Woman’s Boyfriend Takes Her From Passenger Princess to Car Owner in TikTok Video

Woman’s Boyfriend Takes Her From Passenger Princess to Car Owner in TikTok Video

  • One young woman posted a TikTok video thanking her generous boyfriend for making her life better
  • In the clip, she explained that he met her before she even had a driver's license, nevermind a car
  • Many people were raving about the young lady's relationship and were very eager to know how she found him

A young woman showed people how she officially became a car owner. Online users were invested in her video where she expressed gratitude to a man.

TikTok video shows woman's bf bought her car
A TikTok video shows a woman's boyfriend who bought her car after driving lessons. Image: @siphesihlegamedze1
Source: TikTok

The video, all about the boyfriend received thousands of likes. There were even more comments from people who enjoyed seeing her experience.

Woman gets car from boyfriend

One woman, @siphesihlegamedze1 in a video, showed people that her boyfriend upgraded them. In the video, she said that she used to be a passenger princess until he paid for her driving lessons and then bought her a car.

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Watch the video below.

South Africans delighted with generous boyfriend

Many people wrote that her boyfriend was amazing after getting a fancy gift. Peeps left comments raving about the gent.

MelzGumede could relate:

"Love this. My hubby did the same."

Maleswana commented:

"Congratulations whatever you said in the parayer copy and paste."

Tiisetsö Kgafela added:

"Where did you find him so nami I can go look I have the license I just need the car and the love. Congratulations."

Sourire Truelove said:

"Reasons why I will be single forever they can’t even buy me simple flowers."

Mbulazi joked:

"Hhayi gog'wakho ngiyamvuma she's working overtime. Hhayi nangu wami lovilaphako. Congrats hun."

Sourire Truelove lamented:

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"Reasons why I will be single forever they can’t even buy me simple flowers."

@Nelisiwe Khathi asked:

"Niwatholaphi? Noma yithi esinamabhadi."

La Gamedze · Creator replied:

"I got a lift I always tell my sister not to deny lifts."

Boyfriend surprises girlfriend with gift

In another story, a man decides to spoil his girlfriend. Many people were touched after seeing them.

Man thanks girlfriend for sticking by him when he had no car

Briefly News previously reported that a young Mzansi couple whose journey from walking to riding in their car has been captured in a viral TikTok video has tugged at heartstrings

From humble walks, taxi rides, and Bolt requests to his triumphant moment behind the wheel, a young man documented his girlfriend's unwavering support in a TikTok video, each clip a testament to their shared road.

The footage shows how the man's girlfriend was his walking partner, taxi partner, Bolt partner and finally, passenger princess.

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