PS5 Valentine’s Day Prank Catches Man off Guard, Woman Films TikTok Video of Bf’s Disappointment

PS5 Valentine’s Day Prank Catches Man off Guard, Woman Films TikTok Video of Bf’s Disappointment

  • A woman made her man think he was getting a big Valentine's Day present by setting him up in a TikTok video
  • In a clip, she pulled off an elaborate prank on him on the day of love, and she recorded his reaction to her ploy
  • Netizens were in stitches after seeing the successful Valentine's Day prank, which went viral

A woman on social media pranks her boyfriend. The lady got her boyfriend hyped up that he was getting something.

TikTok video shows woman's Valentine's Day prank on bf
A TikTok video shows a man who fell for a Valentine's Day prank by his girlfriend. Image: @kim_and_tanaka
Source: TikTok

The video of the couple on Valentine's Day received more than 100,000 likes. Netizens in the comments were sympathetic towards the boyfriend.

Man tricked by girlfriend

A woman @kim_and_tanaka approached her boyfriend in a TikTok video, saying she had a surprise. She led him to a room where she'd covered a big box with balloons.

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The young man was bitterly disappointed when he opened the big box to find five chocolates PS chocolates instead of a Play Station 5. Watch the clip below:

SA amused by disappointed man

Netizens were full of jokes about the prank. Online users could see disappointment from the man in the video.

likoposhata added:

"It's giving 'pads with wings.'"

Lucresia commented:

"When you pray without being specific."

prof_xrnyembe wrote:

"Rumours has it the guy was admitted to ICU after expecting a car and a PS5."

Lethabo laughed:

"This is the best joke and prank ever, your level of sense of humour is top notch."

Bongo Kwedana remarked:

"I'd cry for 40 days and 40 nights."

MarvelD100 joked:

"This is not PS 5, but this is 5 PS."

Vee bae Follow laughed:

"Our gender will never disappoint."

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Ms Scarlet added:

"Not me laughing out loud at 3 am."

The man's guesses amused User101:

"Bathong a car eeeh."

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A TikTok video deo captured how one driver spoiled his wife, who works in corporate, with a fresh bouquet and a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day.

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