South African Teacher's Innovative Maths Lesson Goes Viral on TikTok

South African Teacher's Innovative Maths Lesson Goes Viral on TikTok

  • A South African mathematics teacher gained online popularity with a viral video of her unique lesson
  • The clip of the lady teaching her pupils has gathered many views, along with thousands of likes and comments
  • Netizens commended the teacher for her innovative approach to education and practical teaching technique, while others did not feel it
  • Briefly News spoke to @gem_kidd, who shared insight into her teaching method and how she accommodates pupils who struggle to comprehend her method of teaching

A young woman's teaching methods have South Africans invested in a now-viral TikTok video.

A TikTok video shows a woman teaching her students math in her classroom.
A South African teacher showcased her innovative maths technique in a TikTok video. Image: @gem_kidd
Source: TikTok

Young woman's teaching method goes viral

The footage shared by @gem_kidd on the video platform shows the young lady teaching her students maths. The woman shared the block methods with her learners and explained them step by step. The video of the teacher captured the attention of people online and left many with mixed reactions.

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While speaking to Briefly News, @gem_kidd shared insight as to what took place on the day she was teaching her student, and the young lady said the following:

"I was sitting and observing the lesson that the teacher taught, then when the teacher left for a meeting, I thought of the methodology that I was accustomed to when I was younger because it helped me."

The teacher expressed that the method she taught her pupils worked for her when she was younger, and she wanted to see whether the learners would adapt to the same method; to her surprise, @gem_kidd said they "enjoyed the method and engaged very well."

@gem_kidd says that while accommodating her pupils who struggle to comprehend her teaching method, she expressed that every learner is different, and some "might take longer to understand while others may be up to speed."

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"I do believe in motivating the learners by treating them to sweets, this will make them eager to learn and participate in the class. In order for learners to understand this method, I start by using smaller numbers and letting them try it out for themselves, once they climatized to the method, then I’ll gradually increase the numbers," she added.

Taking to TikTok, the young lady captioned her post saying:

"Replying to @Siphesihle.Mak, I may not be the best teacher or explainer, but in my class, we will try until we succeed."

Watch the video below:

SA in mixed reactions

The video of the teacher generated over 550K views, thousands of likes and many comments on the video platform. Many people loved the woman's teaching technique, while others thought it was too "complicated" for young learners.

AshniM said:

"That's creative teaching..well done to teachers like you that actually take the time to make the lesson exciting and the kids eager to learn."

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Kaylin15091 added:

"Amazing!! I wish teachers would send such videos to us with the homework because sometimes the math aint mathing."

Mawabo gushed over the lady's teaching method, saying

"Mam I love your strategy in multiplication. I am going to use it with my grade 4 & 5 learners."

Just4fun was not feeling it:

"Eish this block thing is too complicated for kids."

Bolandnonna complained

"This is a very long explanation. there is not enough time given during exams for this technique. What is going on with this curriculum."

Life Science teacher impresses SA with unique and effective teaching method

Briefly News previously reported that a Life Science teacher turned a lesson on chromosomes and DNA into a catchy song.

He made the complex study material easy to learn while making it a memorable experience for his learners. The TikTok video was uploaded on his account @thishawakutiktok. The learners can be seen singing along to the song, demonstrating its success as a teaching tool.

Source: Briefly News

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