American Woman Whose Body Can't Stop Producing Milk Holds World Record for Donating to Babies

American Woman Whose Body Can't Stop Producing Milk Holds World Record for Donating to Babies

  • Elisabeth Anderson-Sieera is doing a noble job of feeding babies who can't get mum's milk or those who were born premature
  • The generous lady, who won the Guinness World Record for feeding the most babies, suffers from a condition called hyperlactation
  • Hyperlactation syndrome is a condition where milk overflow occurs because of increased milk production

A supermum identified as Elisabeth Anderson-Sieera is a mother of three who has been hailed for nourishing thousands of children and saving the lives of premature ladies.

Elisabeth Anderson donates milk because she can't stop producing milk
Elizabeth Anderson donates milk to babies. Image: Guinness World Records
Source: UGC

Elisabeth, who comes from Aloha in Oregon, donated 1 600 litres to a milk bank to help vulnerable babies.

Guinness World Records reports that Elisabeth has donated 350 000 ounces of milk over the last nine years to many recipients labelled "failures to thrive".

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“Being able to turn that around and have that label removed in so many different stories has just been everything to me. These are the things that I focus on. These are the positives and why I continue doing what I do."

What is hyper-lactation syndrome?

Elisabeth suffers from hyperlactation syndrome, where milk overflow occurs because of increased milk production.

According to UK Healthcare, hyperlactation happens near the end of the first week of lactation. This means the body does not know how much milk the baby will need, producing extra. This usually gets better as the baby gets older.

“My body creates a lot of the hormone called prolactin and that is what drives milk production,” said Elisabeth.

According to the loving mom, she does not let any milk go to waste.

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“There are a couple of ways to go about trying to tone down this production of prolactin. There are medical interventions that I would need to look into and move forward with in order to have it stop,” said Elisabeth.

Healthcare professionals also explored the possibility of a double mastectomy to remove all of the glandular tissue that is producing the milk.

“By removing all of that tissue, my body would not be producing any more milk. There will be no more milk ducts but there is the risk of additional tissue being developed because of the hormones that would still be going through my body," she added.

Meanwhile, Elisabeth will continue pumping, and she was pleasantly surprised and humbled to get the Guinness World Records title.

Netizens reacted to her video


"Natural milk factory."


"God bless her."

Man chokes on the price of baby formula

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Similarly, Briefly News reported that a man almost fainted hilariously when he saw the price of formula milk.

The gent shared a TikTok video where he went to the shop, saw how much formula milk costs and reeled in shock. His antics entertained netizens; some remarked that they would not make babies.


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