Traffic cop salary per month in 2024: How much do they earn?

Traffic cop salary per month in 2024: How much do they earn?

Becoming a traffic cop is more than just wanting to help keep commuters safe. Knowing the estimated salary associated with the profession and the requirements will help you make an informed decision. How much do traffic cops earn? Here, we detail what to know about the average traffic cop's salary in South Africa.

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Traffic officers earn close to the average income in South Africa. Photo: Stephen Barnes
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A traffic officer’s salary is not far off the average income in South Africa. For reference, BusinessTech reported in June 2023 that the average income in South Africa is R25,304 a month, down 2.7% from the previous quarter. The value will depend on the area and level of experience.

So, how much money does a traffic officer make monthly in South Africa? Here, we discuss the average traffic cop salary in South Africa per month, the average income for an entry-level traffic officer, and the criteria you must pass to qualify to study to become a traffic officer.

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What are the benefits of being a traffic officer in South Africa?

Besides the allure of a chief traffic officer’s salary, the profession has some benefits. This career can provide stability through a steady income, extra benefits like bonuses when relevant, and retirement payouts.

How much does a traffic officer earn?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average traffic cop's monthly salary in the USA can be anywhere from $4,520 to $4,908, depending on the area. This value is subject to change and is not a reflection of what the income may be in other countries.

How much do traffic earn?
Besides the allure of the salary, the profession has benefits like bonuses and retirement packages. Photo: avid_creative
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How much do traffic officials make in South Africa?

A traffic cop's salary per month in South Africa can vary depending on the area and experience. South African job site Indeed states the average value may be around R234,887 annually (especially in the Cape Town area) and around R19,573 monthly.

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A senior-level traffic officer (considered anyone with over eight years of experience) may earn an average salary of R404,008 annually, which is R33,667 monthly.

How much does a traffic cop earn in Johannesburg?

Salary Expert reports that the average income for a traffic officer in Johannesburg is R564,385 annually. This makes the average Gauteng traffic police salary per month R47,032. This is 29% more than the average police officer traffic salary in the country.

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A senior-level traffic officer may earn as much as R33,667 monthly. Photo: kali9
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How much does a traffic trainee earn in South Africa?

According to Salary Expert, an entry-level traffic officer may earn an average of R242,539 annually, depending on the area. An entry-level traffic cop would be anyone with one to three years of experience.

It is helpful to note that this amount slightly varies from sources like Indeed, as various sources vary the value. This is likely dependent on the location and market at the time.

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How long is traffic cop training?
An entry-level traffic officer may earn an average of R242,539 annually, depending on the area. Photo: kali9
Source: Getty Images

Traffic officer requirements

If you wish to pursue this career, there are specific criteria that you need to meet. The standard traffic cop requirements in South Africa are as follows:

  • Hold South African citizenship.
  • Have a grade 12 qualification (or its equivalent NQF level 4.)
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Provide a medical certificate that shows you are capable of strenuous activities.
  • At most 35 years.
  • Own a Code B driving license (manual transmission.)
  • Be employed or appointed as a trainee by a provincial government, municipality, or government agency on a permanent or contractual basis.

Once you have decided this is your profession, you should apply to become a trainee as soon as possible. Filling in the traffic cop application forms sooner rather than later will ensure your spot.

The average traffic cop salary per month can be estimated based on averages, but the value can drastically vary. Aspects like the current job market and location play a vital role in income, and areas like Johannesburg are known to pay more than other cities in the country.

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