"Peace Over Everything": South African Woman Quits Job for Mental Health, Sparks Online Support

"Peace Over Everything": South African Woman Quits Job for Mental Health, Sparks Online Support

  • A young South African woman took to social media to share a post revealing a hard decision she had to make
  • In her TikTok post, Zandile Sholoko opened up about leaving her job as her mental health is very important to her
  • Her post was met with encouraging words from netizens who were proud of Zandile for putting herself before an income
Woman quits job
A woman chose her mental health over her job. Image: @zandi_kgosatsana
Source: TikTok

One Mzansi woman took the bold step of prioritising her mental health by leaving her job.

Woman chooses peace over job

A TikTok video shared by Zandile Sholoko (@zandi_kgosatsana) shows her at the beginning of typing her resignation letter before showing a montage of clips of her at her workplace dressed in a formal-casual manner.

In her post, Zandile indicated that her peace is of great importance to her and she is hopeful that God will help redirect her career path.

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"Peace over everything, God will make a plan," the post was captioned.

The process of leaving a workplace or job that no longer serves you can be a transformative decision that leads to personal and professional growth, improves well-being and opens doors to new opportunities.

According to Indeed, leaving a toxic job is never an easy decision. It is important to process and deal with whatever negative experiences you may have encountered so that you're able to thrive in healthier work environments. This newfound wisdom empowers your job search and fuels a positive start in your next role.

Mzansi shares positive words

Netizens flooded the post with heartfelt comments, commending Zandile on choosing herself and giving her hope for the future.

Sibusiso xabangela replied:

"All the best."

N O N D U M I S O replied:

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"And He'll do it sis, trust in him. I did the same, He showed up four months later."

UnahJij commented:

"God will sure provide something worth waking up for."

Mthobisi CELE said:

"I am glad you chose yourself ❤️ Kukhanye."

hopemvimbi commented:

"For you, He will definitely work out a plan fast ❤️"

Tsentle replied:

"I am so proud of you for choosing yourself."

Brave nurse finds courage to resign from toxic job

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that a brave nurse shared a video online after resigning from a job that made her unhappy.

In the clip, the lady cried and showed great emotion. The healthcare worker looked incredibly relieved about exiting the environment. A TikTok user posted the clip and explained that she left the job for the good of her mental health.

Source: Briefly News

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