How much do psychologists earn in south africa 2022? | Highest paid psychologists

How much do psychologists earn in south africa 2022? | Highest paid psychologists

Psychology is fast becoming one of the most crucial professions. Society needs psychologists as they help humans interpret the environment, human behaviour, and brain function. Some of the renowned and common psychologists in South Africa are forensic, health, educational, personality and cognitive psychologists. So, how much do psychologists earn in South Africa?

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How much psychologists earn in south africa
To become a psychologist, you will need an undergraduate degree in psychology or a related specialty. Photo: Fiordaliso
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The salary of psychologists depends on the level of education, speciality, experience and skills they have. Location is also a major factor in the money they earn. For example, clinicians working in big cities earn much more than those working in small towns.

How much do psychologists make in South Africa per month?

A psychologist's salary per month in South Africa could be as much as R300,000 or as little as R10,000, depending on which field they are in. Here is a list of the highest-paid psychologists in SA.

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1. Psychiatrists - R1,616,999

Is psychology in demand in South Africa? To be a good psychiatrist, you need to have the ability to diagnose and offer treatment to patients with mental illness and mental health issues and also aid them in their personal growth. They make R1,616,999 yearly.

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2. Mental Health Technicians – R40,000 per month

Mental health technicians take care of a patient's routine and calendar with the psychiatrist. In addition, they focus on the patient's hygiene, medication intake, meal plan and other matters that affect their well-being.

3. Industrial Organizational Psychologists -R 312,550 gross per year

These are professionals who work in the corporate space to help improve performance at the workplace. They use their expertise to gauge employee relations with how services are offered. In addition, they study human behaviour and how the employees' mental state affects the workflow. They make an average of R312,550 gross per year.

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4. Forensic Psychologists - R536,120

Is psychology in demand in South Africa?
A forensic psychologist is among the highest-paid psychologists in South Africa. Photo: Klaus Vedfelt
Source: Getty Images

This is one of the most interesting fields in psychology. You need to pay attention to detail and should be open to the idea of coming into contact with graphic material or individuals with extreme radical behaviours while at work.

They mostly work with law enforcement agencies to study and analyze criminal behaviour. They make about R536,120 annually.

5. Engineering Psychologist – R751,457

Which psychology field pays the most in South Africa? Engineering Psychologists take home some of the highest salaries among psychologists. The professions focus on enhancing technology, machinery and the workplace. Those with over 8 years of experience make R751,457.

6. Military Psychologists – R585,218

They work with military personnel and help create mental wellness in military spaces. This is a demanding job and can take a lot from someone, especially since men and women in the military have multiple traumas, are under pressure and can come carrying severe stress. According to Salary Expert, they earn an average of R585,218.

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7. Neuropsychologist – R796,000

What is a psychologist's salary in SA? If you get into fields like neuropsychology, you are assured of earning a salary of more than R796,000, according to Salary Expert. These professionals are essential as they are involved in cognitive diagnostic testing, medical brain scans, brain injury, and the nervous system. You will find most of these professionals in institutions of higher learning, as their biggest employer is university psychology departments and research centres.

8. Therapists– R7,500

Therapist salary
Therapists are known for bringing mental balance to their patients. Photo: Dasha Petrenko
Source: Getty Images

Most therapists work with functional individuals but need sessions to help them deal with a few issues. Therapists will help you get back to yourself and enjoy your life normally.

Most therapists enjoy running their practices as it gives them independence and control. You can, however, find therapists in schools and hospitals. Therapists make an average of R7,500 a month.

9. Clinical Psychologists – R105,000

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Clinical Psychologists focus on the diagnosis, treatment, evaluation and retention of mental health disorders. They can either work in group settings or with individuals. How much do clinical psychologists earn in South Africa? They earn an average of R 105,000 and could make more depending on where they are employed. In addition, they can be found in schools, hospitals, homes, care centres, and private practice.

10. Counselling Psychologists – R 13,000

Counselling psychologists will help you navigate life's challenges and get you to deal with your problems. Counselling psychology is a demanding field.

Psychologists in South Africa make a lucrative career out of what they study. However, to be the best psychologist, you need to enrol for further degrees, be open about adding your skills and be ambitious.

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