American Without Hot Water for Bath Shows Kettle “Hack” in TikTok Video, Netizens Make Fun of Her

American Without Hot Water for Bath Shows Kettle “Hack” in TikTok Video, Netizens Make Fun of Her

  • An American lady showed people the plan that she came up with after not having hot water for her bath
  • The woman filmed a TikTok video thinking she was showing people a newly discovered hack in her life
  • Online users could not stop making jokes after seeing what the woman came up with as a plan for hot water

A woman in America showed people what she did after not having hot water. The lady couldn't get warm water out of her tap, so she made a plan.

Woman in TikTok video show kettle hack
A TikTok video shows a woman finding out how kettles work. Image: @priceschloee
Source: TikTok

The video of the woman's hack received thousands of likes. Many commented that they were disappointed after seeing her "genius" idea.

American woman amazed by kettle

A woman in America, @princeschloee, showed people she did not have water coming from her taps. She plugged her kettle right next to the tub to pour the hot water in to get a warm bath.

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Watch the video below:

TikTok viewers confused by video

Many online users found the video confusing. People waited in anticipation for her hack, only to realise that a kettle was a new concept to her.

Lona Siphokazi asked:

"Wait... so you didn't know how a kettle can be used?"

Miadora Beauty commented:

"My fellow South Africans, we've been living a dangerous life hack all our lives."


"You can leave it in the kitchen and bring over to the bath and dump it… but if it drops in, lol."

god0fGen added:

"I thought you were about to throw the whole kettle in the water so it will boil all the water in the tub."

Chidothi said:

"As an African in Zambia, I was waiting to see the LIFE HACK."

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_rivoni asked:

"Wait... this is a hack? We've been living a hack our entire lives in South Africa."

Kid plays with SMEG

A child had fun with her mom's kettle. The cutie had people laughing at her mischief.

Mzansi uni student makes meat pie in kettle

Briefly News previously reported that one babe is showing Mzansi how to cook delicious meals while living in university res. This time, she whipped up a tasty meat pie using only a kettle and a toasted sandwich machine.

Res life is not for the fainthearted. You'll be using the same thing you use to iron your shirt to cook sausage. TikTok user @sandrajelagat has been dropping res cooking tips for the longest time, and her most recent was a meat pie using only a kettle and a snackwich machine.

Source: Briefly News

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