American Wife Cleans Filthy House Alone After Husband Leaves Her in Disgust, Video Gets 11M Views

American Wife Cleans Filthy House Alone After Husband Leaves Her in Disgust, Video Gets 11M Views

  • A wife confronted the overwhelming task of cleaning her home after her husband decided to escape the mess
  • She shared a TikTok video that documents her efforts to tackle piles of rubbish harbouring cockroaches
  • The footage attracted over 11.9 million views and sparked criticism and empathy from viewers
An American woman showed her dirty house after her husband left
An American woman plucked the courage to clean her filthy home. Image: @royalandwavey
Source: TikTok

An American woman with a messy house finally decided to make her home habitable. This is after her husband ditched her to go sleep in the car.

Woman confronts dirty home

She showed her Herculean efforts to transform the chaotic mess into a habitable space once again in a TikTok video.

The clip revealed the grim reality of the situation with piles of rubbish scattered across the house. The lady picked up takeaway packages and faced the unsettling presence of cockroaches.

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Even her pet cat made an appearance, weaving through the mess as she worked tirelessly to make the space decent.

Cleaning video goes TikTok viral

The video posted by @royalandwavey shocked millions of people and many could not believe that the couple allowed the house to get that filthy.

Watch the video below:

Viewers voiced their disgust in the comments section and kept complaining about the unhygienic environment.

@Takalani posted:

"The husband is kind. Some husbands would have filed for divorce, they can’t stand a messy place like that."

@s’thembilengubane stated:

"Ungcolile, shame!"

@RhondaRC asked:

"Is the same lady the husband kept cleaning up after?"

@LIVY mentioned:

"You can't be afraid of roaches, you are their momma."

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@chocolatteblack commented:

"As soon as he comes back she going to stop cleaning. Smh, just leave her, she doesn't respect you."

@Glinn suggested:

"If she doesn't like cleaning, then just she needs to throw everything in the trash the moment she is done with it."

@ManziniKaMadonsela wrote:

"I'd date your husband and not feel guilty at all."

@PORSHIA asked:

"So after you eat or open something, you just throw it on your floor?"

Woman deep-cleans new dirty apartment

In another article, Briefly News reported that a young lady took to social media to share a video of herself busy with various chores around the house. The woman’s domestic abilities have wowed many peeps in Mzansi.

She revealed that she would be deep cleaning her new place. In the clip, the lady is seen in a store gathering all the items she needs for the deep cleaning of her flat.

Source: Briefly News

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