TikTok Video of a Man Who Went to UCT With Just an Acceptance Letter Pulled Mzansi’s Heartstrings

TikTok Video of a Man Who Went to UCT With Just an Acceptance Letter Pulled Mzansi’s Heartstrings

  • A young man shared his inspiring journey of starting at UCT with nothing but his determination
  • Percy arrived at varsity without a place to stay or any funding to support his studies, but he conquered the challenges
  • The online community applauded him for his perseverance and found his story to be truly inspiring
  • Percy spoke to Briefly News and encouraged those who are in a similar situation to not give up on their dreams
A man inspired many with his story of chasing his dreams despite the hard challenges.
Percy Mantjies touched Mzansi's heart with his humble beginnings at UCT. Images: TikTok/ @mapercent1, Instagram/ @thee_golden_percy
Source: UGC

A young man shared how he started at the University of Cape Town (UCT) with nothing.

Percy posted a picture post on TikTok laying out how it all unfolded.

It started with him getting an acceptance offer to study at the institution. At the time, he didn't have a place to stay, nor did he have funding in Cape Town.

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Percy moves to Cape Town without a plan

He was also broke, but being determined, he took a bus to Cape Town and lived at a friend's residence. His generous friend told him to relax and stay with him while he fixes his things.

Percy left for Cape Town
Percy got an acceptance offer at UCT, and he boarded a bus to Cape Town despite having no solid plan for what he would do. Image: @mapercente1
Source: TikTok

Percy got his student card, which was an exciting feeling. However, his friend was now moving to Gauteng, meaning he would be stranded with no place to live.

The bursary that he had hoped for also rejected him. Percy wrote to the Student Representative Council (SRC) pleading his case. He got a residence offer at a self-catering.

Percy started to get things together
Percy got his UCT student card, but his friend was leaving for Joburg. He wrote to the SRC asking for accommodation. Images: mapercente1
Source: TikTok

He had to survive the hard way because he had no money to fully and comfortably maintain himself at a self-catering residence. He walked his TikTok followers on how he survived.

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How was his life at a self-catering res?

On days, he would eat rice with mayonnaise, sometimes mayonnaise and bread. He would also run out of toiletries at times. It was hard for him.

At home, they were worried about him. They asked him to drop out and go back home because the way he lived was no way to live. But Percy refused and kept his eye on the prize.

Percy lived a hard life at res but he refused to drop out of school and go home.
Percy lived on minimal food at res. His family asked him to drop out but he refused. Images: @mapercente1
Source: TikTok

In the end, Percy continued to push and was granted a scholarship. He finished his degree.

Percy speaks to Briefly News

Speaking to Briefly News, Percy shared words of encouragement to people who find themselves in the same situation. He said faith is the key.

"To the student that is in the same situation as me, I leave you with the words that my lecturer, Mr Gaontebale Nodoba, left me with. 'You left home with hopes of a better tomorrow. Don't lose your faith because things are going from bad to worse. Exercise your faith more because it's all you had when you left home'"

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TikTokkers were touched by Percy's story.

The picture post got over 200k likes. Many online users were inspired by his story.

@OlunjuthandoCpt❤️ commented:

"Hi I live in Cape Town CBD, can I drop off food or toiletries please my brother."

@Kay said:

"It’s true when they say TikTok is therapy. You just made me realize that I have so much to be grateful for. Keep pushing and good luck in your ."

@Xin Fu Luan shared:

"I'll never be ungrateful. Ever."


"Bro I went to high school with you, Kgalalelo. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. God has your back. sending light and prosperity your way."

UCT students protest financial exclusion

In another story, Briefly News reported about UCT students protesting because of financial exclusion.

The SRC stated that there were around 2,500 students who struggled with financial exclusion.

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They also called for Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande to resign, stating that they had lost confidence in the Minister's ability to ensure students' interests were met.

Source: Briefly News

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