Louis Vuitton's most expensive bags: Top 10 list with prices

Louis Vuitton's most expensive bags: Top 10 list with prices

A Louis Vuitton handbag has become a status symbol of wealth worldwide. Celebrities, social media influencers and ordinary citizens want to own and be seen with the iconic "LV" monogram. This list comprises handbags created by the luxury fashion house that only the world's elite could afford.

Louis Vuitton's most expensive bag in 2023: Top 10 list with prices
French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton store seen in Hong Kong. Photo: Budrul Chukrut
Source: Getty Images

Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion house known for handbags and luggage. Bizarrely, the packaging boxes have also gained notoriety and can be bought separately online for $28 or more.

Top 10 most expensive Louis Vuitton bags

The luxury fashion house is one of the brands under the French conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey (LVMH). It operates in 50 countries and has over 5000 stores worldwide. They also have an online store and an app. Some of the bags on this list are not available to the general public

10. Keepall Light Up LED Monogram 50 - $26,000

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Designed by the late Virgil Abloh, the Light Up Keepall is a reinterpretation of the popular travel bag. It is reported the bag lights up in the dark, and owners can change the colours using the mobile app.

Top 10 most expensive Louis Vuitton bag in 2023
The Keepall Light Up 50 can be activated and controlled using a mobile app. Photo: louisvuitton.com
Source: UGC

9. Multicolour Monogram Mink Bum Bag - $29,000

The limited edition Multicolour Monogram Mink Bum Bag is from the 2006 Fall/Winer collection. It is made from soft mink, and the sling is trimmed with metallic silver python.

Top 10 most expensive Louis Vuitton bags in 2023
The Mink Bum Bag can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist. Photo: sothebys.com
Source: UGC

8. The Airplane Bag - $39,000

The brown bag is covered with the signature Louis Vuitton monogram pattern. According to reports, the price tag caused a stir on social media, with many claiming it costs as much as a single pilot plane.

Top 10 list of Louis Vuitton's most expensive bag in 2023
The Airplane Bag debuted at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall/ 2021-2022 show as part of Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Dominique Charriau
Source: Getty Images

7. The Tribute Patchwork bag - $45,000

When the Tribute Patchwork bag was released, there were only 24 available for sale worldwide. According to reports, it was handmade in France and comprised 14 Louis Vuitton handbag pieces.

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Louis Vuitton's most expensive bag in 2023
The Patchwork bag is made from actual pieces of old bags. Photo: 1stdibs.com
Source: UGC

6. Black and Silver Leather Boombox Bag - $45,000

Made to resemble a 1990s boombox, the bag was released in 2017 and is available from Sotheby's. Bluetooth compatibility allows buyers to stream their music.

Top 10 list of Louis Vuitton's most expensive bags in 2023
The Boombox Bag is Bluetooth-compatible. Photo: sothebys.com
Source: UGC

5. Crocodile Lady Bag PM - $45,000

This Nicholas Ghesquiere-designed tote was not mass-produced and is one the most exclusive Louis Vuitton creations ever released. The signature LV monogram has also been forgone.

Top 10 list of Louis Vuitton's most expensive bags in 2023
The Crocodile Lady Bag PM is one of the few bags from the luxury fashion house that does not have "LV" splashed all over. Photo: luxuo.com
Source: UGC

4. Crocodile Skin City Steamer - $55,500

According to the French fashion house, the City Steamer is ideal for the modern-day businesswoman. The leather handbag has a nametag and an engraved and faceted padlock. It is available in 18 different colours.

Louis Vuitton's most expensive bags in 2023
The Skin City Steamer can be used as a crossbody bag. Photo: louisvuitton.com
Source: UGC

3. Coquille d’Oeuf Minaudiere - $101,000

It took over 600 hours of craftmanship and 12,500 fragments of eggshell to create this elegant and timeless oval-shaped case.

2. The Pumpkin Minaudière by Yayoi Kusama - $133,340

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The Pumpkin Minaudière is a collaboration between Japanese designer Yayoi Kasuma and Louis Vuitton. The collection of handbags and ready-to-wear accessories was exclusively sold at Selfridges London.

Top 10 list of Louis Vuitton's most expensive bags in 2023
The Louis Vuitton Pumpkin Minaudière is sold exclusively at Selfridges London. Photo: luxuryes.com
Source: UGC

1. The Urban Satchel - $150,000

The statement piece was created to highlight the impact littering has had on the environment. Luxury leather was used to make the bag, and various items from the garbage were used for the exterior.

The most expensive Louis Vuitton bag in 2023
The Urban Satchel is made from literal garbage and crafted to resemble urban life. Photo: luxity.co.za
Source: UGC

Why is Louis Vuitton so expensive?

According to sources, Louis Vuitton products are handmade by expert artisans. Every stitch and paint job is done by hand and not machinery. Furthermore, the materials used are high-quality vachetta leather.

Exclusivity is another reason products from the French fashion house are expensive. The luxury merchandise can only be purchased from Louis Vuitton stores and on their website. Secondhand products usually have a high resell value.

What is the most expensive luxury bag in the world?

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The world's most expensive bag is worth $6,7 million and was designed by Debbie Wingham. A genuine emu egg was reinforced with enamel from blue diamond dust.

According to sources, 8,000 diamonds set in platinum and 24-carat gold and a pair of Cartier earrings worth $40,000 were supplied by a wealthy woman who wanted to give her "last season" jewels a new lease of life.

Louis Vuitton's top 10 most expensive bags show ingenuity and professional craftsmanship. These bags were not made to be owned by the masses, and some were only made on request.

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