Kid Pretending to Sleep Gets Tricked by Mom, TikTok Video Shows Oscar-Worthy Performance

Kid Pretending to Sleep Gets Tricked by Mom, TikTok Video Shows Oscar-Worthy Performance

  • One child was caught putting on an act while in the car with her family, who were all chatting away
  • In a TikTok video, her parents set up a trap to catch the kid, who was putting on a performance for them
  • Netizens were in stitches after seeing the kid falling for her mother's prank, and she went viral.

One child was caught red-handed putting on a show. In the video, the kid looks like she is fast asleep but was actually wide awake.

TikTok video shows child pretending to sleep
A TikTok video shows a child pretending to sleep and getting caught. Image: @phindilemaritz
Source: TikTok

The video of the child received more than 60K likes. There were thousands of comments from people who were in tears after seeing how the parents got her to reveal herself.

Child pretends to sleep in TikTok video

In a TikTok video posted by @phindilemaritz, one child put on a show to look like she was sleeping. To prank her, the mother explained that to test whether a child's really sleeping, you must lift their hand and it should stay up if they are really sleeping.

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The child fell for the trick and kept her hand lifted when they let go of her arm. Watch the video below:

South Africa amused by child

Many people applauded the child for being an actress. Netizens commented amused by the kid's antics.

Nomi joked:

"What an actress."

EndyN commented:

"The fact that she still kept a straight face, sign this child up for 'Generations' already."

AfricanWild said:

"She is sleeping hle."

sweet_lemon laughed:

"Reverse psychology at its best."

ChipiYaboMalose remarked:

"Only if she knew this was a trap."

Mabongi Zondi pointed out:

"She was carefully listening to the instructions, how cute."

Mpho_O was in stitches:

"LOL she is truly sleeping."

Lebogang added:

"Ah shame batho ba actor."

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Little girl pretends to be a mannequin

Briefly News previously reported that children do some of the funniest things on the internet. One little girl decided to try to hide by mimicking a mannequin and a clip of her doing this has gone viral.

Apart from hilarious animal clips, videos of children doing all sorts of things are some of the highest-rated and are watched on various social media platforms.

Twitter user @jah_vinny_23 shared the clip of the sweet little girl pulling a mannequin mission on her parents. The little miss played it well, that is, until she had a little giggle.

Source: Briefly News

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