KykNET & Kie's telenovela, Jy is My Seun: Cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

KykNET & Kie's telenovela, Jy is My Seun: Cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

Jy is My Seun is a telenovela that recently premiered on KykNET & Kie and follows the life of a young woman who is confronted by challenging situations and ends up giving his son up for adoption in hopes that he will be given a better life. Here is more about KykNET & Kie's show, Jy is My Seun.

Jy Is My Seun's cast (with images)
Claudia Jones will be voicing the character of Akca Yilmaz on this telenovela. Photo: @claudia_j0nes and @kyknetkie (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

This show is inclusive of a talented cast of Turkish actors and actresses. Notably, a few South African artists voice certain characters in Afrikaans and in particular, Zach du Toit voices the main character of Efe Karasu.

Summary of Jy is My Seun

Genre Telenovela
NetworkKykNET & Kie
Number of seasonsOne
Number of episodes39 as of March 2023
Produced by Cengez Deveci and Irfan Sahin
Written byZehra Celenk
Directed bySerkan Birinci

Jy is My Seun's cast (with images)

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The television show includes cast members of talented actors and actresses who ensure to bring the storyline to life, and they are as follows:

Mehmet Emin Guney as Efe Karasu

Jy Is My Seun's cast (with images)
Mehmet is the youngest actor to play a main character on the show. Photo: @mehmetemin_official (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Mehmet is a young up-and-coming actor from Istanbul, Turkey. Reports state that he was born in 2012, but his precise birth details are unavailable. This young champ is passionate about acting and some of the television productions he is known for include Hekimoglu and Benim Babam Bir Kahraman.

Ismail Hacioglu as Hasan Çetin

Jy Is My Seun's cast (with images)
Ismail is a Turkish actor who plays the character of Hasan Cetin on Jy Is My Seun. Photo: @ismailhaciogluofficial (modifed by author)
Source: Instagram

The Turkish actor has been in the acting space since he was in school and many years later, he has become Turkey's most beloved actor. Ismail is well-known for productions such as Ayla: The Daughter of War, Cakal, Beyaz Gelincik and Karsilasma. In Jy is My Seun, he plays the character of Hasan Cetin.

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Serhat Teoman as Ali Kemal

Jy Is My Seun's cast (with images)
The Turkish actor that is Serhat Teoman has starred directed a number of Turkish television productions. Photo: @serhatteoman (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Serhat is a Turkish writer, director and theatre actor from Diyarbakir, Turkey. During his career, he has been featured in many television series and movies. Some of his series credits are Oglum, Anne, Kizim, Mahalle, Inside, and Last Decision. The other cast members that have equally done a phenomenal job in acting on this show are:

Name of actor/actress Name of character
Merve Cagiran Akca Yilmaz
Ceyda AtesSule Karasu
Kenan AcarMurat Karasu
Nimet IyigunEmine Yilmaz
Oktay KorunanOsman Sahin
Selda AktunaMelek Sahin
Aylin ArasAyse Sahin
Cansin CekilZeynep
Kerem Akin Policeman
Ulas TuzakSedat

Jy is My Seun's characters

Cast members of the telenovela play the roles of characters that make Jy is My Seun interesting. However, the storyline is focused on certain main characters, which are:

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Name of character Character description
Efe-voiced by Zach du ToitAkca and Hasan's son, who Sule adopted.
Akca-voiced by Claudia Jones Efe's biological mother, who gave him up for adoption when she was 17 years old and told her family that he passed away.
Ali -voiced by Eddie de JaggerSule's husband and Efe's adoptive father. Ali's father left their home and he was left with the responsibility of having to be the man of the house
Sule-voiced by Lizelle PikeAli's wife and Efe's adoptive mother
Hasan-voiced by Reginald HufkiA villain who has an obsession with Akca. He is Efe's biological father but doesn't know it because Akça told him the baby died at birth.

Jy is My Seun's plot summary

Akca, a woman whose mother sold her body to make ends meet, is coerced to give up the son she fell pregnant with when she was 17 years old. Her son's father, Hasan, used to be abusive towards her and as a result, she hopes to find solace in a respected family, which she believes will give her son the life she could not give her.

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Years later, her son's adoptive mother has a child of hers and the treatment towards Akca's son changes. The Karasu family faces turmoil when they discover that their enemy, Hasan, is the biological father of their adopted child.

Jy is My Seun's full story

In her attempts to escape her challenging life, Akca falls pregnant for her lover Hasan, who later starts abusing her while she is pregnant. After Hasan is arrested, Akca gives her son up for adoption to the Karasu family, hoping he will be given a better life.

Asiye adopts the child without revealing her true identity. She does so to try and save her son's marriage, which is close to falling apart and entrusts the responsibility of raising the adopted child to her daughter-in-law Sule.

Ali Kemal, Asiye's son, decides against divorcing his wife after discovering she is pregnant. Unfortunately, her pregnancy was unsuccessful, and she agreed to raise the adopted child (Efe).

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Things change for Efe after five years when Sule gives birth to her child. She started mistreating and neglecting Efe. Melek tells Akca about her son's new reality, which devastated her.

The plot thickens when Hasan is released from prison and starts looking for his former lover. He is unaware that his son is alive and has been adopted by his brother Ali Kemal.

Jy is My Seun's episode teasers

Below are a few teasers you can engage with to understand the telenovela:

Episode 1 (20 March 2023)

The audience understands that Sule, who is married to Ali Kemal, has two children, Efe and Burak but only one is biological.

Episode 2 (21 March 2023)

Witnessing the sad reality of Efe, the adopted child, Melek meets with his mother, Akca and tells her that Sule mistreats him. Efe gets lost in the crowd, but his mother saves the day.

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Episode 3 (22 March 2023)

Having reunited with her son, Ali Kemal decides to leave Akca and Efe alone and Hasan's wingmen pay them an unwanted visit. Akca tries to flee with her son due to his reality but is arrested at a roadblock.

Episode 4 (23 March 2023)

Akca is released from prison and Hasan hears of his son's whereabouts. Akca manages to hide from him and continue to protect her son. Ali Kemal helps Akca and takes her to his home.

Episode 5 (24 March 2023)

After hearing that Hasan is looking for Akca in efforts to get his son back, Ali remains unfazed by the news and tells Akca that he believes Hasan is trying his luck with her. Ali tells Akca that she is welcome to stay in his house if she feels threatened by Hasan.

This article has provided descriptive information about KykNET & Kie's telenovela, Jy is My Seun. Viewers are in store for premium entertainment with twists and turns that will happen as the show unfolds. The telenovela airs Mondays to Thursdays at 20:00 pm on KykNET & Kie, DStv channel 145.

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