Generations: The Legacy, July 2022 Teasers: War for Moroka Media

Generations: The Legacy, July 2022 Teasers: War for Moroka Media

The family drama continues on Generations: The Legacy. The Moroka family is still at odds about the family business. Previously, Moroka Media was in shambles. Can the media company remain standing with so much family drama? Fikile tries to revamp her love life. Will she succeed? Keep reading Generations: The Legacy teasers to find out more that is in store.

'Generations: The Legacy', Moroka family, Moroka Media, drama, TV soapie, SABC 1 show, TV show, Generations: The Legacy' July 2022 Teasers, Sphe, Mazwi
This month's 'Generations: The Legacy' is going to be set alight with clashes in families, both in business and personally. Image: Instagram/@generations_the_legacy
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The families in Generations: The Legacy will have to face myriads of drama. The Diales have to deal with a family member going haywire. Control of Moroka Media is again a point of contention in the Moroka family. Will there ever be harmony?

Generations: The Legacy teasers for July 2022

The long-running series Generations: The Legacy promises nothing but intrigue. Will Mazwi finally find peace with his family? Lucy Diale has mother-daughter blues as she clashes with her teen daughter. Many secrets are revealed this month after some eavesdropping. Here are July teasers for what is coming.

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1 July 2022, Friday: Episode 160 (1980)

The Moroka elder finds himself losing a face-off against Philani. Fikile gets more curious after finding out half a story. An attractive woman takes advantage of Luyolo who does not mind as he finds her sexy.

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4 July 2022, Monday: Episode 161 (1981)

Mbali behaves strangely, which puzzles the Diales. Sphe regrets burning bridges when she realises that she cannot make amends. Pele is desperate to win but is undecided about the risk.

5 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 162 (1982)

Lucy Diale is not sure what to do as a mother. Kabisi has questions that bear disturbing answers. Mrekza helps a friend deal with his feelings.

6 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 163 (1983)

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Mazwi is livid and demonstrates his powers over Moroka Media, leaving no doubts about who is in charge. Philani takes delight in annoying Nkosiyabo.

7 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 164 (1984)

Luyolo is shocked when he is told that he was betrayed. Gugu bites off more than she can chew when she angrily storms into the shebeen. Sphe notices a secret meeting and attempts to find out more about it.

8 July 2022, Friday: Episode 165 (1985)

Lerumo must maintain his reputation and will do anything to protect it. Lucy Diale thinks she lost touch with her intimidation skills. Ignorance is bliss for Kabisi when he heads home, unaware of the danger around the corner.

11 July 2022, Monday: Episode 166 (1986)

Pamela is not sure how to handle all the men in her life. Fikile tries to find out something from her partner but fails. Philani bumps into Mbali and does not expect her reaction.

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12 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 167 (1987)

Mazwi makes his lover more suspicious. Two teens try to rekindle their friendship, but everything feels weird. A mother sees an interaction that makes a heart stop.

13 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 168 (1988)

Kabisi eavesdrops and hears something not meant for him. Cosmo becomes the glue that holds everyone together when emotions start to go array. Lelethu starts to question if he is being honest with himself about his true feelings.

'Generations: The Legacy', Diale family, Lucy Diale, Cosmo, Mbali, SABC 1, Mbali growing pains, Diale shebeen, TV soapie, Diale drama
The shebeen will be the site of much drama in July on 'Generations: The Legacy' with Lucy trying to rear her teen daughter Mbali. Image: Imgflip/ modified by author
Source: UGC

14 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 169 (1989)

A Moroka heir takes things further with an extreme ultimatum that leaves the Moroka elder dumb-founded. Lucy Diale finds out something shocking and leaves in a rush. A surprise proposal leaves Pamela with her jaw dropped.

15 July 2022, Friday: Episode 170 (1990)

Nkosiyabo proves to be the bigger man, which makes some feel resentment. Pele has bigger plans when he refuses to settle for a smaller catch. Lucy must figure out how to deal with her distressed teenage daughter Mbali without pushing them away.

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18 July 2022, Monday: Episode 171 (1991)

Fikile stays mute about her concerns. Nontle cannot handle hearing what Mbali wants to do. A surprise gift backfires into negative feelings.

19 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 172 (1992)

Lucy Diale's motherhood sorrows continue to pile on. Ayanda faces a challenge, will she succeed in what she dreams about? Two lovers find themselves in a quarrel.

20 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 173(1993)

Lelethu starts to feel guilty as he adjusts to being with a woman. Pele adds fuel to his brother's troubles without much thought.

21 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 174(1994)

Nkosiyabo tries to stay away as he promised, but it proves harder said than done. Mazwi is left reeling after a shocking revelation. Will Fikile be able to cast away any doubt about her relationship?

22 July 2022, Friday: Episode 175 (1995)

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Lucy Diale realises she needs help and asks a friend. Kabisi listens to a phone conversation that sends panic to his mind. Mpho has a shiv ready against a terrified prisoner.

25 July 2022, Monday: Episode 176(1996)

Zanele is unimpressed by her work partner's careless strategy. Cosmo gets blindsided by a friend he trusts. Gog' Flo can not Delve into her painful past.

26 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 177 (1997)

Fikile's joy in her relationship is not a long one. Nkosiyabo's guest gets too comfortable at breakfast. Lelethu is caught red-handed, ruining everything.

27 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 178(1998)

Lucy Diale is not dealing well with her daughter Mbali's worsening rejection. Sphe receives a visitor who shocks her with his reason for coming.

28 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 179( 1989)

Pamela is her boss's saving Grace from his "stalker" girlfriend. Ayanda comes to terms with the fact that she is still in love. Mazwi is helpless as his ex-wife's life crumbles.

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29 July 2022, Friday: Episode 180 (2000)

Cosmo and Mrekza are not enthusiastic about getting entangled in a plan. Pele notices something unusual in the hotel video. The Diales set up Dr Langa. Will the doctor still help?

What will happen to the generations: The Legacy cast members?

Generation: The Legacy has been running since 1994, over 25 years of entertainment and drama. The soapie also treats viewers with celebrity guest appearances. This month some characters will be info quite a long haul. Find out if everyone will make it on SABC 1 from Mondays to Fridays at 8 p.m. Or catch up on previous episodes online.


Lucy Diale will face motherhood this month. She realises that the role is more than she could have asked for as she tries to raise Mbali. Unfortunately for Lucy, an inexperienced mother and a hormonal teenager are a bad combination. Will Lucy successfully navigate her relationship with her teenage daughter? Or will Lucy rely on her intimidation tactics? Lucy Diale has much to learn this month as she is on her journey to develop her motherly instinct.

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'Generations: The Legacy', Lucy Diale, Mbali, mother and daughter, TV soapie, SABC 1 show, Mzansi soapie, Diale family, Diale family trouble, the shebeen
Lucy Diale will need to figure out how to connect to Mbali. Will she turn to those around her for help or crumble under the pressure? Image: Instgram/@generation_the_legacy
Source: Instagram


The Moroka family is always clashing over their family business. Will Mazwi be able to navigate this treacherous terrain of family drama? This month Mazwi will try to get his grip firmly on the Moroka media reigns but is met with much resistance. His ex-wife also gets jeopardised, and Mazwi will have to decide what is important. Will Mazwi make the right decision or be too clouded by family issues.

'Generations: The Legacy', Mazwi Moroka, Moroka Media, family company, soapie, TV show, Mazwi shows power, Sphe, Moroka elder
Mazwi will have to stand his ground this month on 'Generations: The Legacy', but can he keep his wits together when challenged? Image: Imgflip/ modified by author
Source: UGC

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