Top 10 highest-paid WWE wrestlers and their net worths (2024)

Top 10 highest-paid WWE wrestlers and their net worths (2024)

Wrestlers are arguably one of Hollywood's biggest sports stars and entertainers, with some of the most popular characters making millions of dollars annually. A larger-than-life persona paired with catchy phrases and intriguing character arcs makes a wrestler iconic, with many going on to star in major movies or have large endorsements. Here are the 10 highest-paid WWE wrestlers and how much they are worth.

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Majority owner Vince McMahon is a billionaire. Photo: Taylor Hill
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The highest-paid wrestlers are not necessarily the ones who have been around the longest since some more recent figures have made it to the list. The biggest star's in the league have a definitive persona that is a crowd favourite, being either a 'villain' or 'hero' in a sense.

On top of that, they are either scandalous or incredibly well-built. Stars like John Cena and The Undertaker are prime examples of 'good guy, bad guy' character arcs. Based on those traits, who is the most-paid WWE wrestler ever? And who is currently on top of the earnings list?

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How much do WWE wrestlers make?

According to most online reports, the average WWE wrestler's salary is estimated to be $250,000 annually. But, this value can drastically increase depending on the individual's popularity or 'skill'.

Who is the highest-paid wrestler of all time?

It may be no surprise that Vince McMahon wins the top spot since the American media proprietor is the majority owner and executive chairman of WWE and has wrestled in the league various times. He is currently a billionaire, with an exact net worth of $3 billion.

Who are the top 10 richest WWE wrestlers?

These are the top-paid WWE wrestlers, listed by their yearly income from the franchise:

10. Drew McIntyre's net worth: $1.5 million

Who is the top 10 richest wrestler?
Scotsman Drew McIntyre joined in 2007. Photo: Marc Pfitzenreuter
Source: Getty Images

Andrew McLean Galloway IV, also known by his professional name Drew McIntyre, is a Scottish sportsman that joined the league in 2007. He officially made his debut on the 12 October 2007 episode of SmackDown! and has been a crowd favourite ever since. He has an annual salary of $550,000 to $1 million (most widely reported) and a net worth of $1.5 million.

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9. Bobby Lashley's net worth: $4 million

WWE wrestlers' salary per month in Rupees
Bobby Lashley engaged with the crowd in 2018 in Paris, France. Photo: Sylvain Lefevre
Source: Getty Images

Franklin Roberto Lashley doubles as a mixed martial artist and bodybuilder, apart from his appearance in the league. The Kansas, USA native joined and debuted in WWE in 2005 during the SmackDown! segment, with an epic career ever since. Lashley reportedly has a net worth of $4 million and an annual salary of $1 million.

8. Braun Strowman's net worth: $2 million

Who is the most-paid wrestler in WWE in 2022?
Braun Strowman has appeared on various talk shows since his fame. Photo: Andrew Lipovsky
Source: Getty Images

Braun Strowman, real name Adam Scherr, is a former strongman who since changed his career trajectory into the world-renowned league and has not looked back since. Hailing from North Carolina, he joined in 2013 and returned in 2022 after a short hiatus after departing in June 2021. Sources pen Strowman's net worth at $2 million with an annual salary of $1.2 million.

7. Dolph Ziggler's net worth: $3 million

Who is the highest-paid wrestler in WWE in 2022?
Dolph Ziggler is a known showman. Photo: Marc Pfitzenreuter
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Ohio-born Nicholas Theodore Nemeth is best known by his professional name Dolph Ziggler and has been dominating the league since his debut in 2006 as a member of the 'Spirit Squad' team. He branched into an individual brand in 2008 and has not looked back. Ziggler's most widely reported annual salary is $1.5 million to $3 million and he has a net worth of $3 million.

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6. The Undertaker's net worth: $17 million

highest-paid wrestler
The Undertaker has the most recognisable looks in the league. Photo: Bob Levey
Source: Getty Images

The Undertaker is arguably the most recognisable character in the entire franchise. Well-known for his 'bad guy' image, The Undertaker, real name Mark William Calaway, is known for his dramatic entrance, black leather coat, wide-brim hat and heavy eyeliner; and has been a common fixture since he first debuted in 1990. With a net worth of $17 million, the Undertaker allegedly rakes in an annual salary of $2.5 million.

5. Seth Rollins net worth: $9 million

WWE salaries per month
Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins spoke onstage during the 2019 Global Citizen Festival: Power The Movement in Central Park. Photo: Theo Wargo
Source: Getty Images

Iowa-born Colby Daniel Lopez, aka Seth Rollins, is a more recent addition to the league than some other heavyweights. Still, he has made a major impact since joining. After debuting in 2010, he gathered a massive fanbase and can currently be found on the Raw franchise brand. Rollins has a net worth of $9 million as per sources, with an annual salary of $3 million.

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4. Randy Orton's net worth: $11 million

WWE highest-paid
Randy Orton posed for the cameras during the World Wrestling Entertainment Super Showdown event in the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah in 2019. Photo: Amer Hilabi
Source: Getty Images

Randal Keith Orton, best known by his professional moniker Randy Orton, is one of the fan favourites and cracks the top four list. The Tennessee-born wrestler and actor joined in 2002 and has steadily gathered a significant following. Most widely reported Orton has a net worth of $11 million with an annual salary of $4.5 million.

3. Roman Reigns net worth: $12 million

The Rock’s WWE salary
Roman Reigns is the current ‘Undisputed WWE Universal Champion’. Photo: Jason Mendez
Source: Getty Images

Roman Reigns is arguably the biggest name in the league right now, being the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. After joining in 2010, the Flordia-born Leati Joseph 'Joe' Anoa'i fast became the league's most well-loved and identifiable name. Sources state Reigns has a net worth of $12 million and earns an annual salary of $5 million.

2. John Cena's net worth: $60 million

Top 10 highest-paid WWE wrestlers of all time
John Cena is one of the biggest names in the league’s history. Photo: Scott Ehler
Source: Getty Images

John Cena’s WWE salary puts him second on the list, and it may come as no surprise for those familiar with the brand, considering his immense popularity and lengthy time in the league. He kept his professional name mainly aligned with his real name, John Felix Anthony Cena, Jr., and he joined in 2002. With an estimated net worth of $60 million, John Cena allegedly earns an annual salary of $8.5 million to 12 million.

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1. Brock Lesnar's net worth: $25 million

The Rock’s WWE salary
Brock Lesnar earns the most out of any individual in the league. Photo: Ethan Miller
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So, who is currently the highest-paid wrestler in WWE? Brock Lesnar's salary earns him the top spot, alongside his massive presence and huge fanbase that helped him reach the top spot. Brock Edward Lesnar also stuck to his real name, and the American-Canadian debuted in 2002. Sources pin Lesnar's net worth at $25 million with an annual salary of $12 million.

The highest-paid WWE wrestlers have a mix of undeniable presence, an intriguing persona and standout qualities that make them crowd favourites among the millions of fans that keep up with the league over the years.

Highest-paid WWE wrestlers and their net worths
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