“Unusual, but It Happened”: Woman Robbed at Gunpoint Says Thugs Brought Her Stuff Back

“Unusual, but It Happened”: Woman Robbed at Gunpoint Says Thugs Brought Her Stuff Back

  • A woman shared with social media users that thieves robbed her at gunpoint, only to bring the stolen items back
  • The lady also shared that the people compensated her after they caused her bodily harm
  • People could not believe the thugs would do such a thing but some shared similar stories
Woman robbed at gunpoint gets items returned and compensated for the hurt caused.
A woman shared that robbers compensated her when returning her stolen items. Images: @noriah_p
Source: TikTok

A woman who became a victim of a robbery shared that the thieves returned the stolen items and compensated her for causing harm.

Without going into much detail, @noriah_p briefly told her story on TikTok and shared a few pictures of her harrowing ordeal. In her post's caption, the brave woman wrote:

"POV: You got robbed at gunpoint, and they later bring your stuff back and compensate you for hurting you."

@noriah_p shared pictures of herself wearing a bandage around her head, the spots of blood on her top, her bag, which also had blood on it, and a few hundred rand. possibly the compensation to which she was referring.

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Take a look at some of the pictures below:

Woman shares the money and bloody bag she got back after being robbed at gunpoint.
The woman shared pictures of the money and bloody bag she got back after being robbed at gunpoint. Images: @noriah_p
Source: TikTok

Mzansi in disbelief

Many people took to @noriah_p's comment section to share their shock and similar experiences.

@gogomahlalehlathini shared their story:

"My friend and I almost got mugged, but the guy ended up asking for the drink I had and told us not to use that road on Sundays."

@thabo485 wrote in disbelief:

"What country? Definitely not South Africa."

@mashuvhoflorence asked the woman:

"Which god are you serving, my sister? Tell us, because I also need him. He is good."

@thatorykz shared their take on the thieves' thought process:

"Well, they realised they robbed the wrong person. It's better to show remorse and apologise."

@deano1yster wrote in the comments:

"Can I have your sangoma's number, please? I want to see something."

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After @portiamoloedi shared what happened to them, @noriah_p commented:

"On God, I did nothing. I’m surprised they brought my things back. Unusual, but it happened to me."

Woman wakes up to stolen TV and locked inside her house

In a related article, Briefly News reported about a woman who shared that thieves broke into her house and stole her TV.

Taking to TikTok to post about the unfortunate situation she found herself in, Martha Nchimz Matyola uploaded a video to her account (@marthanchimz) showing netizens her bare wall.

According to Martha, she woke up at 2am to switch off the geyser, only to find her TV gone. She also stated that the thieves, who entered through the window, locked her inside the house.

Source: Briefly News

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