The Insolent Heart Teasers for December 2021: Latest updates here!

The Insolent Heart Teasers for December 2021: Latest updates here!

Lovers of Indian romantic musical series have something interesting going on for them in The Insolent Heart Indian series. The series talks about two lovers who must rekindle the fire of an old romantic flame at the expense of friends and families. The Insolent Heart teasers for December 2021 provide you with the ongoing rediscovery of love between Abeer and Meher.

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The Insolent Heart Teasers
The Insolent Heart Starlife soapie. Photo: @glamsham
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Once an aspiring musician, Abeer is now a successful rockstar, and he begins to slowly redevelop a new and more genuine kind of love for his former lover, Meher. However, there are obstacles to overcome to achieve his desire. The Insolent Heart drama shows how the couple falls in love again after many years of separation.

The Insolent Heart teasers for December 2021

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As Abeer tells the story of his college escapades with Meher on his show, Meher is uncomfortable with it but can do nothing about it. Before the official broadcast, acquaint yourself with some of the events that are bound to take place in this intriguing series as you read these highlights.

Wednesday, 1st of December, 2021 - Episodes 11 and 12

Meher enters her workspace and sees a “Thank You” card on her table. Meanwhile, Nisar overhears Satish speaking ill of his talents in a conversation with Meher, who eventually discovers that the card on her table is courtesy of Rati. Meher also gets to know that Rati is developing some feelings for Nisar.

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Abeer informs Satish about his new artist’s penchant for copying other artists’ works, whereas Nisar gets a chance to sing and impresses Satish while thanking Aarti for honouring him. Abeer informs Meher that he assisted Nisar to reward her kind heart.

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Thursday, 2nd of December, 2021 - Episodes 13 and 14

Abeer shares his story with his audiences; he tells how his father, Kuber Malhotra, was acquainted with Meher, the best student in college at the time, and the way he insulted Abeer in Meher’s presence. Meanwhile, Abeer recalls how he succeeded in getting Meher drunk during a party at college.

Meher comes into the studio to prevent Abeer from revealing their secrets, but the latter is unbothered and keeps on sharing his story. So finally, Meher is left with no other option than to watch the story unravel on the show, while Devaki stops Tunnu from seeing Abeer’s show.

Friday, 3rd of December, 2021 - Episodes 15 and 16

Abeer is agitated because of Meher’s presence in his room, even though it is already morning. Meher rises only to shockingly realise that she is in Nisar and Abeer’s room. The principal catches Meher in the male section of the hostel, but Meher covers up for Abeer’s misdemeanours in the presence of the VC. Sasha wants to know if Abeer still feels emotionally attached to Meher.

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Abeer is drunk and causes a scene when he arrives at Meher’s home in his present state, while Kuber is unhappy about Abeer and his television show. However, Tarun, Meher, and their mother take care of Abeer after the alcohol hits home and he doses off. It is the next day, and he has yet to realise that he is at Meher’s house.

Saturday, 4th of December, 2021 - Episodes 17 and 18

Devki, Meher’s bua, is angry to find Abeer in their mansion and asks Meher some questions about the unwanted guest. Elsewhere, Meher’s contemporaries congratulate Nisar on the successful launching of his new show. Abeer’s mom sees Meher and her son in their office; Abeer informs Meher of the danger involved in impressing his mother.

Madhavi is Abeer’s mother, and she opens up about her grief to Abeer while Meher develops a strong feeling for him. Meanwhile, Madvi puts a call across to Suman while expressing her worries about the Abeer-Meher situation. Finally, Nisar throws a party to celebrate the launch of his music career, while Abeer revisits his devices against Meher.

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Sunday, 5th of December, 2021 - Episodes 19 and 20

Abeer persuades Meher to compete against him in a game of darts, and the latter accepts. Elsewhere, Nisar gets information about the ongoing relationship between Abeer and Meher from Rati. He discusses it with Abeer, who feigns disinterest, while Abeer emerges victorious in the game of darts and gets to dance with Meher.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Nisar gets information about the ongoing relationship between Abeer and Meher from Rati. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Abeer discovers that Meher has his name tattooed on her skin, and Nisar attempts to help him discover that he is making a grave mistake. However, Meher is heartbroken as she reminisces about her relationship, while Rati informs Meher that Abeer and Rati had gotten into a heated argument.

Monday, 6th of December, 2021 - Episodes 21 and 22

Satish inquires about the fight between Abeer and Nisar from his employees, but they mislead the company’s staff. Abeer does not miss any chance to tease Meher; he makes her attend an event with him while Meher and himself get into a fight, and she hits him angrily. Nisar reprimands Abeer for getting on Meher’s nerves.

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Madhavi gets the dress that Abeer wants to be delivered to Meher. Unfortunately, Meher chooses to reveal her secrets to the public before Abeer gets the chance to. Satish and his wife visit Meher, and they want her to attend a dinner with them, but then Meher discovers that the event is the same one Abeer had insisted on taking her to.

Tuesday, 7th of December, 2021 - Episodes 23 and 24

Meher has no choice but to attend the party in the company of Abeer, who invites Meher on stage and pleads that she present him the music award; he sings a song afterwards and on request. Meher is unhappy about the turn of events, and she leaves the party furiously. Abeer rescues her after she stumbles into the swimming pool.

Meher wants nothing to do with Satish’s proposed assistance, while Abeer forces Meher into the car and drives her to the house. Suman puts a call to Madhavi to inquire about Abeer, and Meher leaves the car but fails to take the car keys along with her. Meher and Abeer are stuck in an ATM before the latter becomes scared.

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Wednesday, 8th of December, 2021 - Episodes 25 and 26

Meher makes jest of Abeer as he panics, but they find a way to escape their entrapment together and pass the night beneath a tree. Devki sees pictures of Abeer and Meher together at the party and asks the latter about it while Kuber chastises him. Meher informs Devki and Suman about the possibility of staying at Abeer’s residence before their marriage.

Meher feels that Abeer is responsible for the article about them in the newspaper, and she goes ahead to tell the employees about the history that she shared with Abeer. However, he flares up at some staff members for going around with rumours about Meher and himself. Nisar reprimands Abeer about his attitude towards Meher while Meher’s father visits Kuber.

Thursday, 9th of December, 2021 - Episodes 27 and 28

Kuber instructs his guard to throw Shyam Meher's father out of the house, while Abeer and Nisar refuse to attend the meeting. Elsewhere, Meher informs everyone present at the meeting that she chooses not to drop off her job. Meanwhile, Abeer and Meher dash to the police station after knowing what ensued between Kuber and Shyam.

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Devki supports her brother, Shyam, while Abeer and Meher argue while trying to defend their families. Meanwhile, Rati showers encomium on Nisar as she sings, while Shyam reviles Devki for calling him ravenous. Finally, Abeer informs the reporters that Meher was his wife.

Friday, 10th of December, 2021 - Episodes 29 and 30

Meher observes as Abeer discusses his relationship with Meher to the reporters, while Kuber criticises Meher and her family. However, Meher asks Rati to remain silent about her personal issues while Rati gets what to eat in the afternoon for Nisar. Abeer plays a prank on Meher and, after some time, rescues Meher from some goons.

Kuber gets enraged because of how Shyam speaks against him before the reporters, while Abeer strikes the goons for disturbing Meher. Elsewhere, Kuber resolves to teach a lesson to Shyam, while Abeer and Meher escape in an auto. Then, Meher reminisces about her past with him.

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Saturday, 11th of December, 2021 - Episodes 31 and 32

How Suman discusses with Abeer irritates Meher, and Shyam develops another strategy against Kuber. Meanwhile, the goon that Abeer fought with return with his MLA brother to find him at the office. In the process, besides creating a scene at the office, they also damage Nisar's guitar.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Kuber declines to assist Abeer when Nisar calls him looking for assistance. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Abeer resolves to go underground for a few days, and Devki bursts into laughter while watching Shyam's video. Kuber declines to assist Abeer when Nisar calls him looking for assistance. Later on, Abeer has a change of mind and resolves to stay at Meher's place, while Suman receives Kuber's call for Abeer.

Sunday, 12th of December, 2021 - Episodes 33 and 34

Kuber informs Madhavi that Abeer is at Meher's house, and Abeer does what will provoke Meher. Rati tries to encourage Nisar, while Abeer explains to Madhavi why he is changing his mind when she questions him for lying. Then, pinky Thakur visits Kuber and scares him.

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Devki gets enraged, noticing Abeer in their house, while Suman asks Devki to let him stay. Meher, Suman, Devki, and Tunnu assume a thief has broken into the house only to find Abeer gargling in the middle of the night!

Monday, 13th of December, 2021 - Episodes 35 and 36

Meher gets bound to stay at home because of Abeer, while Kuber refuses to take the police's help. Suman's next-door neighbour visits her and gets excited seeing Abeer. Meanwhile, Meher interrogates Abeer seeing him perform for her neighbours. Later, Meher and Abeer argue, picking on what each other did wrong.

Suman consoles Abeer, seeing him upset. On the other hand, Abeer recalls his past with Meher when he learns to cook 'dal makhani'. Mrs Sahani suggests putting Nisar's show in Abeer's slot, but then, Nisar proposes recording Abeer's show at Meher's house. Meher argues with Suman.

Tuesday, 14th of December, 2021 - Episodes 37 and 38

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Meher becomes annoyed when Suman takes Abeer's side, while Rati tries to boost Nisar's confidence. Pinky Thakur is adamant about extracting money from Kuber to let Abeer go. As a result, he decides to go after Meher while Abeer saves Meher from Piny Thakur's goons. Meher argues with him, and Nisar sings a song for Rati.

Madhavi and Suman discuss Abeer and Meher, while Abeer plays a prank on Meher to frighten her. Unfortunately, he gets upset with Meher for refusing his assistance when she cuts her foot. Kuber gives Shyam some money and asks him to throw Abeer out of Meher's house while Meher pranks Abeer.

Wednesday, 15th of December, 2021 - Episodes 39 and 40

Satish tells Nisar to ask Meher about recording Abeer's show at her house, while Shyam visits Suman and requests her bangles. Pinky Thakur's associate finds out Meher's address, and Abeer asks Nisar to send Meher home safely with tricks.

Meher is angry when Abeer fills her room with his luggage, and Devki blames Meher for their house's challenges. Abeer shoots for his show at Meher's house and recalls the moments spent with Meher. However, Meher stops Abeer when she sees him reading her diary aloud on the show and burns it.

Thursday, 16th of December, 2021 - Episodes 41 and 42

Meher discontinues the shoot and demands that everyone take their leave. She challenges Abeer for revealing her private matters to the public. Meanwhile, Satish is concerned about Abeer’s show while Lovelyn offers her assistance to Nisar to finish Abeer’s episode. Rati sacks Lovelyn while Devki professes her genuine care for Meher.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Satish is concerned about Abeer’s show while Lovelyn offers her assistance to Nisar to finish Abeer’s episode. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Pinky Thakur and his subordinates arrive at Meher’s community; he shares details of his plans against Meher and Abeer with the rest of his team. Meher is scared of Pinky Thakur’s presence, and she remains indoors. Pinky and his goons look for Meher in her home while she tells Suman about the presence of the miscreants.

Friday, 17th of December, 2021 - Episodes 43 and 44

Pinky Thakur vows to murder Suman while Meher swears to him that Abeer is only a work colleague; Pinki and his goons kidnaps Meher from her home. Devki hits Abeer and says he is to blame for Meher’s current predicament, and Abeer gives Suman his words about ensuring Meher’s return.

Pinki Thakur’s men trouble Abeer while Suman prevents Devki from felling the police about Meher’s kidnap. Meanwhile, Pinki’s spouse slaps her brother-in-law for harassing Meher and demands that he seek Abeer’s forgiveness. Meher goes back home in the company of Nisar.

Saturday, 18th of December, 2021 - Episodes 45 and 46

Suman admonishes Abeer to reside at their home until he is well again, and she informs Madhavi about the plan to let Abeer return to her whenever he is fit to do so. Tunnu is excited because he consents to give him some money in return for a service. Nisar and Kenny get into a big fight when the latter insults Rati, while Satish challenges Nisar for quarrelling with Kenny.

Tillu and Tunnu are lucky with the proceeds of gambling. Elsewhere, Meher wants to know about the quarrel between Kenny and Nisar from Rati while Tillu requests that Tunnu pilfer some cash. Shyam plans to lay the blame for Tunnu’s gambling addiction at Abeer’s feet, while Suman discovers some shopping bags inside Tunnu’s closet.

Sunday, 19th of December, 2021 - Episodes 47 and 48

Tunnu becomes increasingly agitated after losing all the cash. Shyam shares his plan to take control of Meher’s home with Tillu while Madhavi pays Suman a visit. Shyam informs Kuber of his plan to put asunder to Meher and Abeer’s union, while Tunnu requests that Tillu obtain Meher’s signature on a plain sheet of paper.

Devki sees Madhavi at the house and questions Suman about it. Suman and Madhavi are excited about Meher and Abeer’s relationship before discovering the apology card that Suman sent. Tillu demands an update about acquiring Meher’s signature as required of Tunnu while Meher and Abeer quarrel about something.

Monday, 20th of December, 2021 - Episodes 49 and 50

The Jagrata commences at the home of Meher while Meher prevents Shyam from continuously embarrassing Suman and Abeer follows suit. Shyam laces the dal meal being prepared by Devki with broken glasses to facilitate Abeer’s exit from the house. Elsewhere, Meher foot is cut.

Madhavi and Abeer challenge Devki after they find pieces of broken glasses in her meal. Meanwhile, Suman faints when Madhavi goes home with Abeer while Shyam is unhappy about the unity and peace between the Abeer-Meher household. Finally, Meher persuades Suman to participate in the Jagrata, and Madhavi seeks Suman’s forgiveness afterwards.

Tuesday, 21st of December, 2021 - Episodes 51 and 52

Devki and Madhavi reconcile their differences while Tunnu finally obtains Meher’s signature on stamp documentation. Tillu gives the buyer the property transfer documents and receives Rs 60 Lakh as payment. Meanwhile, Tunnu loses his share of the loot to gambling, and Tillu informs Shyam of Tunnu’s disappearance.

Abeer seeks information concerning Tunnu’s whereabouts from a friend of the latter, while Tillu informs him about Tunnu’s substantial gambling losses. Abeer sees Tunnu walking close to a rail track, and the latter tells Abeer that he has already mortgaged their home. Abeer does not disclose Tunnu’s deeds to Meher, while Meher ties Tunnu to a rakhi.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Abeer sees Tunnu walking close to a rail track. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Wednesday, 22nd of December, 2021 - Episodes 53 and 54

Tunnu cannot come with the guilt that he feels and eventually opens up to Suman about his wrong deeds. Abeer chances upon them during their conversation and promises Suman that he is taking care of the situation, but he wants nothing to do with his assistance. Abeer obtains Rs 60 Lakh for Suman, and they regain custody of the house after recovering the transfer papers for the property.

Suman is happy when she receives the property papers, and Tunnu is grateful to Abeer for his role in the event. Abeer asks Rati to attend the party, and Nisar informs Rati that Abeer will be in charge of his shows when he comes back. Kuber discovers that Abeer’s shares of the company have been sold to third parties.

Thursday, 23rd of December, 2021 - Episodes 55 and 56

Kuber cancels Shyam because the latter fails in executing his plans, while Abeer and Meher get into a heated argument, and the former leaves the house. Kuber wants Meher to meet him after calling her in the middle of the night. Devki accompanies Meher to Kuber’s residence, but Kuber is unhappy with Meher and wants Rs 60 Lakhs as compensation.

Kuber reveals the truth about Tunnu to Meher and Devki, while Meher is involved in an accident and is rushed to a clinic by Abeer’s aunt and Devki. Abeer gets a call from his aunt informing him about Meher’s accident.

Friday, 24th of December, 2021 - Episodes 57 and 58

Devki hits Tunnu across the face for making a mistake while the latter begs to be forgiven. Suman hits Abeer across the face for being dishonest about the money and prays that Meher recovers from the accident while Nisar consoles Abeer.

Abeer challenges Kuber while Tunnu seeks forgiveness from Suman. Next, Abeer’s aunt wants Kuber to desist from getting agitated with things while Abeer begs Devki for permission so that he can be with Meher. Finally, Abeer recalls the event of his relationship with Meher.

Saturday, 25th of December, 2021 - Episodes 59 and 60

Abeer reminisces about his time with Meher as her condition deteriorates before becoming scared of living without Meher. At the same time, his aunt and Kuber could not be happier about Meher’s situation. Kuber remembers some events from the past.

Abeer’s aunt informs Kuber about the good things that come with getting married to a girl whose family is impoverished, while Abeer’s aunt sacks the house help for badmouthing her. Abeer and Meher profess love to each other before welcoming Devki and Suman. Abeer’s aunt is surprised when she meets Devki; she remembers the car accident.

Sunday, 26th of December, 2021 - Episodes 61 and 62

Abeer’s aunt knows about Suman’s separation from her spouse and consents to the marriage proposal. She shares her plans to embarrass Meher’s family with her sidekick, Kuber. Devki and Suman find it challenging to meet up with providing the contents of the engagement list.

Abeer’s aunt makes condescending comments about Suman; Meher and Abeer are engaged. Meher is concerned to see the worries etched on Suman’s brow as Suman reveals what Abeer’s aunt wants on the second list to Devki. When Devki decides to inform Meher about it, she is stopped by Suman.

Monday, 26th of December, 2021 - Episodes 63 and 64

Meher informs Abeer about what his family is requesting and how her family is finding it difficult to afford those items. Abeer’s aunt is sure that the marriage will not hold and shares this belief with Kuber. Madhavi is surprised when Kuber requests that the marriage be postponed, while Sasha informs Meher about Abeer’s involvement in an accident.

Madhavi, Meher, and her family members reach out to Abeer after realising that he was involved in an accident. However, Abeer has a shocker for them when he reveals his willingness to marry Meher at the temple. Abeer and Meher are married, while Kuber is visibly enraged at the sight of Abeer in wedding apparel. Abeer attempts to persuade his aunt to see reason with him.

Tuesday, 28th of December, 2021 - Episodes 65 and 66

Abeer seeks his aunt’s forgiveness, and the latter wants Kuber to accept Meher into the family. Abeer’s aunt presents a necklace to Meher while sharing her secret plan of destroying the new couple with Kuber. Abeer’s aunt ruins the gifts that were brought to the wedding.

Abeer’s aunt deceived everyone by pretending to care for Meher. She eavesdrops on the discussion between Meher and her husband, Abeer. Madhavi tells Abeer’s aunt that Meher is a great caregiver based on personal experience.

Wednesday, 29th of December, 2021 - Episodes 67 and 68

Meher seeks forgiveness from Abeer’s aunt, who later demands that she avoid Abeer until the Puja is finalised. Meher informs Abeer about this demand, and she asks him to call off their honeymoon plans. Nisar attempts to help Abeer see where he has gone wrong.

The Insolent Heart Teasers
Meher informs Abeer about this demand, and she asks him to call off their honeymoon plans. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Abeer’s aunt meets him inside Meher’s room, and Meher consents to stay in the room that belongs to Abeer’s aunt for another seven days. Abeer’s aunt intentionally breaks a glass, but Meher sweeps the pieces off.

Thursday, 30th of December, 2021 - Episodes 69 and 70

Abeer’s aunt shares the plan to put an asunder on Meher and Abeer’s relationship with Kuber. Kuber discovers that Abeer is ill and intentionally asks him to go on a business trip, while Abeer tells Meher about it and exits the house.

Abeer’s aunt discovers his pen inside the temple while Meher and Abeer enjoy romantic moments with each other. Kuber accuses Abeer of failing to perform his duties at the office while Abeer’s aunt tells Kuber that she will orchestrate Abeer and Meher’s separation with help from Nisar.

Friday, 31st of December, 2021 - Episodes 71 and 72

Abeer aunt demands that Kuber must use Nisar as a pawn to ruin Meher and Abeer’s relationship. At the same time, Kuber requests Nisar’s voluntary resignation to kickstart the plot of separating Meher and her husband, Abeer.

Meher is shocked when she observes Devaki and Suman grovelling to Abeer’s aunt in search of forgiveness. Meher reveals her resentment of Abeer’s behaviour to him, and he asks her to forgive him. Devaki and Suman are pleased to see Abeer again.

Abeer's aunt

This woman is unhappy about the relationship between a male family member and another woman and does everything within her power to ruin it. First, she makes sure that the items in the engagement list are unaffordable for the potential bride's family. Then, when this does not work, she resorts to a pretentious plan that involves smiling at the couple's faces while working against them.


Abeer is a musician who fell in love with a lady who has been in his life since his college days. Unfortunately, the recollections of the moment they shared in the past will not let him be. When his love interest involves in an accident, he professes his love for her and his willingness to marry her despite oppositions.

The Insolent Heart teasers for December 2021 bring the captivities and victories of loving someone to fans of the series. You need not worry about spending some of your free time if you are a fan of romantic Hindu series; The Insolent Heart drama will melt your heart.

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