side with Nomaswazi and allows Mamba to leave. General causes chaos with his appearance within the Xaba house.

13 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 93

K-Mash FM needs Gabisile to return. Mamba visits Nkunzi after getting away from the Magwazas. MaDongwe's kids and General oppose the idea of his inclusion in the family.

14 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 94

Nkunzi pushes Gabisile to reevaluate her career. Nomaswazi drops off a dreadful package for Nkunzi. MaDongwe is upset by what the kids did, which changed her relationship status. Hlelo inspires Njeza and Sbu.

15 July 2022, Friday: Episode 95

Gabisile claims her control and goes back on the air. Nomaswazi stuns the Magwazas with news about Mamba. Mbatha’s new venture gets a bad reception.

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18 July 2022, Monday: Episode 96

Gabisile gives Nkunzi a choice about her radio show. MaDongwe seems ready to let General go. Something startling happens between Hlelo and Njeza that surprises them.

19 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 97

Gabisile makes a choice that has Nkunzi baffled. MaDongwe and General have a frank conversation. Njeza and Sbu have a squabble with their superior.

20 July 2022, Wednesday Episode 98

Nkunzi's plans fall apart. Sbu and Njeza’s venture takes off at long last. Nomaswazi gives Vika a confusing invitation. General finds out that he is getting sent to a country at war.

21 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 99

Hlelo finds herself split between choosing Loktion Bling Wrap and KwaNjomane VIP Relax. Kwanda finds himself working nearby somebody he disdains, while Vika sets his sights on Sbu and Njeza.

22 July 2022, Friday: Episode 100

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Gabisile forces Nkunzi to tell the world the truth. Vika finds proof of betrayal and goes to extreme lengths for revenge. Hleziphi finds out information that may have dangerous consequences.

'Uzalo', Vika, Sbu, Njeza, Njinji, Nomaswazi, Vika revenge, Magwaza family
Vika will have a tale of revenge in July 2022 on 'Uzalo'. Will he hit his target? Image: Facebook/OfficialUzaloSABC1
Source: UGC

25 July 2022, Monday: Episode 101

Nkunzi makes an astonishing appearance at the Magwazas'. Nonka finds out something disturbing about her boyfriend. Flavia is stressed about the infamous visitor who is due to come on air.

26 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 102

When Kwanda plans a luxurious party, everybody expects a proposal. The presence of evangelist, bishop and pope Mbatha add to the expectation, will he deliver? Hlelo attacks Nkunzi live on air.

27 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 103

Nkunzi aggravates Gabisile with his decisions. Njinji finds out about Mamba, which stresses her out. Kwanda relieves all of Nonka’s worries. Mbatha is still on the lookout for a wife.

28 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 104

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Nkunzi tells Gabisile he will not be at her lunch event. Vika tries to find out Nomaswazi's secret. Mbatha regains consciousness on a beach and is trapped.

29 July 2022, Friday: Episode 105

Nomaswazi comes up with a plan on how the family can pay off their debts. Hleziphi is convinced that Nonka and Kwanda sell drugs. Hlelo and Njeza agree that what happens on the ocean, will remain there.

What will happen to the cast members of Uzalo July 2022?

The Magwaza family will see many characters involved in their drama. Nkunzi is one of the people Mamba trusts, but will this be Nkuzni's downfall? Uzalo depicts real-life issues and in July 2022, it will be no different as Gabisile's radio show makes a difference, but how long can it last? Be sure to catch up each weekday on SABC 1 at 8:30pm or catch up online.

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Gabisile's career will be growing in July 2022 on Uzalo. She will have to deal with a difficult radio guest. Gabisile also learns that no good deed goes unpunished, but will she? Gabisile will also clash with Nkunzi, who gets more worried about her radio job, which becomes unexpectedly dangerous. Can Gabisile's career continue to grow, or will a disastrous radio airing get in the way?

'Uzalo', K Mash FM, Gabisile, Nkunzi, radio show hostage, Gabisile in danger
Gabisile seems to be seeing growth in her career, but something happens that puts everything in a tailspin at K Mash FM. Image: Facebook/OffficialUzaloSABC1
Source: Facebook


July 2022 takes Nkunzi through a whirlwind of events on Uzalo. Gabisile may be indebted to Nzkunzi, who will risk it all to save her. Will his bravery be met with kindness? The Magwazas are in for a ride when Nkunzi comes into their lives out of nowhere. Does he bear good news for the family?

'Uzalo', Nkunzi, Magwaza, Nkunzi worried Gabisile, Mamba, SABC 1 soapie
Nkunzi deals with Gabisile's spiralling career and the Magwaza family, who he must keep an eye on. Image: Facebook/OffficialUzaloSABC1
Source: Facebook

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