The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers for January 2022: Coming up!

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers for January 2022: Coming up!

Your January 2022 home entertainment is sorted by The River 3's epic episode line-up as you deal with January blues. Emma is determined to live the life she deserves as she works on ensuring she is wholly involved in the Dikana-Dlamini empire. However, she has to deal with Lindiwe. Will her plan work? Keep reading the following The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers for more.

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The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
The River Season 3 rebroadcast airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m. Photo: @mahmoudegypte
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Dimpho learns a valuable lesson at her worst moment. She makes questionable decisions that leave the Mokoena family worried and is later ditched by her friends during the worst time of her life. Can she bounce back from this situation?

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers for January 2022

The River television series has remained a household favourite as millions tune in to watch every weekday. So what should you look forward to in the show’s January 2022 episodes? These The River 3 teasers will keep you updated.

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The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
Emma exposes her side that Zolani has never seen in The River 3 January episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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3rd January 2022, Monday: Episode 71 (Private lives)

Zolani gets to see a side of Emma that she has never shown before. Kedibone confirms her suspicions when she discovers the thing that Dimpho has been hiding.

4th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 72 (High on love)

Dimpho is drunken in love, while Zolani cannot put up with Lindiwe and her recent actions.

5th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 73 (New love)

Zolani gets a challenging ultimatum from Emma. Meanwhile, Dimpho’s loved ones are increasingly worried regarding her deep attraction towards her secret lover.

6th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 74 (One last warning)

Lindiwe attacks Emma while the Mokoena household has yet to come to terms with the fact that Dimpho is now an independent lady.

7th January 2022, Friday: Episode 75 (Chess, not checkers)

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The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
Emma tries to turn Zolani against Lindiwe in upcoming episodes of The River season 3. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

10th January 2022, Monday: Episode 76 (Bad investments)

Lindiwe wants Zolani to reveal the truth to Emma. She hopes that the revelation will lead to the end of their relationship.

11th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 77 (Equity)

Emma is doing all she can to ensure there is a disagreement between Zolani and Lindiwe. The Mokoenas are also doing everything in their power to handle Dimpho’s big secret.

12th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 78 (Fifty percent)

Zolani has a surprising demand that he wants Lindiwe to fulfill. Zolani fights back, which leaves Cobra and Kedibone in a vulnerable state.

13th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 79 (Letters)

The Mokoenas, as well as the Dikanas, have to make up their minds about who heads their family as people on the outside test their family bonds.

14th January 2022, Friday: Episode 78 (Not above the law)

Lindiwe is ready to go to the extreme to ensure her authority is felt. Meanwhile, Dimpho is working on getting back the man she loves but encounters an ugly truth in the process.

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
The Mokoenas deal with Dimpho's big secret in upcoming episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

17th January 2022, Monday: Episode 81 (Family matters)

Zolani is not ready to give up as he clarifies his demands. On the other hand, a distressed Dimpho is comforted by the people she knows.

18th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 82 (Skinning the cat)

Emma is willing to do anything to ensure she is completely involved in the Dikana-Dlamini empire. Dimpho engages in another complicated situation that only creates more problems.

19th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 83 (Succession plan)

The fight between Lindiwe and Emma is likely to be fatal. Meanwhile, Cobra makes up his mind to make someone pay for what they did.

20th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 84 (Goes down smooth)

Emma is willing to do anything to lead the life she deserves. Detective Tshabalala knows about what Cobra is planning.

21st January 2022, Friday: Episode 85 (You’ve made your bed)

The plan that Emma had against Lindiwe does not work as she had anticipated. Meanwhile, the affair between Dimpho and Morapedi is likely to lead to distress.

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
Dimpho's friends forsake her at her worst moment in life. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

24th January 2022, Monday: Episode 86 (Retaliation)

Lindiwe fights back with a deadly plan, but an innocent person’s blood is shed.

25th January 2022, Tuesday: Episode 87 (No goodbye)

The Dikana household receives devastating news. Elsewhere, Dimpho now understands that only a few friends will remain by your side at your darkest moment in life.

26th January 2022, Wednesday: Episode 88 (Me first)

Dimpho’s past actions come back to haunt her. Zolani decides to hunt down individuals who almost ruined his life completely.

27th January 2022, Thursday: Episode 89 (The orchestrator)

Lindiwe’s foe has a plan that will solve their endless fights. Meanwhile, Dimpho is all by herself with no one to comfort her at her lowest moment.

28th January 2022, Friday: Episode 90 (Paperweight ninja)

Lindiwe discovers that her enemy is braver than she had thought. Dimpho is taught a valuable lesson.

31st January 2022, Monday: Episode 91 (A galloping death)

Dimpho faces worse consequences for what she did. Elsewhere, Lindiwe manages to regain Zolani and Emma’s trust just in time for a deadly accident. Is this her perfect plan?

The River 3 on Mzansi Magic Teasers
Tumi is shocked by what she witnesses in The River 3 January episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to The River 3 on Mzansi Magic cast?

The Dikanas, the Dlaminis, and the Mokoenas are faced with tricky situations in upcoming January episodes of The River season 3 rebroadcast. Will they let setbacks break them? Here is a recap of how individual characters react to the prevailing situation.


The Mokoenas are worried when she falls deeply for her secret lover. The family also struggles to adjust to her newfound independence. However, it seems her relationship with Morapedi is doomed. She finds herself on the darkest path and faces the most terrible consequences with no friends by her side. How will she redeem herself?


She lets Zolani see her side that she has never revealed as she gives him a tricky ultimatum. She later tries to turn Zolani against Lindiwe and ensure that she is completely involved in the Dlamini-Dikana empire to get the life she deserves.


She is determined to end Emma and Zolani’s relationship as she goes to the extreme ends to exert her power. Her feud with Emma almost turns deadly, but she manages to regain her and Zolani’s trust. Just when she has them to her side, a fatal accident occurs. Coincidence?

The River Season 3 rebroadcast never gets boring, and January episodes will bring more life to your home, as seen from the above The River 3 on Mzansi Magic teasers. The local show airs from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m.

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