"It's Not Bleaching": Lady With Shiny Circle Around Her Eyes Flaunts Unique Beauty, Video Trends

"It's Not Bleaching": Lady With Shiny Circle Around Her Eyes Flaunts Unique Beauty, Video Trends

  • A video of a beautiful young woman with a skin condition called Vitiligo has gone viral on social media
  • In a trending clip, the pretty lady revealed a lighter complexion around her eyes, which seemed like she was wearing glasses
  • Many netizens who watched the video gushed over the lady's beauty and uniqueness in the comments section
  • Speaking to Briefly News, Neo Kgomo shared how she has overcome being ridiculed and embraced her beauty

After showing off her face, a beautiful lady with Vitiligo has captured the attention of many on the TikTok app.

The lady has a lighter complexion circled around her eyes, and netizens couldn't get enough of her beauty.

Lady flaunts her unique facial skin with shiny circle
Lady shows off her unique skin condition. Image: @pandaeyes.sa/TikTok
Source: UGC

Video of a lady with Vitiligo goes viral

Neo Kgomo, @pandaeyes.sa, on TikTok, looked like she was wearing round glasses because of the shiny circle surrounding her eyes.

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While sharing the video, the lady recounted how someone saw her facial appearance and linked it to bleaching.

According to her, the person claimed that the circle on her eyes resulted from improper bleaching.

Many netizens, however, noted that the Vitiligo made her look prettier, and they couldn't get over her uniqueness.

She captioned the video:

"Someone said: Bleaching gone wrong.”

Reactions trail video of a lady with Vitiligo

Netizens on TikTok go to the comments section to gush over the beauty of the lady.

@alinassib3 said:

“This is not bleaching. This vitiligo.”

Jabs craft reacted:

“Your VITILIGO is your beauty and strength stay blessed always.”

Olang Beatrice said:

“Esther is still beautiful.”

@heinpacfny7 reacted:

“What a beauty.”

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Blessed soul said:

“I like your eye glass.”

Panashe Mushore said:

“Abeg I want to see heaven.”

Only_Goodie reacted:

“Fr.. I admire ladies that something makes them special.”

@laugh out loud reacted:

“You're beautiful as always.”

Neo Kgomo shares her journey with Vitiligo

Neo Kgomo (@pandaeyes.sa) shared how she overcame opinions about her skin condition

"It hasn’t been easy. The stares, the whispers, the cruel words—they were a constant barrage that threatened to chip away at my spirit. I remember the days when I would hide away, convinced of my own unworthiness, drowning in a sea of tears and self-doubt."

Her family's support gave her strength

"With the unwavering support of my family, I began to see myself through a different lens. I realized that my worth was not determined by the opinions of others, but by the love and acceptance I had for myself."

She also gave words of encouragement to those with Vitiligo

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"To my fellow warriors with vitiligo, you are not defined by your skin condition. You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are enough. Embrace your uniqueness, stand tall in your truth, and never let anyone dim your light."

She added which support group one can join.

"And to those who are still struggling to accept their vitiligo, know that you are not alone. Join Beyond Vitiligo awareness group, where vitiligo members support each other, uplift each other, and celebrate the beauty of our diversity."

Lady shares how she cleared body hyperpigmentation

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