Veibae's face revealed: how does she look like, and who is she currently dating?

Veibae's face revealed: how does she look like, and who is she currently dating?

Veibae is a trending internet celebrity who has kept many people locked to her social media pages and curious to know what she exactly looks like. At the height of the curiosity of her fans to know what she looks like, Veibae posted a picture of a lady on Twitter in 2019, which made everyone conclude that it could be her real face.

Is Veibae female?
The pictures Veibae posted on Twitter that left her fans curious that it might be her real face. Photo: @Veibae and @lemony_blog (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Veibae's social media presence got intense in early 2017 and has continued to soar. Some of her streams are marked by a distinctive thick sweet voice and English accent. She considers herself an internet video streaming magician due to the success of her video streaming channels on different platforms.

Profile summary and bio

Estimated age25 years old (as of 2022)
Marital statusSingle
BoyfriendSodapoppin (Thomas Chance Morris)
ProfessionTwitch streamer, VTuber
Net worth$2 million
Social media accountsInstagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch

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Background information

Veibae is a popular Twitch streamer, VTuber (VTubers are virtual YouTubers who do not use their real identity and information for their pages) and social media celebrity. She is female, and due to the content she posts on social that is rated 18+, her real age is allegedly around 25 years as of 2022.

Her animated on-screen persona is described as an Empress of the Skies. VShojo manages her, and according to the manager,

(Veibae is a) supernatural dragon deity that shielded the Earth from outside threats, but lost her memories and only recently regained them.
who is veibae in real life?
One of the fairies that Veibae uses to represent her online. Photo: @Veibae
Source: Twitter

What country is Veibae from?

Veibae is from the United Kingdom, and she is believed to have British affiliations due to her accent, whether by birth or residence.

What ethnicity is Veibae?

The internet celebrity is Caucasian. There are indications that she is of mixed ethnicity, including Polish and British.

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What does Veibae look like in real life?

As a Virtual social media celebrity, Veibae uses an avatar to display pictures and content. However, on 12 October 2019, she posted pictures of a beautiful white lady with black-brown hair and dark brown eyes on Twitter. Many fans had the opinion that the image depicts Veibae's real face. But all be it, there is no confirmation given that she never confirmed or denied it was her.

But then, the internet celebrity uses an avatar with elf ears, long straight blond hair, and blue eyes while streaming. Also, the streamer's avatar has horns; occasionally, she changes the avatar. Sometimes, she uses a 2D model avatar with red horns, while at other times, she uses a 3D model avatar with black horns. Also, her avatar is outfitted in numerous dresses.

Veibae's occupation

What is known about her is that she is a social media influencer and also earns well from her activities on the platforms where she is active. She plays games like Terraria, Zelda, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft.

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Her YouTube channel has over 624 thousand subscribers due to her active presence and captivating content. She has close to 543 thousand followers on Twitter; on YouTube, well over 624 thousand people have subscribed to her channel.

Then, on the Twitch platform, she boasts over 988 thousand followers, but on the Instagram platform, she has managed to get about three thousand followers on Instagram.

what company is veibae from?
An image Veibae shared to wish her fans a merry Christmas. Photo: @Veibae
Source: Twitter

Is Veibae's voice real?

This is controversial because some fans say that she uses a voice changer to aid her streams instead of her natural voice. Nonetheless, though the internet celebrity once chided her fans for doubting her accent and voice, she has not explicitly confirmed this.

Is Soda dating Veibae?

Thomas Chance Morris, known online as Sodapoppin, does not have a thing with the internet celebrity. But then, the relationship may be unusual to the internet as they need to learn who Veibae is. Reacting to the rumour on their relationship, Sodapoppin said:

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You understand, uh, (Veibae) and I have severe irony poisoning. Everything we do is ironic, like, we're not even dating, we're actually, just, like, ironically dating? Cause [indistinct]- it's irony, right?

The duo was in the news for some time as they inched closer to going live in 2021. They managed the flurry and maintained their strength, remaining anonymous for their social media career continuity.

Veibae's net worth

As published on Biography Gist's website, the content creator is allegedly worth $2 million. She earns from entertaining her fans with the content she shares on her social media pages and endorsement deals.

Veibae gained popularity through her social media presence and video streaming activities on Twitch and YouTube. Her social media channels use virtual 2D and 3D images to create content for entertaining fans. In all this, her fans are curious about her real identity and what she indeed looks like. Their curiosity heightened when she posted a girl's face on her Twitter handle.

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