Man Shares a Video of How His Little Brother Crashed His Brand New Car

Man Shares a Video of How His Little Brother Crashed His Brand New Car

  • A gent shared a clip of how his younger sibling crashed his new car, and it went viral online
  • The TikTok footage gained a massive attraction online, gathering views, thousands of likes and comments
  • Social media users reacted to the gentleman's revelation as they flocked to the comments section to voice their opinions
  • Briefly News spoke to lay counsellor and emotional support expert Astrid Daries on siblings' crucial role in the development of social skills and self-esteem

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One man showed how his bother ruined his brand new car in a TikTok video making rounds online.

A TikTok video shows a woman unveiling how her little brother crushed his new car.
A gentleman showed off how his new car was crushed by his younger brother in a TikTok video. Image: @livhuwanishane11
Source: TikTok

Man's lil bro crashes his new car in a video

One gentleman who goes by the TikTok handle @livhuwanishane11 had his worst nightmare come to pass after his brother crashed his new car in a video shared online.

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In the clip, one can see his little brother driving his red vehicle, which he bumps into the gate on his way out. @livhuwanishane11 said his younger brother was still learning to drive, which he was teaching him. Many people online were amazed by how @livhuwanishane11 handled the situation gracefully.

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Taking to his TikTok caption, he simply said:

"I was so happy he did that; tomorrow, he will be extra careful."

Watch the video below:

Why siblings play a crucial role in the development of social skills and self-esteem

Most people develop their first and most lasting relationships with their siblings, who frequently act as confidants, friends, and role models.

Lay counsellor and emotional support expert Astrid Daries said the following while speaking to Briefly News:

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"These interactions provide opportunities to practice communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution. Additionally, positive sibling relationships can contribute to a sense of security and belonging, which is essential for healthy self-esteem."

Astrid expressed that sibling relationships can sometimes be complicated to uphold.

"In cases where there is a significant age gap of ten or more years between siblings, the eldest sibling may have initially grown up as an only child, receiving the complete attention of their parents. This dynamic can lead to feelings of resentment, which may develop into jealousy, sibling rivalry, and conflict," she said.
"Such tensions can escalate into family feuds, aggression, and eventual estrangement between siblings. Trust is often compromised during these conflicts, and families may end up taking sides, debating over which sibling is 'right' or "wrong," Daries added.

She went on to say that when two half-siblings have only one parent, there might still be a perceived gap between them because of the perception that one parent supports one sibling more than the other. Family disputes and estrangement can also result from this viewpoint.

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"Siblings who feel supported, loved, and understood are likely to move in similar directions and feel they have a safe space to turn to when things don't go as planned. Growing up with siblings offers a broader context and perspective as they learn from each other and share valuable insights and experiences. This dynamic fosters empathy, compassion, and prosocial behaviour, enriching their social and emotional development," she shared.

The online community reacts to the gent's clip

The video clocked over 791K Viwes and thousands of likes and comments. Many people flocked to the comments section to express their thoughts.

Tshireletso shared:

"I did this in the morning, unfortunately, the owner is still not aware."

PapaMellow added:

"That's how I also learned to be careful and responsible with my brother-in-law's car. The guy just laughed at me after crashing."

Tk van Wyk suggested:

"Teach him to reverse slowly. No need to accelerate, please. He will be fine."

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Hlumisa Tarato wrote:

"I felt the pain, nothing painful as that."

Becca commented:

"I admire your calmness. You acknowledge mistakes and that they're for us to learn. He'll learn pretty quickly."

Woman's new Toyota crashes shortly after leaving the dealership

Briefly News previously reported that a Mzansi woman took to social media to share how her joy turned into heartbreak shortly after buying a new car.

TikTok user Boity (@boity_immaculate) posted a video on the platform showing herself popping a bottle of champagne next to her newly bought Toyota SUV car at the dealership. The video then switches to show images of the rear end of the vehicle crashed into and badly damaged moments after leaving the dealership and making her way back home.

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Source: Briefly News

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