Man Relaxes As His Mercedes-Benz Drives Him on the Freeway, Video Stuns Many

Man Relaxes As His Mercedes-Benz Drives Him on the Freeway, Video Stuns Many

  • A Ghanaian man known as Deadly went viral after he shared a video showing off the Drive Pilot feature of his Mercedes-Benz
  • In the video, the man was seated in the front passenger seat in a relaxed mood, with his feet on the dashboard
  • The video left many people in awe as they wondered whether he got to his destination safely

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A Ghanaian man has gone viral after he flaunted his Mercedes Benz, which has self-driving capabilities, a feature that the brand refers to as Drive Pilot.

Ghanaian man flaunts the drive pilot feature of his Mercedes-Benz
Ghanaian man flaunts the drive pilot feature of his Mercedes-Benz. Image Credit: @gyaigyimii
Source: UGC

Man showed off his self-driving luxury car

The Ghanaian man known as Deadly took to his official Snapchat handle to share a video of his luxury Mercedes Benz car driving him around town without him touching the wheel or pressing on the brakes or accelerator.

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The video was screen-recorded and shared on the X account of X influencer, Kalyjay. In the video, the man was all smiles as he drove on the highway.

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Deadly was so relaxed in the front passenger seat of his luxury car while taking a selfie video. He was then captured putting his legs on the dashboard and crossing them while enjoying a seamless ride on the highway.

However, Deadly disclosed this in a question-and-answer session on his Snapchat account, during which a fan informed him that his video was trending on social media.

Deadly said that the video was recorded in 2021 and that he was aware that his video was trending online.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to the video

Many people in the comment section were awed by the video and wondered whether he had arrived at his destination safely.

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@abdul_tmp said:

"His name be DEADLY …. No be normal for him …"

@gyaigyimii said:

"You people Dey worry we for this Accra ei."

@drop_last said:

"Last two years my guy got one & was he was doing self parking at A&C no be small o."

@keembobo said:

"This guy get heart paa de trust car."

@_ifycalex said:

"This guy have mind to be trying this in Africa. I don’t trust us I swear."

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The comments section laughed as viewers bantered about her mission to safeguard the car.

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