Stranger Falls Asleep on Woman's Shoulder in Taxi, Her Hilarious Reaction Goes Viral on TikTok

Stranger Falls Asleep on Woman's Shoulder in Taxi, Her Hilarious Reaction Goes Viral on TikTok

  • A Mzansi woman's hilarious TikTok video captured the relatable struggle of a fellow passenger using her shoulder as a pillow on a taxi ride
  • The video quickly went viral, with netizens offering witty comments and turning the woman's misfortune into a comedic goldmine
  • Some joked about the stranger being her soulmate, while others suggested she'd found herself a free husband
woman shows man napping on her in taxi
A woman had netizens in stitches after showing a stranger falling asleep on her. Image: @nonhletavie
Source: TikTok

A Mzansi woman's hilarious TikTok video is making waves online, capturing the relatable struggle of unwanted taxi snuggles.

The video shows the woman, clearly uncomfortable, as a fellow passenger decides to take a snooze, using her shoulder as their personal pillow.

Video captures pain of unwanted shoulder nap

Her awkward facial expressions tell the whole story: amusement, annoyance and the desperate desire to be anywhere else. The caption perfectly encapsulates the plight of anyone who's ever been stuck in a similar situation.

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"I need a car, this is abuse. I don't even know this man."

Netizens were quick to chime in with witty comments, turning the woman's misfortune into a comedic goldmine.

Mzansi amused by the woman's experience

While the woman's experience might not have been the most pleasant, her willingness to share it (and poke fun at herself) has brought laughter and relatable humour to Mzansi's online community.

So next time you find yourself stuck next to a sleepy stranger on public transport, remember: it could go viral!

Abuti TM wrote:

"That's your soulmate right there - unkulunkulu akaphi ngesandla dadewethu."

Vuyoe commented:

"Khohlwa imoto usuthole umnyeni wena."

Nyambose commented:

"Lol thatha umkhenyana."

user3115290760956 replied:

"Inhlanhla yalendoda ngyayidinga."

Official_Mshengu said:

"Futhi munenkinga thenga imoto."

luckyboymathe commented:

"Umuntu wakho lowo forever yena."

Woman finds love with taxi driver after giving him her number

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In another story, Briefly News reported that a beautiful South African woman took to social media to share a video showing how her taxi driver boyfriend treats her like an absolute princess.

In the TikTok video, @thembiek1 is seen being treated to weekly dinner dates, surprise birthday celebrations, flowers and gifts, and free taxi rides to all her workshops.

In the post, she revealed that the relationship started with her taking a chance and agreeing to give her number to the taxi driver, who proved to be quite romantic.

Source: Briefly News

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