Woman Finds Out Bae Is Cheating via Pinterest: “Sana, I Nearly Died That Day”

Woman Finds Out Bae Is Cheating via Pinterest: “Sana, I Nearly Died That Day”

  • A woman joined the trend of people telling stories of how they found out they were cheated on
  • The lady uploaded a TikTok video narrating how she found out she was a side hun on Pinterest
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many saying men ruin everything because Pinterest is such a peaceful app for such
A woman took to TikTok to share how she found out via Pinterest that her man was cheating.
A woman found out that she was a side girlfriend via Pinterest. Images: @kilemswane
Source: TikTok

A woman took to her TikTok account to narrate a story of how she found out her bae was cheating on her. In fact, she was a side chick.

According to the video uploaded by @kilemswane, her bae at the time made her a playlist on Spotify. He sent her a link to access it. When she accessed it, she noticed that the man had an interesting user name on his Spotify profile.

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She tried texting him to ask what inspired the username. However, the man was sleeping. Curious as she was, the young lady copied the username and posted it on Google. The first search result was a Pinterest profile.

The TikTok user clicked on the profile, and she saw that it had nice lovers' vibes—relationship quotes, etc. She then noticed that the posts on the profile were collaborative. She then clicked on the profile that collaborated with the one she was in (her man's profile).

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Lady finds out she's a side hun

The lady came across a Pinterest of a hun that didn't use a user name but her real name and surname. Since she was already in the rabbit hole, the TikTokker decided to go further and search for the girl on Instagram. She pasted her name and surname, and she popped up.

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To her surprise, there were pictures of the girl with a person who thought she was her man. The TikTok users said the man had been with the other girl longer than her, meaning she was the side chick.

"Sana, I nearly died that day."

Woman finds out she's being cheated on via Pinterest

Watch the TikTok video below:

TikTokkers were in disbilief

The video garnered over 570k views, with many online users shocked at the young lady's story and telling her that she would find her soul mate.

@Char Lene said:

"The way Pinterest is so peaceful."

@Ms zwide was indisbilief:

"Men ruin everything cause why you finding out through Pinterest, such an unproblematic app sana."

@YT : divinelyagi was disappointed:

"On Pinterest? I'm done!!! CUT THE SHOW."

Woman finds her man cheating after driving to him for hours

In another story, Briefly News reported about a woman who drove five hours only to catch her man cheating.

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In a video posted by Zamaphemba Nkosazane (@phembar94), she is seen driving a car with a caption that indicates that she embarked on the long journey only to find out that her partner had been up to no good and have her heart broken.

Source: Briefly News

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