Woman Plugs Parents With Interesting Hack for Children’s Clothing in TikTok Video

Woman Plugs Parents With Interesting Hack for Children’s Clothing in TikTok Video

  • A mother took to social media to showcase how she makes her kids' clothes smell good in a TikTok video
  • The clip of the lady went viral on social media as it attracted many views along with thousands of likes and comments
  • The online community reacted to the stunner's video by thanking her for her helpful plug, while others questioned her hack

A woman in Cape Town dished an interesting plug and parents were obsessed. They thanked the young lady for the helpful tip.

A TikTok video of a woman unveiling her clothing hack.
A lady in Cape Town shared an interesting hack in a TikTok video. Image:@authenticmom
Source: Instagram

Woman shares an impressive plug

In a video shared by @authenticmom on TikTok, the woman unveiled a Johnson Morning Dawn cologne and captioned her video saying:

"Make your kids' clothes smell good."

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As the video continued, the woman could be seen pouring the cologne into the iron; after doing so, she demonstrated how she irons by spraying a little of the cologne she placed into the iron. People were amazed as the clip gathered over 550K views, thousands of likes and many comments on the video platform.

Taking to TikTok, the lady said the following in her post:

"Our kids play and sweat A LOT! I personally don't like to put fragrances on them. I've been using this method for years now, and my iron is still going strong."

Watch the video below:

SA reacts to the woman's plug

Social media users loved the lady plug as they rushed to her comments to express their appreciation, while others were left with mixed feelings as they questioned the woman on her method and whether it was safe to use on their iron.

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Jessica Isaacs108 said:

"Hi Bianca, I forgot about this product, so nice, thanks."

Roxy asked:

"Hi thank you for the tip, I wanted to ask does it last long on the clothes?"

To which the woman responded by saying:

"Yes, it does. I ironed Monday and today their clothes still smell good."

Maryke also inquired for more information on the hack, saying:

"Does it leave any marks on the clothes?"

And the woman reassured her by adding:

"Not at all, dear."

User wrote:

"Thank you so much for this idea."

Belita Mengo Matashi said:

"Copy cat is me, me is copy cat! This is a good one."

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