What are the brick prices in South Africa 2022? Best market prices

What are the brick prices in South Africa 2022? Best market prices

Are you planning to build your dream house soon? If yes, it is obvious you are calculating the cost of the building materials needed to complete the project. Bricks, in particular, come first in the list of construction materials. However, do you know the bricks prices in 2022? Also, which factors should you consider when making your order?

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The cost of building materials has been steadily on the rise over the past few years. Photo: @pixabay
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Brick prices in South Africa have varied from time to time due to many factors. The cost and availability of materials have been cited as contributing factors. It is for this reason that building a brick house a decade ago was relatively cheaper than it is now. But, that aside, what are the best market prices of bricks in 2022?

Bricks prices in South Africa in 2022

As mentioned earlier, the prices of bricks vary based on several factors. For instance, the strongest and most durable ones are expensive compared with the standard and less durable ones.

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Below is a comprehensive list of the bricks made in South Africa and their prices. The list is based on a few top brick manufacturers and dealers.

Cement plaster bricks

There are two types of cement plaster bricks. Alongside them is the price per piece of brick.

1. Brick Cement Maxi – R4.70

They have been certified as the best bricks for building walls, pavements, and other elements in construction. You can comfortably use them for single or double-storey layering. Their standard size is 290mm x 140mm x 90mm, and they are available in grey colour only.

2. Brick Cement Stock – R2.25

The stock type is slightly cheaper compared with the maxi type. Therefore, you can also use them for all construction works and other civil engineering applications. Usually, their weight is 2.3kgs. Mostly, they measure 210mm x 100mm x 70mm. They are also available in grey colour.

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Clay face bricks

cashbuild bricks price
Clay face bricks come in many forms. Photo: @makorobw
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They are usually used as façade building materials. There are five types of such bricks in South Africa, including:

1. Makoro Ingwe Satin Brick – R4

These are lightweight bricks made of clay. They come in bright colours to serve their purpose, beatification. Mostly, they are available in bright red colour. At Cashbuild, their price per 1000 pieces ranges between R4,100 and R4,150.

2. Makoro Marble Travertine Fbs – R4.65

Makoro Marble Travertine Fbs bricks are affordable and can serve all construction needs. They are somewhat similar to Ingwe Satin bricks. What is the price of 1 brick? A piece goes for R4.65. However, if you need them in bulk, the price of bricks per 1000 pieces is between R4,700 and R4,800 at Cashbuild.

3. Letaba Satin – R5.22

Usually, this product has a smooth finish, hence the name, Satin. Therefore, they are ideal for all construction works. Also, they are readily available across the county.

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4. Letaba Travertine – R5.22

Letaba Travertine is another brick you may want to try. Considering their higher degree of colour variation and size, you may find them ideal to use in your next project.

5. Makoro Sunrise Travertine Fbx – R6.15

Makoro Sunrise Travertine Fbx are first-class bricks. A piece is sold at around R6.15. Usually, their dimension is 222 X 106 X73 mm. Also, they are light, about 2.4 kg. Lastly, their water absorption rate is between 10 and 12%.

Clay plaster bricks

Brick clay plaster is the only type available under this category. It is also commonly referred to as mampara or clay stock bricks.

They are carefully made from clay, dried, and baked in fire. It is one of the most used types of bricks in Africa. So, what is the price of mampara bricks at Cashbuild? Their cost varies from R2.52 per piece to R3.49 per piece.

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Cement blocks

first bricks prices
Cement blocks are strong and durable. Photo: @8moments
Source: UGC

Cement maxi blocks are available in two SABS specifications, 7 MPa (M07) and 10 MPa (M10). Mostly, their dimensions are 290 x 140 x 90mm. They are the most robust available blocks in South Africa, and their price varies a lot based on the manufacturer.

Currently, the prices of block maxi bricks at Cashbuild are not available. However, at Build it, 12 pallets of 3000 pieces are sold for R12 695. So, how much is a pallet of bricks? For this type, a pallet sells between R1058 and R1275. However, the price may vary based on a dealer.

How many bricks are in a pallet in South Africa?

The number varies based on the type of bricks. However, a pallet may contain around 250 to 1000 pieces in most instances. Other pallets have 500 pieces.

What is MPa in bricks?

The strength of bricks is usually measured in megapascals (MPa). In most instances, the majority of manufacturers make 7MPa bricks. As a result, they are strong and durable.

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How much does a brick cost in South Africa?

how much does a brick cost in South Africa?
Brick type face brick boasts a 10-12% water absorption rate. Photo: @makorobw
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A piece goes for about R3.25 (Cement brick maxi 7MPa) and R99 (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete). You can also check out Cashbuild brick prices in 2022 for a better deal.

Bricks prices in South Africa vary based on several factors. Among those factors are the type and availability of materials used to make them, strength, and durability.

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