Man Walks Around Naked on Highway After Being Hijacked

Man Walks Around Naked on Highway After Being Hijacked

  • A couple on TikTok found a hopeless man roaming the streets at night naked after being hijacked
  • The victim is seen a bit confused after the attack as he explains the sudden incident to the couple
  • The lovers offered the man some warm clothes as they filmed him to post the clip on their TikTok

A South African couple found a naked man roaming the streets of Mzansi at night.

Mzansi gent walks naked after hijack
A Mzansi was found a couple walking naked on the highway at night. Image: @geduldauction
Source: TikTok

While others would think it was witchcraft or a desperate nyaope boy, the couple knew that the gent was in trouble.

Random act of kindness

A Mzansi couple who were driving late at night spotted a hopeless gent roaming the streets naked. The couple pulled over to find out why the man was modelling his private parts for late-night drivers to assess.

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The gent explained that he had just been hijacked and that the robbers took all of his belongings including his clothes. The shivering man was clearly in distress as he still seemed shocked by the sudden incident.

Watch the video below:

A helping hand

The couple managed to find clothes for the man who immediately showed appreciation by wearing them. The man explained that:

“They stole everything here, now.”

An ehaling driver, Yandisa told Briefly News that he enjoyed working at night because the “nyaope boys” are sleeping.

“It honestly depends on where you’re driving. I enjoy working late at night because the roads are empty and the nyaope boys are asleep. I never stop at the drop off points exactly just to avoid anything crazy. I also always have a plan B where I study the area so that I have a good escape plan if anything sudden were to happen. During the day there are a lot more challenges, everyone is hustling, and there’s traffic as well.”

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Netizens are grateful that the couple managed the gent regardless of the many risks on the road:

@A~€ had thei faith in Africa restored:

"You are good people when I thought there was no hope for South Africa you restored my hope."

@cawinndala recognised the couple's bravery:

"You just took the bravest decision ever ,thanks to you wife also for listening to you at the time."

@Bridget thanked the couple for their kindness:

"Thank you for helping him, Sadly this could have also gone horribly wrong. People do all sorts of things to get drivers to stop. This guy was genuine."

Risks of the road

Briefly News reported that police in Gauteng are searching for suspects linked to the killing of a five-year-old boy who was shot during a hijacking. The little boy ran out to welcome his father after he arrived home on Friday evening when hijackers came to steal his father's bakkie.

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Authorities are appealing to anyone who might have information that can help in the investigation to come forward. According to The Sowetan, a five-year-old child was fatally wounded when his father's bakkie was hijacked outside their home in Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, on Friday evening. The child had allegedly gone out to welcome his father when he arrived home at about 10.30pm.

Source: Briefly News

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