Getting a permanent bracelet? Here is everything you need to know

Getting a permanent bracelet? Here is everything you need to know

The fashion world is always an evolving one. Interestingly, the internet, social media, and fashion influencers have made it easy for new and emerging fashion trends to spread swiftly. Nowadays, when people notice a new trend when a few influencers advertise them, they develop the urge to try them out. For example, if you are an ardent user of the internet and social media, you must have noticed that the permanent bracelet now trends.

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permanent bracelet
Getting permanent jewellery does not take time, and it is easy to remove. Photo: @hannahkjewelry
Source: Instagram

Bracelets are beautiful ornaments worn on the wrist. They are made with various materials, such as gold, silver, bronze, and a combination of other metals. Other fine materials are in the category of precious stones. Several questions run through the mind when permanent jewellery is mentioned.

What is a permanent bracelet?

It is a permanently worn bracelet on the wrist or ankle because it does not come with a clasp meant to open and close an ornament. However, once fused on the wrist, this jewellery never gets lost like ordinary ones with clasps and hooks.

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Besides, a permanent bracelet welded is custom-fit to your wrist or ankle, and, at the same time, they give it some extra sparkle and casual luxury. They are not made with materials that could quickly fade or get rusty as time progresses.

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What is the point of a permanent bracelet?

Anybody may want to get a piece of permanent jewellery for so many different but obvious reasons. Some may wish to wear their jewellery permanently to prevent them from getting lost or misplaced. Others may want to remember events like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Another important reason is when two people or more wish to keep a friendship or relationship. In this scenario, a permanent friendship bracelet comes to play. This is common among love birds.

permanent bracelet
Depending on individual choices, forever jewellery can be worn on the wrist or ankle. Photo: @ClumzyGamer
Source: Twitter

More so, it is noteworthy that many people also get the bracelet to symbolise self-love. For instance, in poetry, there is a unique symbolism to the idea of permanence, and this romanticism attracts many to the permanent bracelet. So, those who want to remember things they hold in high esteem find this kind of jewellery worth having.

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Where to get a permanent bracelet?

Getting forever jewellery is not a problem as almost every jeweller can make or sell one. Aside from jewellers, many other vendors, like Anchor Collective, Eterna Bracelet, Alinx Jewelry, and Lingg Jewelry, sell already made permanent bracelets.

Although not all jewellery designers can boast of zapping forever bracelets, studios that offer permanent bracelets in South Africa include FVR Bracelets, Tora Grace, and Silvery Jewellery, among others. You can check out some of their products on their website or visit their studio to book an appointment on how to get yours done.

How much is it to get a permanent bracelet?

Forever jewellery is often costlier due to the usage of solid gold. In addition, gold is often used to avoid the wrist being caught up in a metal detector or to avoid the need of removing it for things such as an MRI scan and other procedures that do not permit the presence of metals.

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Different types of this jewellery have different prices according to the gold used and the bracelet design. For instance, one of the leading jewellers at Catbird's studio sells theirs starting from $98 and may go up to $334 at Catbird's studio. Nevertheless, you may get one at the price of $90 or less at some other studios.

permanent bracelet
People wear forever jewellery to keep a friendship or other valued memories. Photo: @redsealcraftstudio
Source: Instagram

Can a permanent bracelet be removed?

Yes, it can, and in the real sense, permanent here means you cannot remove them without being deliberate about it. Getting zapped bracelets off your wrist is as easy as zapping them onto your wrist.

It does not take more than 15 minutes to get forever jewellery off your wrist. Just as your wrist is not hurt during fusing, removing it does not hurt as well. Therefore, there is no need to be scared or panic about the permanency of these beautiful bracelets.

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You can view a permanent bracelet as the new normal in fashion and accessories. Even though there could be more meaning to why people wear them, they cannot be dismissed as an excellent complement to elegant style and beautiful wrist.

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