Woman Flies to South Africa Get Her Hair Done by a Professional Colourist, Mzansi Wowed on TikTok

Woman Flies to South Africa Get Her Hair Done by a Professional Colourist, Mzansi Wowed on TikTok

  • African TikTok influencer @itscheymuv travelled all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa, to get her hair done by a hair colourist with a magic touch
  • The hair colourist treated her hair with gentle yet potent formulas and styled it meticulously
  • Netizens were amazed by @itscheymuv's hair transformation and many commented on her video
Woman travels to SA to get her hair done
One woman went to extreme lengths to restore and style her hair. Image: @itscheymuv
Source: TikTok

When it comes to crowning glory, sometimes you just gotta go the extra mile (or kilometre, in this case!).

That's exactly what @itscheymuv, a vibrant African woman, did to breathe new life into her colour-treated hair. Her quest? A Johannesburg salon with a hair guru who could work their magic, and her journey is already inspiring #hairgoals across TikTok.

From damaged to dazzling

@itscheymuv's viral video takes us on a mesmerising journey of hair transformation. We see her arrive at the salon with apprehension, her locks visibly affected by past colouring adventures. But the mood shifts when the hair colourist, a maestro with a seemingly magic touch, gets to work.

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Each step is a masterclass in meticulous care. The damaged strands are treated with gentle yet potent formulas and nurtured back to health. The washing is a symphony of soft hands, nourishing products, and the styling? A meticulous ballet of brushstrokes that coax out the hair's hidden potential.

And then, the grand reveal. @itscheymuv emerges with a cascade of blonde brilliance. It's not just the colour – it's the health, the shine, the silky softness that speaks volumes about the skill and dedication behind the transformation.

The perfect trim frames her face, and the strategic highlights add depth and dimension, making her hair beautiful and captivating.

Netizens react to the video

The internet can't get enough. Comments explode with a mix of awe and admiration. Some are stunned by the lengths @itscheymuv went to (literally!), crossing countries for the perfect mane. Others shower her with compliments, mesmerised by the final result.

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Olwethu Mbenenge commented:

"I flew to South Africa to get my hair done" eeeyy."

I'm kinda fruity wrote:

"I was scared for a second but I loved it in the end."

Khanyi.Scott said:

"Oh, she DID that ."

k replied:

"Anxiously waiting for the vlog on YouTube ."

Moleboheng Magagula responded:

"I started the video afresh, just to hear that part 'I flew to South Africa to get my hair'."

user_Lango commented:

"Wena wagibela ibhanoyi ✈️just to get your hair done. While I don’t even leave my house to get my hair done."

thamiisking wrote:

"Girl how much was it ."

Luckiest girl on the planet said:

"I want to fly to Italy for lunch because wow, y'all got moneyyyy."

Woman shows disturbing hair bleaching aftermath

In another story, Briefly News reported that a South African woman has taken to TikTok to share the devastating aftereffects of bleaching her hair, sparking a conversation about the dangers of the popular beauty treatment.

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In a series of shocking images, the woman, whose username is @misskstufuza, documents her journey from having beautiful, short blonde hair to losing most of it and suffering severe burns and swelling to her scalp and face.

The first image shows @misskstufuza looking confident and happy with her new blonde hairdo. However, the subsequent images reveal a stark and disturbing reality. The bleach has caused severe damage to her scalp, leaving it red, raw, and hairless.

Source: Briefly News

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