“Bread Was R3.69”: Woman Showing 20-Year-Old Till Slip Stunned by Drastic Price Changes

“Bread Was R3.69”: Woman Showing 20-Year-Old Till Slip Stunned by Drastic Price Changes

  • A Cape Town woman showed a long till slip from Shoprite she still had that dated back to 2004
  • Items included peanut butter, cigarettes, dog food, canned foods and meat that many would consider cheap today
  • People took to the comment section and shared how they wished prices 20 years ago could appear in their lives again
A woman showed a till slip from 20 years ago.
A woman stunned herself and others when she showed a 20-year-old till slip. Images: @marilynhartsz / TikTok, Marilyn Theresa Hartzenburg / Facebook
Source: UGC

A woman strolled down memory lane and marvelled at the low prices when she looked at a till slip from 2004.

Marilyn Hartzenburg took to her TikTok account (@marilynhartsz) to show app users a long till slip of items she purchased at Shoprite in Kenilworth, Cape Town, 20 years ago.

The items included R135 Pampers nappies, a 2l bottle of Coca-Cola costing R8, R23 for a tray of extra-large eggs, R12 for a packet of cigarettes, R154 lamb pack, R5 for a 420g can of sweet corn, a R9 jar of peanut butter, dog food costing R9, a 5kg packet of sugar and many more household food items.

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The woman also mentioned in her video:

"Bread was R3.69."

Marilyn paid nearly R2500 for all the items on the lengthy till slip and captioned her post:

"Wow, this is how the cost of life drastically changed over the past 20 years."

Watch the nostalgic video below:

Netizens react to the 20-year-old slip

People took to Marilyn's comment section to talk about the prices of the groceries and the quality of the till slip.

@rowenahector822 shared their hopes:

"Imagine if they gave us a day with those prices. I will stock up for a year."

@9dahliarose told Marilyn:

"That's easily five trollies. Today that would be a basket."

@mirankie4 shared with the online community:

"Nothing depresses me more than this. Take me back to 2004, but with the money I'm earning now!"

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@abdonejohnson showed gratitude and said:

"Thank you for showing us how rich our country was."

Commenting on the receipt, @therealmizroux said:

"Even the quality of your till slip was better. Nowadays, two weeks later slips are blank."

Marilyn also added in the comment section:

"The good old days. Today you can't even survive properly with R10,000."

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