Affordable day spas in Johannesburg: Top 10 list with photos

Affordable day spas in Johannesburg: Top 10 list with photos

Johannesburg, known to many as the city of gold, is the biggest city in South Africa. The city's status translates to the bustling activities that residents have to grapple with, making it a challenging place to live. Therefore, scheduling a pampering session is critical, so this list of affordable day spas in Johannesburg is the perfect guide.

What are the 6 types of spa?
Most of these facilities offer more than massages. Photo: @BartekSzewczyk
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Are you or is someone in your circle celebrating a special occasion, and you are looking for the perfect gift idea? How about booking a pampering session to recalibrate, rejuvenate and revive the body? This list of affordable spas in Johannesburg will go a long way in helping you settle for the best option depending on your location and preference.

Affordable day spas in Johannesburg, South Africa

How much is a full-body massage in Johannesburg? Depending on the facility you opt for, the charges range between R250 and R850. These facilities offer more than body massages; in the same breath, are you scouting for day spa packages in Johannesburg? If so, go through the options highlighted in this list.

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10. The Indigo Spa

Located in Kyalami, the Indigo Spa is one of the affordably top spas in Johannesburg. It offers a variety of treatments focused on restoring your inner and natural state of equilibrium. The facility lets you fully immerse yourself in a private and personal inner journey enveloped by serenity and peace.

What are the 4 types of spas?
The spa offers an invigorating experience geared towards your wellness and confidence. Photo: @The Indigo Spa (modified by author)
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9. Mid Isle Day Spa

Situated in Midrand, Gauteng, the Mid Isle day spa has a tropical island atmosphere, making it the perfect escape from life's realities. The facility's amenities guarantee to whisk you away from the city's noise into the tranquil paradise enveloped in pampering. The uniqueness in the quality of service makes it the most affordable spa in Johannesburg.

The Mid Isle Day Spa offers services ranging from massages, scrubs and moisturising body wraps.

Affordable day spas in Johannesburg
Mid Isle Day Spa is a tranquil paradise enveloped in pampering. Photo: @Busisiwe Huma and @Jerome Christopher (modified by author)
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8. Riverview spa

Are you scouting for an ambient and day spa in Johannesburg? Located 30 minutes from Johannesburg, the Riverview Spa is the epitome of comfort and class. It overlooks the Zwartkop Mountains in the Kromdraai Conservation area, metres away from the Crocodile River; hence, it guarantees a breathtaking view of nature and an ambient atmosphere. These features probably make the facility the best spa in Johannesburg.

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The Riverview spa offers an ambient location that guarantees to relax your mind. Photo: (modified by author)
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7. Pyramid Day Spa

Situated in Village Deep in Johannesburg, the Pyramid Day Spa offers a wide range of unique treatments focused on reviving your body, renewing your mind and renewing the vigour of your soul. Book a session to enjoy the facility's features, such as saunas, spa pools and spa treatment rooms, as well as services, such as tinting, waxing, facials, threading, eyelash application, manicure, pedicure and peels.

6. Skin Sense Day Spa – Rivonia

Nested along Cnr Wessel and 8th Ave, Rivonia, Sandton, Skin Sense Day Spa would best be described as a Bali-inspired pampering centre. It offers all manner of relaxation treatments ranging from facials to massages. Besides its affordability, the facility is an award-winning day spa in the heart of Rivonia.

Skin Sense Day Spa offers unique treatments, the Ka huna deep-tissue massage, which involves massage therapists using a forearm technique to ease muscle tension. The facility also has a hair salon graced by award-winning stylists ready to create your new 'do'.

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Affordable spas
Skin Sense Day Spa is a unique sanctuary of personal rejuvenation and relaxation. Photo: @Fiona Du Plessis and @Charmaine at Skin Sense Day Spa (modified by author)
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5. Mowana Spa

Located in the tranquil bushveld gardens of the Indaba Hotel in Sandton, the Mowana Spa best suits the description of one of the most affordable day spas in Sandton. The wellness sanctuary's services guarantee to revive your senses, soothe your soul and rejuvenate your body. The facility offers wellness journeys based on Tribal Massage in line with the healing spirit of the Tree of Life, and the services include pampering, beauty and relaxation.

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The facility also has fully-trained instructors to guide you through your fitness journey. Photo: @Mowana Spa (modified by author)
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4. Melville Wellness Centre and Day Spa

Melville Day Spa, also known as an oasis in the city, might not be a top luxury spa in Johannesburg. Nonetheless, it is a unique sanctuary of personal rejuvenation and relaxation. The facility is ideally situated on the foothills of the Melville Koppies Game Reserve and is beautifully fringed by the beauty of nature. Its lush gardens will make you forget you are in the city.

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Complemented by friendly staff using the purest ingredients, the facility aims to give every guest a unique pampering experience. Choose from the spa's packages or have the team tailor-make an unforgettable experience for you.

3. Woodlands Spa

Situated along the banks of the Crocodile River, Woodlands Spa offers bespoke treatment focused on transporting you into a state of deep relaxation. The facility provides a holistic approach to relaxation and wellness by blending the traditional spa with healing journeys.

2. Revive Wellness Spa

Nested in the heart of Johannesburg's Northern suburbs is the entrance to the world IS Revive Wellness Spa. The facility offers serenity and tranquillity, and stepping through its doors signals your senses to relax. Led by a team of experienced therapists, take the chance to unwind, and reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

Affordable day spas in Johannesburg
Revive Wellness Spa offers tranquility and serenity. Photo: @revive_wellness_spa (modified by author)
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1. Aronia Day Spa

To crown this list is Aronia Day Spa, a multi-award-winning luxury but affordable spa in Johannesburg. The sanctuary believes in nature being a fundamental part of us. The exquisite oasis combines tranquillity and relaxation with a blend of traditions and modern luxury.

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Aronia Day Spa offers pampering services such as waxing, massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, laser hair removal, tanning, beauty treatments and body treatments. The facility is situated along 11th Avenue, Houghton, in Johannesburg.

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The beauty treatments offered by Aronia spa are a confidence booster. Photo: @Aronia Day Spa (modified by author)
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These affordable day spas in Johannesburg are the perfect locations to unwind, get pampered and heal your body. Most of them are in ambient and serene areas, guaranteeing to impact your relaxation experience significantly.

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