10 best jobs in Canada for South African citizens with amazing pay

10 best jobs in Canada for South African citizens with amazing pay

Our country's economy is struggling now more than ever, and you may be considering moving abroad for greener pastures. If that is the case, one of the places you should look at moving to is Canada, a land of milk and honey. Curious to learn more? Here are the ten best jobs in Canada for South African citizens that are considered high-paying.

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jobs in the UK for South African citizens
The North American country is considered the land of milk and honey. Photo: Bruce Yuanyue Bi
Source: Getty Images

Once you have decided you want to move abroad, you may not know where to start and whether there are many job opportunities there. You will be pleased to know that there are plenty of jobs in Canada for foreigners, including South Africans.

However, your area of expertise needs to fall into one of the occupations considered to be short-skilled or of general high demand. What are those occupations, and do you meet the requirements? Before we go into the details, we answer some questions you may have surrounding the process.

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Which job is easiest to get in Canada?

As you can assume, the most accessible jobs to get here and anywhere else are career fields always in high demand, like IT/web development, engineering, opticians, and registered nurses. However, a quick online search will detail many more options to take advantage of when wanting to immigrate.

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Where are the most South Africans in Canada?

When you are relocating to Canada from South Africa, you likely want to move to a place that still has a touch of home. The places with the most locals within the area include the cities of Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

South African recruitment agencies for Canada

Jobs for South African overseas may be challenging to find if you do not know where to start looking. It would be best if you started with recruitment companies with the knowledge, experience, and connections to find the best opportunities for you. You can contact TRASA, Orange Recruiting, Initiate International, and Robert Walters Recruitment for assistance.

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Top-paying jobs for South Africans in Canada

Once you are convinced that immigrating is your best bet, here are 10 of the best occupations within the scenic North American country that are considered decent paying and in high demand, in no particular order:

10. Driver

jobs in New Zealand for South African citizens
Various companies always need drivers. Photo: Doug Berry
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $54 632 per year

Although a seemingly simple task, many companies require drivers, which are not just limited to the courier and freight industry. Many organisations also have turned to e-commerce methods or offer a delivery service; therefore, they are always looking for drivers.

9. Electrician

jobs opportunities in the USA for South African citizens
Electricians are highly sought after in many countries. Photo: Wera Rodsawang
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $60 700 per year

It may come as no surprise, but electricians are usually sought-after in all corners of the world thanks to the need for constant electrical maintenance and upkeep. Although it is not a profession with a significant salary, you can usually expect an opening to take advantage of.

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8. Welder

jobs in Ireland for South African citizens
Welders are necessary for structural maintenance. Photo: Klaus Vedfelt
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $45 000 per year

Much like electricians, welders are always required for all companies within all parts of the working environment. Everything needs to be maintained regularly, especially buildings and structures, for safety purposes.

7. Key Account Manager

Canadian jobs for South Africa
Key Account Managers are integral in managing relationships between companies and their partners. Photo: ArLawKa AungTun
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $120 000 per year

Maintaining relationships between organisations and companies that partner with the organisation at hand is considered a critical profession. Therefore, there are usually openings within this career field and higher income.

6. Nurse

get paid to travel jobs in South Africa
The medical industry is always in need of nurses. Photo: Maskot
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $78 546 per year

Regardless of where you are located worldwide, there is always a high need for Nurses since millions of individuals require medical assistance regularly. Due to this need for consistent medical assistance, professionals in this field are guaranteed an open position with a decent salary.

5. Customer Service Representative

how to get a job in Canada from South Africa
Customer Service Representatives must possess charisma and impeccable people skills. Photo: Marko Geber
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $44 400 per year

Customer Service Representatives are not just individuals who try to sell a good or service with a smile. This profession requires people with high charisma and outstanding people skills, not qualities everyone possesses. Therefore, organisations are always looking for new reps to hire.

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4. Marketing Manager

jobs opportunities in Canada for South African citizens
These individuals are responsible for a company’s brand voice. Photo: Nitat Termmee
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $66 289 per year

This profession is considered a precious one regardless of the country you choose to move to. As those who promote a company or organisation's brand, you are responsible for how well the entity performs. Therefore, it comes with a generous income to compensate for the extra weight on your shoulders.

3. Web Developer

How can a South African get a job in Canada?
Web Development offers significant pay. Photo: Luis Alvarez
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $72 425 per year

According to the Canada Job Bank, there is a projected staggering number of around 64 200 new working opportunities within this field to open up by the year 2028, ensuring you will find a spot within the field sooner rather than later.

2. Cloud Architect

How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada from South Africa?
The pandemic brought about a need for more Cloud Architects. Photo: Westend61
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $115 337 per year

After COVID-19 paralysed the economy and working force on a global scale, a need to adapt to the new normal saw a rise in the demand for Cloud Architects to help create a more hybrid working environment for companies.

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1. Human Resource Manager

Does Canada hire South Africans?
Human Resource Managers are an integral part of keeping employees happy. Photo: Kamon Supasawat
Source: Getty Images

Annual estimated salary: $77 046 per year

A Human Resource Manager is considered the backbone of a company for a good reason. These individuals keep the employees happy by mediating during conflict and creating a pleasant working environment. Therefore, this career field is always looking for talent to fill the spot.

Any of these ten best jobs in Canada for South African citizens can secure a spot within the country and help you improve your quality of life in a country with more working opportunities and a decent standard of living.

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