Top 20 most useless degrees in the world: what are they good for?

Top 20 most useless degrees in the world: what are they good for?

It is not enough to gain admission into a higher institution; the relevance of the course you want to study is important. Do not be surprised that some professions only require talent, passion, and hard work to succeed in it. Nevertheless, many people study a particular course to satisfy their curiosity. Hence, some courses are considered the most useless degrees because they have little or no benefit.

What are the lowest paying degrees?
Some professions only require talent, passion, and hard work to succeed in it and not a college degree. Photo:, @mdesign85
Source: UGC

School graduates are under more pressure than ever to select the best subjects as the graduate market becomes incredibly saturated. After all, nobody wants to graduate without a potential return on their investment when they have a lifetime's worth of debt to pay off. Many alternatives are available, and the choice can be overwhelming, which is why adequate counsel must be sought before studying a course.

What are the least valuable degrees?

Courses in higher institutions ought to be balkanised into specified sectors that can impact life in the real world. But then, some of them are worst because they give less value to the bearers in the ever-competitive labour market. This list identifies some of the useless degrees a candidate can go for.

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1. Music

Everyone may agree that the majority of well-known musicians have no musical training. Because of this, many musicians credit their success to perseverance and practice rather than an expensive Music degree. Music degrees could be considered worthless college degrees, and there can be an exception to this rule concerning classical music.

2. Culinary Arts

What is the easiest degree to get? Culinary Arts could be one of the easiest degrees to get. According to statistics, graduates in culinary programs earn an average of 11% more than non-college graduates. Still, culinary school is no longer a requirement because firms now hire talented individuals without a formal degree.

3. Anthropology and Archeology

A degree in Anthropology and Archeology may sound interesting for those who enjoy history, travel, and the outdoors, but there are few jobs available for those with this degree. The bulk of degrees is unlikely to qualify one as a college graduate, yet a prominent PhD from Harvard or Yale may place a holder at an excavation site.

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What is the easiest degree that pays well?
Every graduate desires a potential return on their investment when they have a lifetime's worth of debt to pay off. Photo:, @honeyyanibel
Source: UGC

4. Advertising

Students majoring in Advertising attend lessons on marketing and selling goods using media channels, including social media, television, and message boards. After graduation, work possibilities are few, and only a handful of them can get to work for advertising firms. So, it is not an overstatement to call it one of the worst degrees to get.

5. Art History

People who study Art History adore visual aesthetics. They could feel inspired to pursue a degree in the area. They typically study notable artists and take studies in art composition and history from various eras as preparation. However, not many positions are available, and most art-specific employers need a long résumé with lots of experience.

6. Criminal Justice

Detective and special agent occupations look appealing and enjoyable, thanks to actors. However, such employment is few, risky, and dangerous in practice. After graduation, many Criminal Justice majors will put in the effort, looking for a scarce desk job for which they are competent. They could eventually enrol in different courses to pursue careers as attorneys or police officers.

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7. Travel and Tourism

What are the happiest degrees? Travel and tourism could be one of them, but the outcome of this pointless degree is not all that tempting, despite the gloss and sparkle of travel and retreat. Students studying Travel and Tourism learn about the greatest travel destinations, strategies, and ways to enhance the tourist experience. After they leave school, they have few work prospects.

8. Theatre Arts

The fact that many famous performers lack a degree in the subject is also well known. A student can pursue performing and creating theatrical productions by earning a degree in Theatre Arts. But then, cautiously consider taking a degree in this subject if you do not want it to be one of those useless college degrees.

9. Studio and Fine Arts

A Studio and Fine Arts degree encompass various disciplines, including graphic design, photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture. But then, the course is more about skill and originality than what can be learned. Importantly, individuals with exceptional potential might be able to launch their careers without devoting time and resources to college.

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most ridiculous degrees
Some of them are worst because they give less value to the bearers in the ever-competitive labour market. Photo:, @element5digital
Source: UGC

10. Biology

An essential topic that frequently serves as a requirement for many other degrees is Biology. That is not to argue that a Biology degree is not useful; rather, it should only be viewed as a stepping stone to more advanced coursework to pursue a rewarding job. Graduates with majors in more specific fields like Computational Biology, Biochemistry, or Biotechnology are frequently preferred by employers.

11. Communications

Since it may be used in nearly any kind of media, including the visual arts and radio, a degree in Communications is rather nebulous. But at the same time, it is not narrow enough to provide you with specific abilities. Being an excellent communicator does not necessarily require four expensive college years; thus, studying time may be better utilised.

12. Ethnic Studies

According to experts, a single degree focusing on races and civilisations may not lead to a rewarding job. Enrolling in a degree program in Ethnic Studies may seem wise, especially considering businesses that need to be more culturally aware. To increase your chances of finding employment, preferably follow the advice of career counsellors and double major in a different subject.

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13. Journalism

As the print newspaper industry is fading, it might not be easy to pursue a career in journalism because there are significantly more graduates than open opportunities. Writing well does not come from four years of university-level journalistic coursework. Nevertheless, developing writing skills, acquiring a degree in a certain field, and reporting on that expertise can do magic.

14. Philosophy

Due to the dearth of employment opportunities after graduation, choosing philosophy as a single major is not the best choice. This is because finding a permanent career and source of income in philosophy will be challenging. The writings of Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Aristotle, and other notable philosophers may be discussed for hours, making philosophy a fascinating subject.

worst degrees to get
Researching a degree course before choosing to study it helps a student to prepare for likely things to expect in the labour market. Photo:, @tonny_tran
Source: UGC

16. Computer Science

The world is always changing, so even while Computer Science is a fantastic subject to study, a degree in the field does not ensure a specialisation in any one area of information technology. Employers favour candidates who possess the precise technology abilities they want. Again, due to the field's constant evolution, the knowledge imparted by institutions of higher learning becomes outdated almost when it is released.

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17. Entrepreneurship

Those who hope to open their firm one day may think getting a degree in entrepreneurship is terrific. However, it continues to be one of the pointless degrees since no matter how much knowledge a student receives; their education will be of little use without actual work experience in the field. At least, the students may not have the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain employment, making them less employable than someone with a business degree.

18. Fashion and Design

A Fashion Design student can have lofty goals of starting a clothing line, working as a designer for a large corporation, or becoming a fashion marketer. The finest choice a person with a degree in Fashion and Design can make is this one. Nonetheless, few businesses think that students with degrees in Fashion Design are qualified for jobs in other fields, which leaves many graduates searching in vain.

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19. Languages

Learning a language is an excellent way to familiarise oneself with various cultures and prepare for international travel. This choice has its advantages, but pursuing a degree in linguistics is pointless. Suppose anybody wants to succeed in the language industry; they must pick a relevant language and consider switching to a second major to increase their employability after graduation.

useless major
Among other things, students must consider the opportunities attached to the course they want to study before settling for it in college. Photo:, @shridhar
Source: UGC

20. Film/Video and Photographic Arts

Like several other arts, these careers can be started without a degree and are mostly skill-based. Skilled photographers, for instance, succeed in it with or without a degree. If they take one or two classes where they learn anything that helps them grow better at what they do, majoring in this course becomes useless.

It can be challenging for some people to figure out what they want to study in a higher institution after leaving high school. Unfortunately, not knowing how these courses apply has led many to study some vague courses and eventually end up with the most useless degrees. Candidates must research and find out the relevance of the study fields.

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