Nairobi Man Cheats Death After Huge Tree Falls on Parked Car He Nearly Got Into

Nairobi Man Cheats Death After Huge Tree Falls on Parked Car He Nearly Got Into

  • Former star footballer Boniface Ambani was appalled when his friend cheated death just as he was about to go home
  • Benjamin Ndombi was about to enter his car and go home when he received a call from his buddy, asking for a lift home
  • It turned out that the short conversation was his lifesaver as a huge gum tree in the compound fell on several cars and badly damaged them

A Nairobi man missed death by a whisker after a huge blue gum tree fell on the car that he was just about to use to go home.

Ndombi in Gigiri and next frame shows damaged car.
Benjamin Ndombi whose car was damaged by a fallen tree. Photos: Boniface Ambani.
Source: UGC

Blue gum tree falls on cars

In an interview, the former Harambee Stars footballer Boniface Ambani shared that his friend was just about to go home when he received a call from another buddy.

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"The man had called to ask for a lift home. In light of the pounding rains that have ravaged various parts of the country," said Ambani.

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"He stopped for a minute, and just a few seconds later, the tree came tumbling down , crushing seven cars in its wake," he added.

A shaken Ndombi said that it was a terrible day for him and other car owners who had been affected.

Ambani questions why insurance refused to pay for damages

He narrated what further took place:

"It was so abrupt; a blue gum tree does not have tap roots that go into the earth, it's roots are spread like for beans and they are very easy to uproot," he said.
"I was shaken, but I am grateful to be alive. Sadly, it will cost me an arm and leg to repair my car since my insurance does not cover such disasters," said a sad Ndombi.

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He ended by asking people with cars never to park them under trees during the rainy season.

"Why don't insurance policies cover such calamities; they are unforeseen.They should just understand. Mhhhhhhh but do I say," said Ambani.

Kenyans react as high-end cars are destroyed

In another story, Kenyans grappled with shock and disbelief after they saw a video showing the aftermath of heavy rains on Tuesday, February 27.

In the video, multiple trees were uprooted, their branches crashing onto expensive vehicles parked beneath them.

The incident sparked a flurry of reactions from netizens, with concerns raised about the decision-making process for parking.

Woman's terrifying near-death experience revealed on TikTok

Meanwhile, Briefly News shared that a lady revealed in her TikTok video, which has since gone viral, that she nearly died while she was asleep. In the clip, the content creator said her brother left the stove on during loadshedding, which filled the house with smoke.

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The online community reacted in shock to the stunner's clip, flocking to her comment section to inquire about more information. She said people should avoid cooking before loadshedding and switch off all appliances.


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