Woman Reveals Government Teacher's Salary in a TikTok Video, Sparking Outrage in Mzansi

Woman Reveals Government Teacher's Salary in a TikTok Video, Sparking Outrage in Mzansi

  • A lady took to social media to showcase the basic salary of a government teacher, and people were shocked
  • In the TikTok video, she unveiled the amount that the educator earns, and the clip gained a massive attraction online
  • South Africans could not believe their eyes as they rushed to the comments section to express their thoughts

One lady had tounges wagging online after she unveiled the payslip of a government teacher, and netizens were stunned.

A woman took to TikTok to showcase how much a government teacher earns.
A South African lady unveiled a government teacher's salary in a TikTok video. Image: @lifereset_za
Source: TikTok

A woman shows off an educator's payslip

Many people wonder how much government teachers earn, and the topic usually becomes a debate among individuals. According to Business Tech, Irene Pampall, a researcher at RESEP, told the publication that the average salary for a teacher working for the government earned R42,688 per pay salary and benefits in 2019, which is far less than what this educator is earning in the TikTok video shared by @lifereset_za.

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@lifereset_za unveiled a government payslip which sent shockwaves across Mzansi. The woman said the teacher earns R26K as a basic salary, the homeowner's allowance is R1.5K, the gross salary is R28K, and the net pay is R20K.

Watch the video below:

SA responds with mixed reaction

People took to the comments section to express their thoughts on the teacher's salary, saying:

MDlifestyle01 said:

"They're supposed to earn at least R37 000 net salary. This government doesn't appreciate our beloved teachers."

Teboooogo shared:

"If you are in your 20s with no kids, it's very good."

FistosNtshangase added:

"Not the best, but not bad either. You can afford a lot with that salary unless you're reckless with your finances."

Mommy commented:

"Tax will be the end of teachers R4000."

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Shaz wrote:

"Not bad at all, considering working for the Government."

Smakymathoho said:

"I’d honestly appreciate this amount with all my heart cause wow."

Woman unveils private school teacher's payslip on TikTok

Briefly News previously reported one woman gave people in Mzansi chest pains when she unveiled a private school payslip and the clip went viral on social media.

This lady had online users heated up after she showed off a private school teacher's payslip in the video shared by @lifereset_za on TikTok. The woman revealed in the clip that the payslip belongs to an educator teaching at a private school in Cape Town.

Source: Briefly News

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