Woman's Terrifying Near-Death Experience Revealed on TikTok, Mzansi is Baffled

Woman's Terrifying Near-Death Experience Revealed on TikTok, Mzansi is Baffled

  • A lady revealed in her TikTok video, which has since gone viral, that she nearly died while she was asleep
  • In the clip, the content creator said her brother left the stove on during loadshedding, which led to the house being filled with smoke
  • The online community reacted to the stunner's clip in shock as they flocked to her comment section to inquire more information
  • Briefly News spoke to @tanya_posts on her recent incident, and she shared in detail what had occurred

A woman took to social media to unveil how she nearly died during her sleep, and people were astonished by the video clip.

A woman revealed in her TikTok video that she nearly died because loadshedding
A TikTok video shows a woman unveiling her burning stove. Image: @tanya_posts
Source: TikTok

Woman says she nearly died because of loadshedding

The footage shared by @tanya_posts on the video platform shows the young lady unveiling her burnt stove. She revealed that her brother left the stove on during loadshedding, and once she got up, she was frightened by the smoke that filled the house.

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@tanya_posts opens up about her house incident

While speaking to Briefly News, the young lady recalled that they had loadshedding at 11 am last week Tuesday.

She went on to explain that she left her brother in the kitchen before loadshedding and went to her room to sleep as she is currently pregnant, so when she is asleep, she can hardly hear anything because she is "tired most of the time." She also added that her kitchen was too far from her room, and her door was closed.

"My brother put chips around 10:45 am, and then the electricity went off while he was still busy. He told me not to worry because he was gonna finish off making the chips at our gas stove, which is at the cottage. So I think when he took out the chips, he then forgot the stove on as he quickly went to the gas stove," she shared.

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@tanya_posts said she was thirty, which caused her to wake up and fetch a glass of water.

I was shocked as I approached the sitting room the passage was filled with smoke; it was black, and I panicked. I was choking on the smoke. I quickly rushed to the kitchen, where I saw a flame on the stove. I poured water on it and just opened all the windows in the house. Electricity came back at one, and I saw this fire at 13:40. My brother came back around past 2, and he was also shocked. He just cleaned the walls and painted the entire kitchen. We have not managed to fix our stove yet."

The young lady urges everyone to immediately switch everything off at the main switch to avoid any mistakes. She recommends that people invest in buying a fire alarm.

"If possible, let’s avoid making food just before loadshedding especially if you know chances of finishing cooking are slim because you will definitely forget to switch off, especially if you change to a gas stove. Let’s constantly check our apps or our local Facebook pages for the loadshedding schedule, "she added.

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The video of the woman's clip attracted many people online as it gathered over 119K views, thousands of likes, and many comments on the day of its publication.

Watch the video below:

Peeps react to the woman's video

Social medi users rushed to the woman's comments section as they were concerned for her wellbeing, while others simply thanked God she made it out alive and safe.

Anna30ish said:

"This could have ended so badly. Glad you are all okay."

Mazvita Masaraure shared:

"That one is not Loadshedding, you should switch off all plus on the main during Loadshedding and leave the lights only. that way, you are safe."

Nthabii added:

"It happened to us, too; we forgot to switch the stove off and went to bed... When the power came back on, we couldn't breathe."

MaBiyela wrote:

"Sorry, mahn but thank God you guys are still alive; some people have lost their family members worst since the loadshedding."

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Doni asked:

"Haibo nina nizofa, what movie is this?"

Family of 3 killed in shack fire in informal settlement, residents blame loadshedding

Briefly News previously reported a fire swept through an informal settlement in Cape Town, killed an entire family and left people homeless and severely injured. The fire broke out on 12 February after a candle was left on during loadshedding. The community is mourning their loss and blames loadshedding for the deaths and loss.

According to Daily Voice, an eight-month-old baby and her two parents passed away after they struggled to escape the raging fire.

Source: Briefly News

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