Types of nurses in South Africa in order of ranks and their salaries in 2024

Types of nurses in South Africa in order of ranks and their salaries in 2024

Nursing is one of the most respected and marketable jobs in South Africa. As a qualified caregiver, you can work in various medical settings, including hospitals, NGOs, rehab centres, and clinics. This article highlights the different types of nurses in South Africa and their ranks.

The nursing specialities in South Africa are regulated by the South African Nursing Council (SANC). The profession is growing as more people study to become caregivers.

Types of nurses in South Africa

Here are the different types of nurses and their salaries in South Africa.

TypeEstimated salary
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CNRA) R813,208
Neonatal nursesR312,336
Cardiac nursesR372,316
Orthopaedic nursesR248,280
Oncology NursesR371,378
General nursesR316 000
Family nursesR332,067
Clinical nurse specialist (CNS)R665,841
Psychiatric nursesR531,704
Pediatric nursesR357,913
Pain management nursesR450,000
Research nurseR261,082
Nurse administratorsR378,810
Gerontological nurse practitioner (GNP) R372,000
Nurse educatorsR382,117

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Nursing ranks in South Africa

There are three nursing ranks in South Africa, including:

  • Registered nurses or nursing sisters: They supervise enrolled nurses and enrolled nursing auxiliaries and perform typical nursing responsibilities
  • Enrolled nurses: Provide limited nursing care to patients.
  • Enrolled nursing auxiliaries: Perform basic medical procedures and provide general care to patients.

Which type of nursing is best?

A suitable type of nursing depends on one's personality, passion, and experience. If you like working with children, you should consider the pediatric department, and if you prefer caring for the elderly, the gerontological field will suit you.

How much do nurses earn in South Africa?

nursing ranks in south africa
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These professionals take home an average salary of R450,000 per month. The lowest pay is about R248,280, and the highest is around R813,208 monthly.

What is the highest-paying nursing jobs in South Africa?

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are the highest-paid nurses in South Africa. The annual nurse anesthetist's salary in South Africa amounts to R813,186, which translates to an equivalent hourly wage of R391. Furthermore, on average, they receive an additional bonus of R27,163.

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What are the four fields of nursing?

The four fields of caregiving are;

  • Adult: This is a generalized field with a wide range of roles, including general practice, accident and emergency, oncology, and others.
  • Child: Involves nursing sick children and young people and providing care and support to the family.
  • Mental health: Involves assessing the mental health needs of patients, families, and communities.
  • Learning disability: Involves improving quality of life by providing specialist care, support, and treatment to individuals with learning disabilities and their families.

What is the most affordable 1-year course of nursing in South Africa?

A post-basic diploma in nursing is a one-year nursing program that nurses can undertake upon completing their nursing degree. The primary objective of this program is to cultivate advanced expertise and competencies in specific nursing specialities.

What is the highest grade of a nurse in South Africa?

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Do you get paid while studying nursing in South Africa?
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The Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) is the highest nursing education and expertise level.

What is the salary of an entry-level nurse in South Africa?

Entry-level positions typically offer an annual salary of R264,000, while highly experienced workers earn up to R1.2 million annually.

Do you get paid while studying nursing in South Africa?

You don't get paid while studying. All the government does is offer nursing bursaries to eligible students pursuing nursing degrees at public institutions. These bursaries often cover tuition fees and provide a stipend for living expenses.

The different types of nurses in South Africa offer excellent job opportunities. They also ensure the nation is physically and mentally healthy, which leads to positive economic growth.

Types of nurses in South Africa
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Briefly.co.za highlighted the best colleges for nursing in Cape Town. These institutions offer high-level training that ensures you are industry-ready by the time you graduate.

When choosing a nursing course, you must ensure the qualification and the college are recognized by the South African Nursing Council (SANC). Check out which schools are accredited in Cape Town.

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