Nurse Resigns From Toxic Workplace and Moves Back to Mokopane To Preserve Mental Health

Nurse Resigns From Toxic Workplace and Moves Back to Mokopane To Preserve Mental Health

  • One woman's courageous decision to resign from her job to preserve her mental health resonated with netizens
  • The nurse posted a TikTok video that shows her last day at work and journey back home to Mokopane
  • Viewers shared their own stories of leaving toxic jobs and highlighted the importance of self-care and mental well-being
A nurse quit her job and went back to Mokopane
A South African nurse documented her journey back to Mokopane. Image: @sr_ntswembu
Source: TikTok

A nurse decided to prioritise her mental well-being by resigning from her demanding job.

She showed the sad moment in a video on her TikTok account @sr_ntswembu.

Woman documents last day at work

The woman's clip captures her final moments at her workplace, symbolising the end of a challenging chapter in her life. It also shows her journey back home to Mokopane in Limpopo where she seeks solace and support from her family.

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Video strikes a chord

Her decision to quit echoed the struggles many employees face in demanding work environments. Within 24 hours the clip garnered 310k views and over a thousand comments.

Watch the video below:

Woman's story empowers others

Viewers opened up about leaving toxic workplaces for the sake of their mental well-being.

See some comments below:

@user6867487226565 said:

"I will never resign because of someone or toxic nton nton. I'm in that toxic environment but will never resign. "

@koketso_224 mentioned

"Yoh how I want to resign, mara my home situation doesn't allow me. "

@Nathi commented:

"I resigned and stayed at home for one full year I couldn't take it anymore. "

@sips_ shared:

"When the dust settles I'm also going to talk about how dangerous managers are in nursing. I was in a dark hole. Nursing is a sad profession."

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@AsandaN posted:

"You will suffer, some things you just don't do unless you have savings."

@Minah stated:

"Here I thought retail was worse. I so wish I could have that courage because wow we are going through a lot. "

@nonkosiomhle wrote:

"Worked my notice last night. To think I would have been at work tonight but I'm laying comfortably on my bed."

@Amelianapopilious added:

"I did this yesterday. We deserve better. "

Nurse cries after quitting toxic job

In another article, Briefly News reported that one woman quit her toxic job and went online to celebrate the bittersweet moment. The registered nurse recorded herself crying and smiling in her car after she resigned.

She posted the video and it resonated with many viewers. The lady couldn't believe she was weeping and tried hard to calm herself down in the short clip.

Source: Briefly News

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