University Students Queue Until 2 AM in Hilarious TikTok Video, SA Is in Laughter

University Students Queue Until 2 AM in Hilarious TikTok Video, SA Is in Laughter

  • A young lady took to social media to showcase how long it took for her to get her laundry done at a student accommodation
  • In the video, the stunner can be seen standing in a queue along with her fellow schoolmates
  • People reacted to the clip of the lady as they flocked to the comments to express their thoughts on the subject

A hilarious video of university students standing in the laundry room until 2 am has amused many online users while others raised an eye for concern on the clip.

A TikTok video shows university students in a laundry room till 2 am.
University students standing in a queue awaiting their turn to wash their clothing in the laundry room, shares TikTok video. Image: @jamieleebadazz
Source: TikTok

Pupils standing in the laundry room

The video shared by @jamieleebadazz on TikTok shows the young ladies standing in boredom as they await their turn. The woman revealed that one could stand in the queue until 2 am. The clip amused many people on social media and gathered over 78K views, along with thousands of likes and many comments.

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Watch the video below:

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Peeps reacts to the video

The clip entertained many online users as they rushed to the comments in laughter while others shared their own experiences.

Wandile said:

"I did laundry until 5 am one time, and I was happy people be using the machines and dryers EVERYDAY dawg like ??? hebathong."

Nozi Khwela shared:

"I took my laundry home for 6 years in uni I'm 30 years old now, working in a different province, and I still do."

Lisakanya Venna added:

"I gave up. I'm now doing my laundry by hand, as painful as it is, but it is worth it."

Simmi poked fun at the students, saying:

"So are you keeping guard, or the laundry room is too far?"

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Lorcia Gray wrote:

"Them contemplating their life choices and if it’s really worth it."

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