Paramedic salary in South Africa: How much do they earn?

Paramedic salary in South Africa: How much do they earn?

Becoming a paramedic is a sought-after profession, with a significant income and a noble occupation. The academic requirements are strict, but the income and personal fulfilment make the job worthwhile. What is the average paramedic salary in South Africa, and what are the academic requirements?

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The average paramedic's salary is higher than the minimum wage. Photo: Halfpoint Images and Granger Wootz (modified by author)
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According to ScienceDirect's website, there is a shortage of ALS paramedics in South Africa, especially compared to the global ratio. This figure may be exacerbated by migration. This figure means there is a gap in the market within the country regarding the profession.

Becoming a paramedic is a noble profession, giving those who take up the profession the chance to save lives daily. The gap in the market also leads to an increased chance of you being hired. How much is the average paramedic's salary?

How much do paramedics earn in South Africa?

Online reports on the average paramedic salary vary. Indeed reports that R40,560 monthly, with different offerings depending on the company. The same website reports that NHS Professionals offers R52,164 monthly, with the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust offering R44,871.

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However, other reports vary drastically. Arcadia Finance reports the average salary for a BAA paramedic nationally as R8,000 monthly. Payscale manually reports the income as R188,246, and Salarypedia reports an annual salary of R190,879.

Paramedic salary in different provinces

The area where you live impacts your salary, as specific provinces pay more than others—indeed, the average paramedic salary in Gauteng is R42,373 monthly. The same source reports the average paramedic salary in the Western Cape (specifically Cape Town) as R43,499 monthly.

Indeed also reports that in KwaZulu-Natal, the average salary is R29,506 monthly. This value is significantly less than Gauteng and the Western Cape, which offer the highest salaries nationally.

Which paramedic gets paid the most?

Knowing the average income in each province, what type of paramedic makes the most money? Paramedics in the industry are offered higher salaries due to experience.

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The company you work for also determines your salary, while those working in the private sector get more income than those in the public sector, such as a paramedic working for the government.

How much are Paramedics paid in South Africa?
The average paramedic salary is reported differently, but is estimated between R40,560 and R52,164. Photo: Jupiterimages (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

How much do government paramedics earn?

The standard paramedic salary per month is estimated to be anything over R40,000 monthly. Although the standard government paramedic salary has not been outlined, Salarypedia reports that entry-level paramedics with less than one year's experience earn an average of R121,356.

How much do ER24 paramedics earn?

Payscale reports the standard ER24 paramedic salary per month, averaging anywhere from R35,265 to R401,991 annually. The same source reports that the standard job title of paramedic reportedly earns an annual average of R99,525.

How much do Netcare paramedics earn in South Africa?

Payscale reports that the average Netcare paramedic salary ranges from R109,183 to R534,931 annually. The same source reports the standard average is R186,000 as of 2024.

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What are the requirements to become a paramedic?

Paramedics requirements in South Africa vary depending on job title. You can obtain a one-year course to become an emergency assistant or a two-year diploma in Emergency Medical Care to be equipped to assist individuals in need directly.

Various accredited tertiary institutions offer the qualification, and graduates must register as paramedics with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. You may need a Bachelor of Health Sciences (NQF8) to obtain the necessary skills to give advanced life support.

How much do ER24 Paramedics earn?
The standard ER24 paramedic monthly salary averages anywhere from R35,265 to R401,991 annually. Photo: Rawlstock (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

Subjects required

According to Arrive Alive, there are three instances where various requirements are expected to be met. All applicants with a Senior Certificate (before 2009) need to have a minimum of an E symbol on the Higher Grade or D symbol on the Standard Grade for the relevant subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Biology or Physical Science

Those with a National Senior Certificate are required to have a rating of a minimum of Rate Code 3 (40% to 49%) for the relevant subjects:

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  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences or Physical Sciences

Those with a National Certificate (Vocational) are required to have a minimum pass of 60% for the relevant subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences or Physical Sciences

How many years does it take to study paramedics?

The years needed to study the profession depend on the job title you wish to obtain. The length of study may be one year, two years or four years, depending on the experience level. You can either provide essential life support, intermediate life support, advanced life support or become an emergency care technician, each varying in study length.

The average paramedic salary in South Africa may be reported differently on multiple sources, but it is evident through each reported value that the income is significant. The higher income and the mentally rewarding aspect of becoming a paramedic make the job incredibly enticing and worthwhile.

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