Limpopo Man Takes on RocoMamas Spicy Wings Challenge, Video Leaves Mzansi Concerned

Limpopo Man Takes on RocoMamas Spicy Wings Challenge, Video Leaves Mzansi Concerned

  • The RocoMamas' spicy wings challenge has taken social media by storm as citizens flood platforms with videos
  • Recently, a man from Limpopo tried to wolf down the fiery 24 wings and posted the video on TikTok
  • Netizens said they are reluctant to try the challenge because they are worried about the hot wings' effects on the stomach
A Limpopo man braved 24 spicy wings for a complimentary RocoMamas meal
A man attempted to eat 24 spicy wings and chips from RocoMamas. Image: @mthombenipaulzoe
Source: TikTok

A man from Limpopo recently hopped on RocoMamas' notorious spicy wings challenge.

The challenge involves wolfing down 24 hot wings with a side of chili cheese sauce chips within 45 minutes.

RocoMamas complimentary meal

For those who conquer the challenge within the timeframe, the meal is free. But for those who succumb to the fiery taste, they have to pay R240.

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Daring guy eats spicy wings

The brave guy @mthombenipaulzoe was recorded struggling through mouthfuls of the spicy chicken. The viral TikTok clip sparked reactions from thousands of viewers.

Watch the video below:

SA weighs in on food challenge

The TikTok clip sparked reactions from concerned viewers. Many said the challenge is not for them because their stomachs would be churning non-stop.

@Kgaogelo asked:

"Mara, what about the consequences that come to our health?"

@dineoone1 commented:

"Me with ulcers, I'll just collapse then and there."

@Jaybag said:

"Roco's marketing team are thinking outside Boxer's store. What a smart marketing idea."

@rajeevjekmohan joked:

"Visiting hours are 7pm-8pm on weekdays, and 3pm-4pm on weekends."

@Mageza_omncane added:

"My toxic trait thinks I can finish them in 10-15min."

@mois.daniels wrote:

"Chili ️is nice but you will know it's bad when defecating."

@Arhtur.Mbombela mentioned:

"Ambulance must be on standby into ezakukakwa apha."

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@sindisua noted:

"I think the trick is to just eat the whole wing at once."

US woman reviews Chicken Licken wings

In another article, Briefly News reported that a US tourist in South Africa decided to bless TikTok with her first encounter with Chicken Licken's fiery hot wings.

The whole ordeal was caught on camera for all the world to see. The woman chowed down the spicy wings and slathered hot sauce on for that extra oomph.

Source: Briefly News

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