Doktor Ali July 2022 Teasers: Ali Risks It All for Nazli

Doktor Ali July 2022 Teasers: Ali Risks It All for Nazli

Dokter Ali brings fresh drama, ranging from romance to unhinged colleagues. Doctor Ali will have to sort out his feelings if he wants to get anywhere with Nazli. Doctor Adil is well-loved in the hospital, but most of the staff will face a harsh reality. Vuslat is a bit of a pot-stirrer at work. Can Ferman and Beliz get through a rough patch, or will jealousy get in the way? Keep reading Dokter Ali July 2022 teasers.

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'Dokter Ali', eTV show, eVOD, Ali, Nazli, hospital drama, soapies, Adil
'Doctor Ali' will bring juicy drama between Ali and Nazli. Doctor Adil causes drama for the entire hospital. Image: Facebook/DokterAli
Source: Facebook

Previously, Ali and Nazil had a rocky patch. In July 2022, Nazli flips the script on Ali, who is ready to be her knight in shining armour. The assistants at the hospital face mistreatment, but who will stand up to their boss? Vuslat goes toe-to-toe with other staff, including Dr Adil.

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Dokter Ali July 2022 teasers

Ferman goes through a difficult time when Belize seems preoccupied with a new person. Vulslat proves to be difficult to work with as her manipulative nature surfaces. Here are Dokter Ali teasers for July 2022, for a peek at what happens next.

'Dokter Ali', Ali, Ferman jealous, Belize, hospital staff, patients
'Dokter Ali' will see all the hospital staff in turmoil including Ferman and Belize's lover's tiff. Will their world crumble or can Ferman salvage what is left? Image: Imgfli/modified by author
Source: UGC

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1 July 2022, Friday: Episode 55

Ali gives Ferman a difficult time when he finds out that Nazli will be the main assistant. Ezo is courageous in a bid to assist Ali.

4 July 2022, Monday: Episode 56

Ali and Ferman cannot get along during surgery. Nazli must make a difficult choice. Acelya is not happy with Demir. Will Doruk make a wager with Demir, and who will win?

5 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 57

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The assistants have an overwhelming 36-hour shift in the ER. Nazli gets some great news but, Ali gets disciplined for abandoning his duties at work.

6 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 58

The police make their way to the hospital to detain Adil, but all isn't as it seems. Vuslat decides to make an offer to Beliz. With all the commotion at the hospital, will Beliz be pressured to accept?

7 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 59

Drastic changes are on the horizon when Beliz makes her decision. Demir does not make it easier for Acelya to make his proposal. Ezo comes up short when Ali tries to figure out what he feels for Nazli.

8 July 2022, Friday: Episode 60

Ali learns an important lesson about taking care of people. Will Nazli's interference help to mend the relationship between Demir and Aci? A new staff member causes conflict between the specialists in the hospital.

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11 July 2022, Monday: Episode 61

Vuslat forces Ali into an extremely awkward position. Ali opens up to Nazli, but it could come at a price.

12 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 62

Vuslat has her own ulterior motives by controlling the staff and planting doubt and pressure among staff members.

13 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 63

Tanju gets between Beliz and Leyla, which proves to be helpful. Adil discovers Vuslat's identity and her intentions with Ali. Ali is unable to deliver bad news to Ezo.

14 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 64

Ali makes a terrible choice that hurts his feelings. Tanju inspires Beliz with a plan. Adil proves that he is not an easy target. Ferman and Beliz end up in danger.

15 July 2022, Friday: Episode 65

Beliz tries to reason with Vuslat about the hosptial, but will her attempts bear fruit? A restaurant shooting spree has the hospital abuzz.

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18 July 2022, Monday: Episode 66

Ali spares Nazli's life when she puts herself in harm's way, but at a high price. Vuslat warns Adil when he tries to assist Ezo.

19 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 67

Ali's sacrifice for Nazli has dire results. The hospital environment feels unstable for the staff.

20 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 68

Ali becomes delirious while Nazli tries to get to him. Will she arrive on time? Doruk and Demir put up with a patient's father who won't acknowledge his daughter's illness. Vuslat continues to make enemies at each turn.

21 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 69

The hospital is reeling after tragedy strikes Dr Adil, but Vuslat remains unruffled as she continues with her normal activities. Ali comes around but has he fully recovered?

22 July 2022, Friday: Episode 70

Two patients, a father and his daughter, are in difficult positions. Ali gets to read Adil's letter, which may have serious repercussions.

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25 July 2022, Monday: Episode 71

Doruk finds out valuable information about Vuslat. Demir and Doruk make a wager on a patient. Ferman isn't upbeat about who is in charge of the Adil Erinc Fund.

26 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 72

Ferman gets disturbed by Tanju and Beliz's relationship over time. Nazli suspects that there's more going on between Ezo and Ali than they admit.

27 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 73

Vuslat makes a stunning declaration. The staff tries to cope with the news about Adil.

28 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 74

The senior staff are not happy with Vuslat for giving Ezo work. Ezo organises a masked ball for some good press for the hospital.

29 July 2022, Friday: Episode 75

Ferman accepts Vuslat's invitation to be her date, while Beliz and Tanju go together. Will Ferman handle it well? Raci gets the chance to save Mert's life. Will she be successful?

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What will happen to cast members of Doctor Ali?

Dokter Ali promises more hospital drama from all characters, and July 2022 will be no exception. Dr Ali himself will have to make sacrifices for the one he loves. Dr Adil, on the other hand, will struggle with one problematic co-worker. Doctor Adil is forced to assert himself when someone causes trouble. Be sure to catch up on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 8:30pm or stream online.

Dr Ali

Dr Ali has to navigate between his love life and his professional life. Ali's romantic life is in shambles as he tries to come to terms with how he feels about Nazli. When danger strikes, Ali is quick to put himself in the line of fire in order to save Nazli, but will he be the one who needs saving instead?

'Dokter Ali', Ali, Nazli, Ali in danger, romance, sacrifices, Ali coma
'Dokter Ali' will be jam-packed with Ali dealing with his feelings for Nazli. When danger is around the corner, Ali stops at nothing to get to his love. Image: ImgFlip: modified by author
Source: Facebook

Dr Adil

The beloved doctor on Dokter Ali will show a different side to him when Vuslat comes around. Adil makes it clear that he can be aggressive when backed into a corner. When Dr Adil buckles under pressure, many are left in disbelief, except for one person with bad intentions.

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'Dokter Ali', Doctor Adil, hospital tragedy, Ali, Nazli
'Dokter Ali' July 2022 will show viewers Dr Adil dealing with many struggles before rocking his colleagues' world. Image: Facebook/DokterAli
Source: Facebook

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Briefly News previously highlighted what to expect on Binnelanders July 2022. From missing medicine in the clinic to fighting amongst staff, Binnelanders will be jam-packed in July 2022. Conrad has to fight for anything that he wants to happen, but will he fight for others too? Annelize harbours a secret that may spell disaster for her relationships. Chiron makes a big decision.

Annelize and Wessel's connection gets stronger, but is this good for Wessel, whose only focus is on helping Annelize? Conrad must deal with some dishonesty at Chiron; previously, the board was at odds, and now the Bassons make a comeback. How will a Chiron boardroom meeting affect the characters, especially Annelize?

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