Daughter Wakes Up at 5:30am To Fetch Dad From Groove: “This December Belongs to Him”

Daughter Wakes Up at 5:30am To Fetch Dad From Groove: “This December Belongs to Him”

  • A father noticed that he wasn't fit to drive himself home after partying all night
  • He decided to cut his daughter's sleep short at 5:30am, asking her to fetch him after a night out
  • The online community applauded the man for doing the responsible thing by not driving himself under the influence
A father called her daughter to fetch him from Groove at 5:30
A daughter cut her sleep short at 5:30am to fetch her dad after a night out. Images: @nakho_mahola
Source: TikTok

A responsible dad called his daughter to fetch him from groove after he noticed that he was not going to be able to drive himself home under the influence of alcohol.

@nakho_mahola posted a video fetching her father from a bar in East London, Eastern Cape, at 5:30am in the morning.

She captioned the video:

"POV: Fetching my dad from the groove and dropping him in his house, then go back to my apartment and continue with my sleep."

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In the clip, the daughter took an Uber from her apartment to the bar where her dad was. She drove him home in his car and returned to her apartment.

What does his wife say about him grooving?

TikTokkers were very interested in the lifestyle or family dynamics of the dad. They asked many questions.

Addressing a few, the daughter said that her mother doesn't have a problem with her dad going out because she wants him to be happy, and if groove makes him happy, so be it.

The daughter shared part 2 - the next day

@nakho_mahola shared part 2, where her dad came to her place to fetch his car.

Talking to him, she asked how it felt to be fetched from the groove by his daughter. He responded by saying it was nice and further highlighted matters of safety and being responsible.

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Dad-daughter relationship melts TikTokkers' hearts

The clip gained over 23K likes, with TikTokkers loving the daughter-dad relationship and applauding him for being a responsible dad and not driving under the influence.

@ᖇIᗩ said:

"Big ups to your dad for calling you. We appreciate a king who values his life and not endangering others on the road."

@kanny shared:

"I went to groove for the first time since I'm home from varsity and saw my dad. Went to a second location and he also came. I was so devastated."

@meloalwaysyelo commented:

"He’s so lit."

@ZotshokaziG shared:

"Lol ai I love this kind of relationship you have, guys."

@reitujumbi shared:

"This December belongs to him."

South African dad-daughter groove has Mzansi hearts melting

In another story, Briefly News reported on a dad-daughter groove TikTok video that warmed Mzansi's hearts.

The TikTok video showed the father-daughter duo grooving to the beat with effortless style. The daughter's elegant pink dress added a touch of grace, while her dad's shades brought an air of coolness to the dance floor. Together, they embodied the spirit of celebration and family love.

Source: Briefly News

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