Zanziman Ellie: age, family, condition, documentary, life story, profiles, worth

Zanziman Ellie: age, family, condition, documentary, life story, profiles, worth

If you were born in the 90s, you might have come across a book called The Jungle Book and a character named Mowgli. You may also have watched Tarzan, all of which talk about a boy who called the jungle home. Zanziman Ellie of Rwanda is a real-life representation of these characters after living in the jungle to escape bullies. Society ridiculed him because of his appearance, and he found it safer and more peaceful to live in a forest in Rwanda.

Zanziman Ellie of Rwanda
Zanziman Ellie used to stay in the jungle and eat grass to escape bullying. Photo: @CitizenzAlert
Source: Twitter

After Zanziman Ellie’s life story was aired by Afrimax TV, well-wishers from around the world were determined to give him a better life. His misfortune has now turned out to be a great blessing for him and his mom. Please keep reading to know more about his fascinating life story.

Profile summary and bio

  • Full name: Zanziman Ellie
  • Year of birth: 1999
  • Zanziman Ellie’s age: 22 years in 2021
  • Place of birth: Rwanda
  • Current residence: Rwanda
  • Nationality: Rwandan
  • Education: Ubumwe Community Center (Institution for kids with special needs)
  • Known for: Living in the Rwandan jungle to escape a society that ridiculed his appearance

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Zanziman Ellie’s age and family

Rwandan Tarzan
The real-life Tarzan is his mother's only child after she lost her first five kids. Photo: @_VikrantSingh
Source: Twitter

The once real-life Tarzan was born in 1999 in Rwanda and is 22 years in 2021. Ellie is a rare blessing to his mother, who had difficulty conceiving and lost her first five children. His father passed away when he was still an infant.

Zanziman Ellie’s mother revealed in an interview with Afrimax TV that she prayed to have a baby, and when she finally got one, her situation worsened. Zanziman Ellie’s family was poor, and she struggled to make ends meet.

Zanziman Ellie’s condition

Zanziman Ellie of Rwanda has a condition known as microcephaly, which causes a baby to be born with a much smaller head than normal. As a result, Ellie is not able to talk properly and has learning disabilities. Schools across Rwanda could not admit him because he lacked the mental capacity to learn like normal kids.

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What causes microcephaly? The congenital condition is often caused by prenatal infections, including exposure to the Zika virus, chickenpox, rubella, toxoplasma and cytomegalovirus. Genetic mutations, substance abuse, poor nutrition, and exposure to toxic chemicals can also result in a mother giving birth to a child with microcephaly.

The condition can also appear after the child is born due to genetic mutations, traumatic brain injury, lack of oxygen to the brain and brain infection. Children with microcephaly are usually dwarfed, have facial deformities, have vision and hearing problems and experience seizures. Mothers are advised to visit medical specialists to get help on managing the special condition.

Zanziman Ellie’s documentary

Zanziman Ellie's GoFundMe
The 22-year-old boy received funds from well-wishers across the world to live a better life after Afrimax aired his life story on YouTube. Photo: @Metropoles
Source: Twitter

Afrimax TV shared the 22-year-old boy’s extraordinary story on YouTube in February 2020. His mother revealed that villagers often called him a monkey. He used to escape home to wander in the jungle and eat grass, and his mother would search for him in the evening to bring him home.

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After airing the touching documentary, Afrimax TV set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe, and millions of viewers from around the world contributed money to give him a chance at a better life. He returned home, and the donations have allowed him to attend a special school, the Ubumwe Community Center in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

The Rwandan Tarzan was also taken to a different city where he met other kids with similar disabilities. During Zanziman Ellie’s car ride, he was amazed by the view and had his head out through the window.

Zanziman Ellie’s net worth

Thanks to the humanity that societies across the world possess, the once real-life representation of Mowgli is now living a normal life. Zanziman Ellie’s house, built by well-wishers, has three bedrooms, and he regularly wears well-fitting suits to school. The exact amount donated is not known, but it has enabled Ellie to care for his once jungle family.

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The story of Zanziman Ellie from Rwanda is indeed fascinating. He moved from being the unwanted boy to a celebrity with whom everyone wants to be associated, and people often stop him to take pictures. His mother is also a hero that needs to be celebrated for supporting her son through it all.

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