Young Man Shows Off Poor Matric Results, Mzansi is in Stitches

Young Man Shows Off Poor Matric Results, Mzansi is in Stitches

  • A lot of news has covered some of the best results South African matrics achieved in 2023, but not everyone did as well
  • A young man posted a TikTok video showing off his absolutely dismal results for the 2023 academic year
  • Mzansi was shocked at the results and couldn't help but laugh and post hilarious comments on the report card
The young man's results left netizens in tears of laughter.
The young man's results led to netizens posting hilarious comments on the report card. Source: Getty Images/ Willie B Thomas/ Westend61
Source: TikTok

Many publications celebrated the class of 2023, which achieved a pass rate of 82.9%. There have been multiple top achievers, but unfortunately, for one young man, his mark gained attention for the wrong reasons.

A dismal performance

A TikTokker posted a video showing off his report card, which showed some embarrassingly low marks, including 16% for mathematics literacy and others below 30%.

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Netizens in shock

The comments to the video saw a swarm of people expressing confusion and shock to the mark, wondering what went wrong, while others posted hilarious responses to the report. Many in the comments were also debating whether the certificate was genuine.

Ahmenata was concerned:

"Is everything okay at home"

Ndivhuwo didn't see school results:

"Lotto numbers "

Atli wrote:

"You really put yourself first "

Murha Ndziwa tried to give moral support:

"Go back and try again; many didn't even make it to that exam room. You, my friend, are a star. Love from stranger"

Rea had some questions:

"How did you even make it to matric?"

Nads was shocked:

"16% for maths lit is crazy surely that’s impossible."

Kutlwano M wrote:

"There’s always room for improvement; you can go back & rewrite. Try & fail, but never fail to try. ✨♥️Life is full of possibilities. You will make it."

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Sekos had jokes:

"I'm sure even the person who printed your certificate was laughing ngeke "

Jane believes he should have put his time somewhere else:

"Bro could have literally used the last 12 months learning Forex or how to scam people or something because these results are time wasted on nothing."

Mzansi student’s performance goes viral on TikTok

In other Briefly News, a video was shared on social media showcasing a group of students standing on stage about to perform.

In the clip, the learners seem to be having technological issues; however, one person in the team took it upon themselves to entertain the crowd.

Source: Briefly News

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