Durban Gen July Teasers 2022: Thembi in a Throuple, Dr Dhlomo Crumbles

Durban Gen July Teasers 2022: Thembi in a Throuple, Dr Dhlomo Crumbles

Durban Gen promises viewers a scandalous situation with Thembi in July 2022. Dr Dhlomo faces the reality of being a doctor when a GBV case drives him up the wall. Bhengu must confront his dilemmas as he faces the consequences of his actions. Keep reading Durban Gen July 2022 teasers to find out more.

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'Durban Gen', eTV soapie, TV show, 'Durban Gen' July 2022 teasers, Thembi, Dr Dhlomo, Hlengiwe
'Durban Gen' July teasers 2022 outline what is in store for viewers. From love to societal issues, Dhlomo, Thembi, Bhengu and more will face it all. Image: Facebook/eTV.DurbanGen
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Dr Dhlomo is haunted by the horror of what he sees in the Durban General hospital in July 2022. Jack and Calvin may be getting played like fiddles by Thembi, or is it the other way around? GBV police come knocking at the hospital.

Durban Gen July 2022 teasers

Durban Gen spares no room for dull plotlines for its final stretch after eTV announced its looming end. Thembi may have bitten off more than she can chew when she gets into an interesting situation.

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The interns at the hospital face a challenging case. What could the GBV police want with Dr Dhlomo? Bhengu becomes a wanted man and must find a place to hide out. Will he succeed? Here are Durban Gen's July 2022 teasers.

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'Durban Gen', Interns, Dr Dhlomo, Bhengu, Zondo, hospital staff, eTV soapie, 'Durban Gen' drama, Intern burn patient
'Durban Gen' hospital staff will have their hands full in July 2022. Can the interns at Durban General handle their own? Image: Facebook/eTV.DurbanGen
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1 July 2022, Friday: Episode 455

Bhengu is humiliated at the men's conference. A mysterious figure fakes their identity to enter Durban General. Zandile is unable to hold up and collapses.

4 July 2022, Monday: Episode 456

Thabo is unhappy with Zandile and gives her a written warning to show his disappointment. Bhengu is undecided and does not know who the right choice is between Buhle and Beauty. Bra Jon is willing to help but demands that Bhengu pay him for his services.

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5 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 457

Bhengu faces an identity crisis and does not seem to want to accept reality. MacGyver, on the other hand, seems happy to pretend. Now more than ever, Zandile wishes that Precious was still alive.

6 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 458

The consequences of being a playboy finally show themselves to Bhengu. The search for where MacGyver could be hiding is underway. Qwabe gives the mysterious figure at Durban General a firm warning.

7 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 459

Bhengu can no longer hide from the consequences of his actions and is left with no place to hide. Even though Zandile attempts to be friendlier, the feelings are not mutual. Both Macgyvers lose something valuable while Thembi is on the hunt for a new partner.

8 July 2022, Friday: Episode 460

Sihle Ndlovu brainstorms a new foolproof plan to snag the job. Zandile gets better every day, but she's not ready to have the community she wants. Durban General sees a strange increase in health complications that only affect men.

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11 July 2022, Monday: Episode 461

The trauma of being shot comes back to Calvin's memory while Sne and Pumeza clash about the dinner. The scenes at the men's conference are still fresh in the mind of bra John, and he makes sure to let everybody know.

12 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 462

Calvin is unhappy with his station in life and wants to be promoted. Finally, Phumeza and Sibiya and Sne work together to prepare the dinner. Sibusiso is not forgotten because Thabo and Mbali are planning an unveiling ceremony in his honour.

13 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 463

Thabo will not allow his guilty conscience to overwhelm him. Sne feels lonely as she does not have anyone to speak to or open up to. Phumeza, on the other hand, cannot shake her suspicions about Dhlomo.

14 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 464

Mrs Dlamini continues to mourn the death of her beloved Sibusiso. Calvin is more than aware of how lucky he is to be alive. The bond between Dhlomo and Sibiya keeps going from strength to strength.

15 July 2022, Friday: Episode 465

Agatha steals the show and turns heads at Sibusiso's unveiling ceremony, leaving many in shock. Calvin decides to party even harder than he ever has before. Can Dhlomo keep his family together by any means necessary?

18 July 2022, Monday: Episode 466

The broken trust between Lwandle and Lindelani does not seem like it can be repaired. Mrs Gemini falls into her old patterns. Sibiya tries to help Dr Dhlomo, but his advice is not accepted.

19 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 467

Thembi makes it crystal clear that what happened with her, Jack and Calvin will never happen again. Mrs Dlamini buries the hatchet with Thabo and Mbali. Dhlomo cannot control his feelings and lashes out at his therapist.

20 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 468

Sne and Dr Dhlomo team up and help a victim of gender-based violence. Thembi, Jack, and Calvin seem unable to resist the temptation of coming together. Mrs Dlamini struggles with the burden of grief.

21 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 469

Dhlomo struggles to accept the harsh realities of gender-based violence. Faced with more difficulty, Mrs Gemini calls her pastor for extra support. The troublesome trio of Jack, Calvin and Thembi continue their naughty escapades.

22 July 2022, Friday: Episode 470

Agatha has to focus and deal with the situation that is in front of her at the moment. Calvin has no more space to hide, and he must now deal with the results of his actions. Dhlomo cannot get the GBV matter out of his mind.

25 July 2022, Monday: Episode 471

Dhlomo continues to make positive strides in his therapy sessions. Calvin is not truthful with Sihle. Zondo does the unexpected to the interns.

26 July 2022, Tuesday: Episode 472

Jack and Bhengu are not happy about the rent hike. Hlengiwe gets interrogated by the police. Zondo finds it difficult to find his place with the doctors.

27 July 2022, Wednesday: Episode 473

Dhlomo's therapist dumps him. Sihle does not want to give up hope about Jack. The interns devote all their time to a burn patient.

28 July 2022, Thursday: Episode 474

Sihle writes a love letter to Jack, but to no avail. Mbali confronts Zondo while Dhlomo has his demons to face.

29 July 2022, Friday: Episode 475

Things do not end well for Hlengiwe, leaving Dhlomo to take his anger out on Sne. Sihle finds proof of Jack and Calvin's relationship. The treasurer takes a risk with the stokvel money.

What will happen to the cast members of Durban Gen in July 2022?

The hospital drama series takes a dark turn in July as Durban Gen addresses gender-based violence. The walls are closing in on Dhlomo. Thembi cannot be trusted around Jack and Calvin. Find out why on eTV weekdays at 18:30, repeats on eTV Extra every weekday at 11:15 and 13:30. Weekly repeat on Sundays at 10:20. Durban Gen is also available online.


Dr Dhlomo must deal with the realities of gender-based violence as it affects his life. As he takes his fear out on colleagues such as Sne, will Dhlomo be able to keep it together as he faces the real world? Or will he be clouded by fear of his demons? Dhlomo must make the right decision if he is to survive and thrive in the hospital.

'Durban Gen', Dr Dhlomo, gbv, Doctor Dhlomo demons, Hlengiwe, etv 'Durban Gen' July 2022 teaser, Dhlomo trauma
'Durban Gen' explores an important issue with Dr Dhlomo, who must gather the courage with for hardest challenge of his career. Image: Facebook/eTV.DurbanGen
Source: Facebook


Thembi decides to play a risky game that may land her in hot water. Will Thembi ignore what is right and continue to have her fun? Jack and Calvin may also have their little secret. Will Thembi be able to handle any betrayal that may be result of the trio's shenanigans?

'Durban Gen', Thembi, Jack, Calvin, romance, love triangle, 'Durban Gen' Thembi, soapie drama
'Durban Gen' brings drama from Thembi, who delves into a tricky situation that will end in tears. Images: Facebook/DurbanGen.eTV
Source: Facebook

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