RocoMamas Hot Wings Challenger Accepts Defeat, Uses 3 Zulu Dads to Make R240 Back in TikTok Video

RocoMamas Hot Wings Challenger Accepts Defeat, Uses 3 Zulu Dads to Make R240 Back in TikTok Video

  • A woman did the RocoMamas spicy wings challenge and admitted defeat in a TikTok video that went viral
  • The TikTokker did not want to waste the money she paid after losing and made a plan that would also give her content
  • In a video, she picked family members involved in the RocoMamas challenge and charged them to take part

A woman lost the RocoMamas hot wings challenge and took it like a champ. She got a doggy bag and headed home to try and make her money back.

RocoMamas hot wing challenge defeats dads
A woman in a TikTok video failed the RocoMamas hot wings challenge and got her money back from Zulu men. Image: @mpilo_dee_vocalist
Source: TikTok

The video by the woman received thousands of likes. Many viewers thought she had an ingenious solution when she lost the food-eating competition.

Woman loses RocoMamas challenge

A TikTok video shows a woman, @mpilo_dee_vocalist, who only managed to have six wings in the RocoMamas hot wings challenge. The competition involves eating spicy hot wings without a beverage except for only one shot of milk.

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Even though the lady lost, she thought of a good way to get her money back. At home, she asked her Zulu uncles to try the spicy challenge and pay her R50 if they could not do it.

Watch the video below:

South Africans applaud woman

Many people thought the woman was a genius for making her money back. Netizens commented on the video raving about the eating contest.

Sinenhlanhla Mchunu commented:

"Challenge closed! This is the best video."

Simone added:

"The fact that she made her money back, what a boss!"

Tee Thando wrote:

"Best one I've seen, shame."

Zulu Zinzile added:

"I actually enjoyed this more than watching the restaurant's version."

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MrsPops gushed:

"Forget the wings, it’s beautiful you have such amazing men as fathers in this evil stricken world."

BonkheM was amused:

" 'Only ate two wings', I died two times."

Lady faints from RocoMamas wings challenge

Briefly News previously reported that a lady went to RocoMamas to try the spicy wing challenge. Netizens were invested after she posted a video of her experience at the restaurant.

Many people were amused by the eating challenge at RocoMamas and the video received thousands of likes. People commented on the video, making fun of the lady's experience.

A woman @phutea_b33 couldn't handle the RocoMamas hot wings challenge. The restaurant introduced a competition where people must eat a plateful of wings, including the chillies, in 45 minutes for free or have to pay R240.

Source: Briefly News

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